Sacred Rebels Oracle 1/19/2022

AGAINST THE GRAIN: You want birds to be able to fly underwater. You want love to trump power. You want humanity to relate to each other as equals and to recognize the sacred-ness in you and in the world around you. You want to unleash the beauty that hides in even the ugliest of scenes or sentiments. You want to make possible what others say cannot be. You are a radical dreamer, a sacred rebel, and you bring the light of a more positive future to this world.

However, this can have its burdens. Deep within you may feel that you don’t really fit in with the rest of the world. Perhaps your sense of how things can be and how they really are, is so different to the smaller minds or more fearful hearts of many others that you are rarely received for all that you offer. This might make you feel frustrated, thwarted or lonely at times.

The universe so loves you for your unusual take on things, for the quirkiness in you the dares to honor that which is different and renders the impossible, possible. You must never, ever lose you unusual ways and become dry, serious, appropriate and conventional – not even for appearance’s sake – for you would lose your essence. You are here to show that life is about so much more than conventional success!

This oracle comes with a special message for you. You are someone who lives and breathes in the depths of creative waters. You need to lose yourself to the flow of music, nature, dreams, imagination and fantasy, through art and literature, meditation, dance and in sensual surrender to the sacred waters of the ocean, the river, the lake – or the bathtub!

You must go against the grain. It is just your way. You are not one of the followers but one of the agitators. However, yours is not a disrespectful chaos. You are a loving catalyst and by simply being yourself, you constantly remind people that there is always another way. This oracle comes with the particular guidance that you are meant to be exactly as you are. You are meant to be the black sheep, the rainbow sheep or even the wild wolf in the flock of sheep! The daring butterfly spirit calling to the caterpillars – that is you. The price you pay for the gift of individuality is that you must take care of it and guard it so that you are not dulled down and conditioned into playing at being something you are not.

If this has happened, or is threatening to happen, this oracle brings you comfort. You will always dream of birds that fly underwater. You know that the true nature of your being can never be changed – at most, it could only be hidden for a time. Now is the time to accept who you are and allow your truths to be freely expressed. Don’t worry about the effects of going against the grain. When we are who we are in truth, we attract the support, protection and energy that we need to thrive. Your power comes from aligning your outward self with your inner truth, not with the general consensus. You will then find other dreamers, other wild butterflies and atypically colored sheep to join you in conjuring better visions for our world.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

RECEIVING: You are so loved. Your every need is witnessed and responded to by the universe. However, you sometimes forget this. You become swept up in the momentum of habitual consciousness, and you forget to take a moment to stop, breathe and be. In that moment you can receive the love of the universe that is receiving you. It will nourish you with contentment and energy.

You have not done the enough, so your soul is becoming parched and is drying out. Energy has been going out of you but there is not enough coming back in. It is time to bring something back in for you. To receive and be received. You are being offered a chance for restoration now, to feel nourished, cared for and loved. Accept it! You deserve it.

Do you know how much joy the universe gains from being able to give to you? When you delight in what you receive, when you openly embrace a gift and are so happy with it, the universe is fully received by you. In this space there is joyful communication between you and life, energy flows more freely and magic happens. When you demur saying you cannot accept, that it is too great a gift or that you are not worthy, you are impeding the flow. You are inhibiting the communion, the connection, the playful interaction between you and the universe. Enough with the false modesty and guilt! You are a radiant sun in human clothing. An exquisite life experience is your birthright. Enjoy it. Soak it up. All of it. Including the restoration of sacred rest.

From that place of nourishment you will more effortlessly create, live and love with greater energy and thriving, pulsing passion. The earth rests each night so it can greet the sun again each morning with the spectacular living art of sunrise. Allow yourself to switch off, step away, close the laptop, switch off the phone, and just be with yourself for a little while. You will return and be more efficient and effective. Rest now, play now and work later. Forget your worries for a while. Switch off. Do something else. Let it all go and it will all flow.

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THE PERFECTION OF YOUR LIFE: Have you ever seen a storm pictured from above? It can appear to be so beautiful and elegant. This is certainly different to the ground view which can be quite a violent experience. So too, there is great beauty in your life now. However, at this point in the natural process, you may be experiencing it as anxiety-inducing rather than beautiful. You may sense it as internal chaos. You may feel it as something that is waiting to erupt from within, as a restlessness or an anxiety that you cannot quite articulate but sense vaguely, nonetheless. Perhaps the chaos is fully fledged and a person or situation in your life is causing all kinds of havoc, upheaval or change and uncertainty in your world.

Whether the chaos seems subtle, strong, internal or external, this oracle brings the same message for you. All is unfolding according to a perfect higher order. You are currently enduring a cosmic, spiritual storm which is having an impact on you. It is clearing things out, ruffling feathers and preparing you for that lovely, super-fresh, uplifting feeling that one experiences after the storm has finally passed.

If you cannot believe there is anything happening – even at a subtle level – because you feel stuck, denied, bored, thwarted or stale, this oracle brings you a message also. No matter what appears to be, in truth there is only the unfolding, creative genius of the universe. You are not forgotten. You have not been looked over. You have not been denied, found wanting or rejected as unworthy. The storm that needs to erupt is in your own heart. Do your liberating rain-dance! Rage, weep, pray, dance, paint or sing. Express whatever is needed, however it is needed, to exorcise the blocked energy in your heart. Then you will call on the powerful perfection of your life path, as it aligns for the next creative turn of the spiral of life. Once again you will trust and directly experience the flower of life unfolding within you and around you.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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