The Virus of Fear

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Fear spreads as quickly as any virus. It can catch you off guard, when you’re in a low vibrational pattern, in emotional pain or in circumstances that feel beyond your control.

Fear is insidious. It can lurk within a conversation with a friend, a TV newscast or in something you read online. You may not even realize that you have been infected at the time.

Once you have been infected, it’s not easy to cure or change how you feel as the fear now lives within you. Fear affects all parts of your life. It makes you feel insecure, no longer trusting yourself, afraid to speak up about it, that no one will understand your fear and how it controls you. Every time you do speak up about your fear, the possibility of your fear infecting another person, or even a group of people is huge.

To prevent fear from invading your consciousness requires much vigilance and awareness on your part. The realization that some information is causing you to feel any fear is a beginning. You also must know in your heart what you feel to be true as this is always a good guide to recognizing fear. If you are afraid of things happening that feel beyond your control, inner work is needed to discover why you feel this way.

There are methods of protection that can be utilized against fear invading your consciousness. Calling in your guardian angel or even Archangel Michael to protect you in any situation that might cause you to feel fear is extremely helpful. You can also ask for protection from whoever you consider to be your creator. Actively shielding yourself on a daily basis works also.

The greatest thing you can do is go within and search for the reasons why a certain thing or world event is frightening you. When you trace the fearful feelings back through your life experience, you can take steps to remove the fear once you understand the causes of it to begin with. You can utilize affirmations and prayer to assist in helping you to gain mastery over your fears.  

Keeping clear of fearful people is advised. There is no need to invite fear in through people that are constantly in fear. It is okay to set boundaries and request that fearful people keep their fears to themselves. It’s not your job to help someone overcome their ingrained belief about something. It often takes a professional to help someone work through and move past their deep-seated fears.

Also, living in a state of fear is bad for your personal health. The stress of being constantly in fear destroys our peace of mind and any joy we might feel. A constant feeling of fear causes chemical reactions in your body that can be destructive to your physical health. Life is difficult enough without adding to the many problems that can ruin our health.

Living a life that is fearless is possible. The realization that what we fear may never happen to us is a good mindset to cultivate. A belief in the ultimate power of your creator who desires that you live a happy life, one free of any fear and a knowing that you are constantly protected, is perhaps your greatest source of protection.  

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