Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 2/9/2022

PSYCHE: Third Eye Knowledge and Intuition.

Greek goddess of the soul and the third eye, Psyche was the wife of the god Eros, (whose Roman counterpart is Cupid). She used her third eye knowledge to attain her goal of being able to reunite with her lover. Psyche did not start out as a goddess, she was human, a beautiful princess who became a goddess through a difficult path and a broken heart. Because of jealousy and her own curiosity, she was made to suffer and go through great feats to regain her place as a goddess and to reunite with her lover.

Psyche’s story is one of overcoming challenges and leading with intuition and great passion for achieving one’s purpose. She exemplifies a woman’s search for authentic personal growth and has the drive to meet all her goals and dreams.

Psyche’s Message: Stay strong, steadfast, and trust your own inner guidance. Your life’s journey may take you through difficult and challenging times. But the experiences, however sad and frightening now, should be seen as the contrast you need to propel you into the life you are meant to live.

You can accomplish what your heart is set on. Pay attention to what you feel as that is a way your intuition communicates with you. Be open to signs that come your way as messages of clarity and truth. Intuition and third eye knowledge are gifts we all have, and they can be continually developed and enhanced. Be inquisitive and proactive in your ascension to the higher realms of consciousness be devoting time to develop this special gift.

Call on Psyche: When you are ready to move with power into higher realms; to help find hidden truths; to elevate consciousness for deeper spiritual insight and awareness; to open your third eye, intuition, and psychic abilities to help you gain access to spiritual truths and give you a better perspective of your inner and outer world.; to help transcend life situations; to be reminded that you can resolve the problems thrown your way.

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BLUE TARA: Transmutation of Anger.

A goddess of Indo-Tibetan mythology, Blue Tara is fierce and powerful. One of the twenty-one Taras, she represents unity and transmutation of anger. She helps us to overcome challenges and to break habits that are obstacles on our spiritual path. Blue Tara is connected to the blue star, Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, the brightest star seen from Earth. Throughout time and across cultures, Sirius has been worshiped and admired as divinely powerful, especially in matters of transformation. Meditating on this star creates a connection with Blue Tara.

Blue Tara liberates us from the eight fears related to external dangers, like natural catastrophes, illness, and dangerous animals. She also liberates us from threats that exist in our minds, like anger, pride, envy, ego, and attachment. Call on her energy to cleanse negativity and restore positive energy to your life.

Blue Tara’s Message: Consider themes and issues in your life connected to anger. Anger may indicate something needs to be looked at but is too painful. it may stem from boundaries broken, rejection, or abandonment. It may be someone else’s feelings against you. Whatever it is, it is time ot heal this energy.

Are you standing up for yourself? Or are you holding back, then feeling resentful and bitter? You do not need to repress your feelings nor express them aggressively. There is another way to bring rapid growth to your journey. Honor your feelings and step into your power!

We experience our ultimate truth through our feelings. They are the sacred language of our higher self or spirit. They are the compass of our hearts. Anger – as well as panic, depression and intense anxiety – can transform into feelings of peace and harmony. Bring your attention to your feelings and embrace the shadow that surfaces from within. This will help you ascend to your healing and spiritual path, so you can claim your power to break the cycle that keeps you dwelling on things that do not serve you.

Call on Blue Tara: to let go of anger and other negative feelings; to transform emotions and help you find the positive side of your troubles; when you need protection from anger projected at you; to help you work through anger and resentment toward specific people and/or situations.

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MOTHER MARY: Unconditional Love and Truth.

Mother to Jesus of Nazareth and known as the Virgin Mary, Queen of Angels, Miriam, or Maryam, she is pure unconditional mother love. She was promised to Joseph as a young teen; but before they could marry, the Archangel Gabriel came to Mary and told her she was carrying a child. Although she faced an extraordinary situation, Mary had great faith in her role on Earth and married Joseph. Following signs and the guidance from her visions and never wavering in her beliefs, with faith in a divine plan, Mary watched her son grow to be a great teacher and later be tortured and crucified. She supported his work even though she knew his fate, and after his death, she continued to spread his message of love.

She was judged and chastised as a whore and a liar in regard to the virgin birth, and it was not until the beginning of the fifth century, after the Council of Ephesus, that she became important to the Christian Church. When she was introduced to the Americas, Mary transformed the religious landscape and quickly melded into the local culture replacing their goddesses. She is worshiped and adored to this day, as a deity in her own right, with rituals, processions, and festivities all around the world.

Mother Mary is innocent, pure love, which is inclusive, unconditional, and without judgement or jealousy. She is surrender, gentleness, comfort, and peace. Mary supports and understands us as she can relate to our human pain and suffering. She offers protective and soothing energy as she loves us unconditionally for all eternity.

Mother Mary’s Message: When you need reassurance and faith, and your heart needs strengthening from all you have suffered, be held in the energy of perfect, unconditional motherly love. Believe in yourself and your dreams. When you feel as though you will never reach that goal, remember to have faith, even faith the size of a mustard seed, and you will see it manifested. Have faith in yourself and the eternal love of the Divine.

Your visions and thoughts have the power to create and heal, to restore you to wholeness of mind, body, and soul. Remember, inner healing does not have to be a painful and tiresome experience. Honor your feelings and begin your transformation by realizing what you need to let go of. Once you do let go, fill that empty space with something else. Do not give attention to the things you don’t desire; put all your attention into that which you do desire. Have faith, it will come to pass. It is done!

Call on Mother Mary: to help manifest goals and wishes into reality; when you need to feel loved, safe and at peace; for motherly support and guidance; to help you heal from emotional or spiritual wounds cause by poor parenting; when you need help in mothering children, whether biological or spiritual.

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