Blessed Be Oracle 2/10/2022

A BLESSING TO SHIELD AND SAFEGUARD YOU: A traditional protective blessing from the Carmina Gadelic, a collection of traditional Celtic blessings, to entwine the forces of the ancient guardians with the needs of your day, bringing back to life the sacred ways so that your day returns to magick, and takes on the shape of the Divine.

Shield and safeguard us, valiant Nuada of the white sword, who subdued the Firbolg of blood, for love of the Tribe, for pains of Danu’s children, hold thy shield over us, protect us all, hold thy shield over us, protect us all.

Danu beloved! Mother of the Shining Ones, shield, of shield us, Lady of nobleness, and Brigit the beauteous, shepherdess of the flocks, safeguard thou our animals, encircle us together, safeguard thou our animals, encircle us together.

And Ellen, beneficent, benign, Governess of the trackways of power, invoke the star of power upon the path, guide well thou ourselves, shield our procession, guide well thou ourselves, shield our procession.

O Mother! O Maiden! O Crone of Wisdom! Be the Triad with us day and night, on the machair plain or on the mountain ridge, be the Triad with us and her cloak around us, be the Triad with us and her cloak around us.

Blessed Be

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A BLESSING ON A BATTLE THAT CANNOT BE AVOIDED: A blessing to help you through a conflict that must be faced with courage and compassion for all involved.

Battles in our lives are not always the way we have seen them depicted. They may not be a fight, or a confrontation, or the clash of swords swinging. Most of us do not want the battle, we want the peace, and to talk and parlay our way through the differences and the difficulties within our lives. Many times we may walk away, knowing that the battle will bring more damage than we can face. And at other times, we must walk through the fires of confrontation and go into battle we did not want, but which can no longer be avoided. So, this is a blessing on those who are to face a battle they wished was not theirs to fight, but it has become clear that they have no choice but to confront, to bring out their arms, and to fight. It may be with the law, it may be with wits. It may be with speaking your truth, and it may be refusing to accept what another has determined is enough for you. It may be with a challenge, or a condition, or an injustice or a cruelty.

Whatever the nature and form of the battle before you, accept now this blessing upon you, for your courage. For your reluctance to bring aggression into the world. For your refusal to run. For your determination to see this story through, and for the belief you now have in yourself and whatever cause it is that you not stand up for. For your warrior’s heart, which is blessed with courage, and strength, of the feeling of fear, yet the ability to stand your ground. For the swinging of the sword, and the raising of the shield. For the quiet in the chaos that you will find, and for the sacrifice you will make, in order to see this through. You are blessed, and your warrior spirit is rising, and it is blessed, for you are no aggressor or foolish conqueror. You are a soul who will no longer run from what stands between you, and the rest of your beautiful life.

Blessed Be

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A BLESSING OF PROTECTION: A blessing to shield and safeguard you against harsh circumstances, people, weather.

May the blessing of an ancient sword be yours, held high and shining, subduing all who may through intent or simple destructive force do you harm. May a great shield be held above you, so that when arrows rain down on you, they may glance off, leaving you untouched, unharmed, but with the great glad fierce joy of life given again to you. May the protection of the land beneath you be yours, so your feet are firm on the good earth, and all good food rises and finds its way to your table, again and again. May your home, your creatures, your children, and all who dwell within your walls be sheltered and encircled with a ring of bright flame of the Goddess and let nothing that could harm you pass.

And if you leave your home, let the path you walk be starred with blessings, so that each touch of the earth upon your feet is gentle, and safe, and certain. May the Rowan Tree grow strong above you, and beneath her branches may there be protection, and with those gentle leaves come the blessings of kindness, tolerance, acceptance and the embrace of Nature and her medicine within you. May the cloak of the Goddess be about you, keeping you warm, and safe, shielded and sheltered, hidden from those who would do you harm, comforted and encouraged to keep going, for beneath her shield, with her sword held high, within that circle of blue flame, and with her blessing upon your path, you are protected and blessed, and from this you must know how precious and beloved you are to Her.

Blessed Be

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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