The Magic of Unicorns Oracle 1/27/2022

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: Think outside the box. View things from a higher perspective.

Your life lessons are presented to you as a series of challenges. It is how you deal with your circumstances that allows you to progress along your path and pass the tests.

Even when a difficulty seems insurmountable, your unicorn will remind you that there is a solution to every problem, so look at every aspect of the situation from a higher perspective. See with spiritual eyes, listen with compassionate ears and send love to every person involved, however troublesome they appear to be. Whatever the trial or setback, love is the universal solvent that transmutes everything. It allows magical solutions to emerge that your conscious mind could not imagine.

Receiving this card suggests that you are either going through a test right now or will do so shortly. It is a rite of passage on your path that will open a door to something better. You have the courage, tenacity and spiritual strength to handle any challenge, but this may be a time for meditation, negotiation or a complete rethink. Examine everything with wisdom and act with diplomacy, then the outcome will be better than you anticipate. When you raise your frequency above that of the difficulty, it can no longer have an impact on you.

Use your creative mine to think outside the box. Ask your unicorn for help and stay open to its responses.

Find solutions: Draw a box. Write your problem or challenge inside it. Write possible solutions, however fantastic and implausible, outside it. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Invoke your unicorn and sense it beside you. Ride on it to a higher dimension. Your unicorn pours diamond light into the box and opens it wide. This attracts magical solutions. Picture the situation totally resolved for the highest good.

Affirmation: “There is always a solution.”

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OPEN YOUR HEART: Love yourself. Dare to be vulnerable.

There are 33 chambers in your heart chakra, all containing lessons of love. Your heart is open to the extent that you have mastered these. A warm and loving heart enfolds other people so that they feel safe and loved, and in return they love you. As your heart opens and you feel free to share your feelings, you also allow yourself to be vulnerable, so people immediately trust you and feel close to you.

This card reminds you to be generous and giving of yourself. Your guidance is to breathe into your heart and ask your unicorn to illuminate this center with its horn of diamond light. When it pours pure love into all the chambers of this chakra and lights them up, this dissolves any old hurts or blocks that you still have.

Most important of all, appreciate yourself. Be kind to yourself. Feel your heart becoming warm and expansive. Your unicorn is reminding you that when you love and value yourself, any lower emotions dissolve in the glow of your inner worth. Then you become caring and compassionate towards humans and animals. You radiate unconditional love and acceptance towards all sentient beings and they respond with kindness. You see the loving essence of others and your path becomes happier.

Opening your heart is the greatest possible way to light up your journey, for an open heart attracts help, kindness, true friendships and all the support you need from the human, animal and angelic worlds.

Open your heart: Close your eyes and focus on your heart chakra. Rub your chest and sense it becoming warm. Visualize the spiral 33 chambers. Ask your unicorn to illuminate them all. See the light spreading until your entire heart chakra is ablaze. Breathe into the experience. Thank your unicorn.

Affirmation: “My unicorn lights up my heart.”

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POOL OF CHRIST LIGHT: Open your heart. Spread unconditional love.

This is a card of transcendent love, for Christ Light is pure Source love that flows from the Godhead at a diamond-white frequency. Unicorns carry it in their energy fields and bring it down on the Golden Ray through white gold , then gold, to a level where you can access it.

Christ Light can heal at a cellular level. It can dissolve blocks in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields and replace them with love. It can bring you peace or great joy and raise your frequency to the ninth dimension. It is also a powerfully protective energy.

In our universe, great pools of Christ Light are held in Lakumay, the part of Sirius that has ascended. Ask your unicorn to take you there in meditation or sleep to bathe in the wondrous energy. This fills your spirit with love. You see with eyes of love, hear and talk with love. Your heart glows. You radiate love.

Your guidance is to breathe in the Christ Light and practice seeing, hearing and commun-icating with love, so that you live in a Christed way. Your unicorn is asking you to radiate the divine energy to other people, places and situations, too, for this will make a significant difference to them. It will also accelerate your ascension and bring you closer to your unicorn.

Visit the Pools of Christ Light: Ride on your unicorn to the gates of Lakumay. Dismount and go through the gates. A wondrous pool of Christ Light is shimmering and glowing in front of you. Gold and white flowers cascade round it. Step into it and bathe in the purest love. Golden angels are all around you, singing of love. See the world with eyes of love. Radiate Christ Light out to the world. When you return, feel how close you are to your unicorn.

Affirmation: “I radiate Christ Light.”

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