The Divine Feminine Oracle 1/22/2022

QUEEN ESTHER: The Morning Star: My ego is in service of my soul. And I trust my soul’s divine timing.

The ego has a timetable that the soul couldn’t care less about. When we are feeling stressed or threatened in some way, fear can be exceptionally loud and can inform the ego to work overtime in trying to get something accomplished or to manipulate something to happen. The natural flow of energy that’s always at work behind the scenes, the universe’s capacity to assist us, then gets blocked.

When we are in service of love, we are following the dictates of our soul. And when the ego is in service of the soul, divine timing ensues. Esther mastered this art. Even under extreme duress, she listened wisely to her soul. She became a queen by letting her love for her people inform her feminine intuitive powers. This is her imperative: trust that everything is aligning in divine timing; trust your soul-voice.

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LALLA: The Saint of Spoken Words: Every word I say becomes a prayer. I am the author of my own story.

Words have the power to shift our reality or to continue to reinforce it. Louise Hay, founder of Hay House, once turned to a writer during a dinner party, looked her right in the eyes, and declared, “Every word you say is an affirmation.” This is perhaps one of the most crucial spiritual lessons to remember. If we are not separate from the soul, and if the soul is not separate from the divine, then we have the power to co-create our life.

Lalla is the invitation to pay close attention to each word we say to ourselves within, and to the words we say about ourselves to the people we love. She is the acknowledgement from the soul that our every sentence is a prayer. If we want more love, more light, more of that joy and freedom that expands our capacity to be present in the world, then Lalla reminds us that we can become the author of our own reality right now. We can speak our desires into being.

Lalla is the reminder that we are so powerful that changing the words we use to describe ourselves can change the trajectory of our lives. We can choose to focus our attention on each “I am” statement we say. And we can infuse our lives with the nectar that comes when we act on the truth that we are not separate from the divine.

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SHEKINAH: The Presence of the Divine Feminine: At the center of everything, there is light. And I am that light.

In the Zohar, the main sacred text in Kabbalah, the Shekinah is described as being a world within the world, as a bright radiance at the center of everything. All life on earth, all consciousness is a part of her light and is therefore sacred. The metaphysical theory of immanence is that the divine is presence is manifested in the material world. So there isn’t actually any matter, whether organic or inorganic, that isn’t also a part of the divine.

The Shekinah is light that inhabits your body, your cells, and is in the cells of all the people and objects you see around you. She is also about pure experience. She is the message, the truth that there is a light at the center of everything that happens to us – both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

And the Shekinah is the reminder that we are not just this body, or this pain we might be going through, or this confusing moment in our brief life. We are light. We are molecules of heaven in human form. And right now we can just know this. We can experience the light we are. And that can be enough. That can be the miracle and the answer we actually need. Not words, or meaning, but simply (and more profoundly) pure radiant being.

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