ISIS ORACLE 2/6/2022

ABUNDANCE OF SOTHIS: Stellar Blessings of the Celestial Goddess of Abundance.

Abundance in many forms is flowing to you now, beloved. Intend right now to receive it. Just decided to do so in your heart this very moment. The Oracle of the Abundance of Sothis comes as guidance to expect increased flow and to continue your good works of building channels through which abundance can be delivered to you. Freely share your talents, love, wisdom and Self and enjoy the abundance responsively flowing to you, in many forms, over and over again.

Abundance comes to you now, dear Initiate. If you have been through a time of restricted circumstances, materially, financially, socially, in terms of health or relationships, opportunities, fun or friendship, then this Oracle indicates that the tide is turning and an upsurge of wealth, health, abundance and more are coming to you now. After an experience of restriction, perhaps for a prolonged period, you will very much enjoy this new and improved flow of energy, support, compensation and reward.

With your heart open, your many channels ready to receive the influx of abundance, and your innate belief that you are worthy to receive, you attract great support from the Universe now. Channels for receiving grace in all its forms are created when you follow your heart and do your part to be ready and prepared to receive. Preparation is an important part of abundance in all forms and you can enjoy your abundance to the fullest extent when there are containers for it to be held within. Those containers will be practical ways for wealth and other forms of abundance such as great relationships to be a part of your world.

Your channels might include new creative works being formed, seeking networking opportunities with others in your field so that there are ways for people to find you and the work that you offer for example, or joining classes or groups that allow you to meet others, following up your intuition or instincts in even small seemingly unrelated situations.

The Goddess of Celestial Abundance, Shining Stellar Mother of Sothis, will bless you with all you can possibly receive, so allow yourself to act in faith, be brave and take steps to ready yourself right now.

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CARTOUCHE: Divine Names of Power

Lady Isis initiates you now into Her special mysteries – the use of sacred intonations. The words that you speak are rapidly gaining power. To benefit from this power rather than be undermined or held back by it, practice thoughtful speech and clear your heart of old ‘unforgiveness’ which can poison your words uninten-tionally. As your heart grows in purity, you will be able to speak with spiritual authority and what you speak will come into being more swiftly and obviously. Isis in initiating you as a master healer in Her sacred tradition of Divine Names of Power.

You are being initiated into the Divine Healing Tradition of Isis herself. Isis works through Divine Names of Power. These are sacred words of strength, magick and power to create healing from a place of compassion and devotion to Love. She honors that which is worthy of protection and uses endless determination, combined with Her skill of speaking words of power, to cause life to thrive and that which is not worthy of cultivation, which would not serve life, to dissipate and decline.

If you have been interested in using your voice in some way – for writing, singing, healing, speaking or becoming a spokesperson for a particular cause that resonates with your heart, this Oracle of the Cartouche brings guidance that Lady Isis honors your desire, encourages you to explore and shall protect your process.

The Oracle of the Cartouche reminds you that invoking the power of speech and word for your strength, protection and spiritual growth will work effectively for you. Sometimes thinking and saying ‘no’ is the most powerful word you can say to honor personal choice and create a safe boundary for yourself. Sometimes affirming in thought and speech, “I choose to see the Divine within this person, place or situation” is another way to cut through drama and use the power of word in thought and spoken expression, to create powerful healing. Choose your words with wisdom and pure intention, keeping in mind that with more power comes more karmic responsibility and therefore always surrendering to the greater good in unconditional love is a good idea. With this approach your gift will grow strong and its effect – intentional and unintentional – will be as spiritually clean and helpful as possible. You will become a greater force of love, peace and power on this planet.

The Oracle of the Cartouche also suggests that you discern the effect upon you of the company you are keeping energetically and physically. Sometimes the thoughts and words or others – their vibration – can enhance or leave you feeling depleted or drained. If you are drawn into negative speaking in order to ‘bond’ or ‘fit in’ with others, you are asked if it is worth it for the effect it has on your own vibration. You can use words of power to cleanse any cords or contracts that would lower your vibration into a fearful place, in order to come back to love, to help you stay true to yourself and perhaps even inspire other to think or speak more positively when they are around you, not from a position of judgement of another’s choices but from a position of wisdom, realizing the effects of such choices.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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