Dragon Oracle 2/4/2022

OMEGA DRAGON: Harness the divine feminine power of creation. Intention. Hold your vision. Birth the higher consciousness.

Ninth-dimensional omega dragons carry the divine feminine vibrations of Shekinah, the universal energy that created our world. Shekinah is the feminine counterpart of Archangel Metatron’s higher light and represents pure creative vision. These powerful being are assisting the birth of higher consciousness on Earth. Collectively, they hold the vision for the new Golden Age, and this will enable us to achieve the intention set by Lady Gaia for the evolution of the planet.

These beautiful silver-white dragons will also help us hold a personal vision for the highest good. Every wish starts with a thought that is translated into a picture. These dragons can see into our mind and will hold our vision with us.

Guidance: When an omega dragon comes to you, it is time to give birth to a special new project, pathway or aspect of yourself that has remained hidden. Call upon these dragons to fill you with the power of the divine feminine. This will enable you to hold your vision and bring it to fruition in a wise, balanced and harmonious way.

Most important of all, ask the omega dragon to look into the greatest desire of your soul and hold the vision of bringing it into manifestation. These dragons can be any shape or size, so just still your mind and give them permission to merge with your energy. Ask them to soften your path and the paths of all who hold the vision of the new Golden Age.

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EARTH DRAGON: Clears your path and the land around you. Stay grounded. Be ready to serve. Stuck energy is clearing. You can move forward in life.

Fourth-dimensional earth dragons are brown, the color of the soil. They love the planet and the land itself. It was these sturdy dragons who helped to build the original dragon lines that we now call ley lines. Part of their service work is to travel along them to clear them when asked to do so. When we send and instruction to the earth dragons to work with the ley lines, they can power away under the surface to clear any blockages. This impacts hugely on people and situations in the vicinity. They can help ground us and our mission in this life.

Guidance: It is time to clear unwanted energies that are preventing your life from moving forward. Some of these may be in the earth under your home or office or where you travel. Call on the earth dragons and ask them to remove all that is not in accordance with divine light. Then sense the frequency rising within the land and on your path.

This card also suggests you may be called on to do planetary service work, as the earth dragons will take the opportunity to cleanse any ley lines you focus on. Take a moment to direct them to clear the planetary grid and visualize the grid glowing and shimmering.

When you walk, think of the earth dragons and connect with them through the earth. Ask them to ground you and your vision, for this card signifies that they are now boosting your spiritual journey and you are ready to fly. Notice the progress you make.

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ROSE PINK DRAGON: Prepares your heart to connect with the higher facets of the Cosmic Heart. Open your heart to warm-hearted love and diamond light. Connect with the love of the universe.

Rose is the vibration of pure and beautiful warm-hearted love and these seventh-dimensional dragons radiate this higher love. Our heart center has 33 facets, which range from the green of conditional love through pink to pure white. When we are ready to open the pure white transcendent petals in the center of our glowing heart, the rose pink dragons help us to connect our heart with Venus, the Cosmic Heart, where we tune in to cosmic love and Oneness.

These beautiful dragons are attracted to us as soon as our heart is ready. We may feel our heart center become warm when they are near us. People will then respond to the rose pink that is starting to shine in our energy fields

Guidance: Receiving this card suggests that your higher heart is ready to connect to the Cosmic Heart. Ask the rose pink dragons to touch your heart center and sense it awakening and expanding. When the four central petals open, they sparkle with diamond light. They contain the higher facets of the love energy of the universe. Be aware of them lighting up so that all 33 facets of your heart center are active. You may see or sense a shaft of rose pink light flowing from your heart right up to the Cosmic Heart, which open wide to you.

Breathe soft, warm pink light into your aura. Notice how you transcend your emotions as the rose pink dragons stay close to you and light you up.

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