Magic of Unicorns Oracle 1/17/2022

NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Declutter your life. Glimpse a magical doorway.

When you declutter your cupboards, you create space for the new to come in. Your guidance is to tidy up your life now. This doesn’t just refer to the physical stuff. A clear-out also releases unhelpful thought patterns and emotional attachments. It re-energizes you in the same that pruning a rose bush encourages the plant to grow bigger and bloom more prolifically than before.

This unicorn card suggests it is time for a physical, emotional and mental sort-out. Are your job, home, relationships and friendships, hobbies and beliefs serving your spiritual path? Do they fulfil and satisfy you? Do they support you and bring you love and joy? Look carefully and honestly at every area of your life. If you are hanging on to the old because it feels safe and familiar, your unicorn is reminding you that when you weed the garden of your life, it will regenerate. So take the decision to declutter now.

When you are ready, ask your unicorn to raise your frequency so that anything new that flows in is a better quality than that which you have released. Ask it to bathe you in its light, for the brighter your aura, the more wonderful the new will be. You are creating opportunities to step through a magical doorway into a sunlit future.

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PURE INTENTION: Find clarity. Surrender your ego.

Climbing the spiritual mountain is a sacred quest, so it is important to be very clear about your intention. Dedicate yourself to achieving your goal with integ-rity, honor and kindness. Surrender your ego and make sure your motives are totally pure. When you let go of your desire to be right and your judgement of others or yourself, you open up to the beauty of the journey.

As we approach the new Golden Age, the opportunity for enlightenment and ascension is greater than it has ever been. The universe may place challenges and tests in front of you and you must pass them to reach the top of the mountain. However, your light is bright, so your unicorn is stepping forward to help you on your way. Ask it to guide you and impress you with the choices that will keep you firmly on your highest path. It will increase your desire to do what is for the greatest good and nudge you towards your true destiny. Keep your eyes firmly on your goal and you will succeed. When you choose this card, unicorns are reminding you that you have everything you need within you.

When you set a pure intention, unicorns enable magic and miracles to happen.

Find Clarity: Find a place where you can be undisturbed. Close your eyes and breathe in and out of your third eye. Invoke your unicorn and sense of see it in front of you. Tell it that you are ready to follow your spiritual path with integrity and joy. Feel your unicorn touching your forehead with its horn of light. Ask it to help you be clear about your direction. Your unicorn places a ball of diamond-white light over you. Relax in it for as long as you can. Your unicorn is guiding you in the right direction for your soul purpose. Prepare to move forward.

Affirmation: “My unicorn lights up my path and I walk it with integrity.”

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POOL OF CHRIST LIGHT: Open your heart. Spread unconditional love.

This is a card of transcendent love, for Christ Light is pure Source love that flows from the Godhead at a diamond-white frequency. Unicorns carry it in their energy fields and bring it down on the Golden Ray through white gold, then gold, to a level where you can access it.

Christ Light can heal at a cellular level. It can dissolve blocks in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields and replace them with love. It can bring you peace or great joy and raise your frequency to the ninth dimension. It is also a powerfully protective energy.

In our universe, great pools of Christ Light are held in Lakumay, the part of Sirius that has ascended. Ask your unicorn to take you there in meditation or sleep to bathe in the wondrous energy. This fills your spirit with love. You see with eyes of love, hear and talk with love. Your heart glows. You radiate love.

Your guidance is to breathe in the Christ Light and practice seeing, hearing and communicating with love, so that you live in a Christed way. Your unicorn is asking you to radiate the divine energy to other people, places and situations, too, for this will make a significant difference to them. It will also accelerate your ascension and bring you closer to your unicorn.

Visit the Pools of Christ Light: Ride on your unicorn to the gates of Lakumay. Dismount and go through the gates. A wondrous pool of Christ Light is shimmering and glowing in front of you. Gold and white flowers cascade round it. Step into it and bathe in the purest love. Golden angels are all around you, singing of love. See the world with eyes of love. Radiate Christ Light out to the world. When you return, feel how close you are to your unicorn.

Affirmation: “I radiate Christ Light”.

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