Mother Mary Oracle 1/15/2022

OUR LADY OF BECOMING: My beloved child, you are a divine flower preparing to bloom. You belong in the divine garden and you will blossom into radiance. I have declared it and it will be so! You shall thrive and be nourished into life. Your uniqueness and beauty shall not be hidden from the world, obscured by veils of fear and shame. I am the hold hand unveiling your secret light, that it may pour forth the grace that heals the world. This is your destiny, and it will be.

You may have a sense that deep within you there is so much more than what appears to be on the surface, so much more than what others can see. Even if you consider yourself as open book, so to speak, you may sense that within there is something more of you yet to be. It may be a role that you are yet to fulfill, perhaps that of a lover, a spouse, or a parent, or even a teacher or healer. It may be a talent that you sense within that you have not fully developed as yet, for any number of reasons. It might even be a feeling that you are meant to live or work in another country. It may be that you sense you are to meet your soul tribe in the flesh this lifetime; that community in which you feel you truly belong, where you are loved and accepted, just as you are. It might even be that you sense, held within you, a version of yourself that is more confident, expressive, honest, without shame, and lovingly accepting and wise.

This oracle comes to you with a message of grace and divine blessing from Mother Mary. That which you sense within, that unfolding destiny of which you dream, will be. Yes, beloved, it is time to believe, to act with a sense of inevitability rather than hopeful fantasy. This is not a time to hold back and compromise on what is possible, but to surrender the ‘how’ to the Divine Mother and allow her to assist you in becoming what you are, deep within. No matter whether you feel that this becoming is spiritual or mundane, anything that fulfils your heart is important for your own soul’s destiny, whether it seems, obviously spiritual in nature or not.

This oracle comes to you at a time when you may be uncertain of your future, about what is happening within you, or even whether or not anything is happening at all. You are asked to surrender your concerns into Mother Mary’s care and to take a step – any step – that feels right for you. It might be enrolling in a class or doing a yoga practice. Your step might be to say ‘yes’ to a social event, or to purchase and read a book that has been drawing your interest. Becoming requires energy. We do not have to throw ourselves mercilessly into endless activity, or become anxious that we must do something, even whilst we do not exactly know what we are supposed to be doing! Those approaches would discharge our energy, rather than build it. Instead, we can take steps that feel loving, one day at a time, trusting our inner nudges, knowing that they are the loving prompts of the Divine Mother herself, as she nurtures us into fullness of being.

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OUR LADY OF THE WHISPERING HEART: I want to be close to you, my cherished child, so I dwell within your heart. From that sacred place, I speak to you daily. Can you feel my presence? I am the voice within that assures you all is well. I am the feeling in your heart that tells you it is alright to trust, no matter what appears to be. I am the knowing in your heart, that every prayer you speak is heard, and answered by me instantly. I am the joy and relief in your heart as you realize that your answered prayers are already unfolding in divine perfection. Listen for me and know peace within.

The clearest guidance is not always the loudest voice. Sometimes fear and doubt yell, where love and trust speak quietly but consistently from deep within your heart. You are being asked to trust in the truths of your heart, even if they seem quieter than voices of fear from within you or coming from those around you.

The truths of the heart cut through emotional reactions and mental anguish. The heart simply speaks of what is, without distortion. When we hear the heart speak, we know in our bones that what is spoken of, is true.

Hearing the heart truths may necessitate an action that we would rather not take. Perhaps we need to wait for more of the picture to become clear to us, for a way forward to be shown, when we would dearly just love to act and have the whole situation over and done with! Or perhaps the time for action has come and we can see the invitation to move forward opening up. To accept the invitation may require a deeply saddening goodbye, a great loss or a temporary loneliness, even whilst we may sense the wonder and happiness of that which calls us to move on.

Your world is changing beloved. You have all the guiding light that you need for this change to be a healing one, even if some sadness is a necessary rite of passage into your greater emerging happiness. Have faith, the Mother is with you, guiding you through your heart always. This oracle has come to remind you of this and to let you know that now, in particular, she is whispering to you and what you feel in your heart is truth.

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OUR LADY OF HOLY FIRE: To live is to burn, grow and to ignite the heart and soul with passionate devotion to higher purpose. I ask you to honor me, even when it seems like what you love is burning away, or what you have believed is failing you. I ask you to remain open to me even if you are in shock, denial, or feel betrayed or broken. To live with an open heart, is for the brave souls that love me, and are capable of loving the world. I bring you Holy Fire. It burns through me as a spiritual passion and ignites now in you also, my child. You are to receive this fire now and set the heart of the world aflame.

When we don’t have spiritual passion in our heart, we fall in love with empty substitutes. We might yearn for a fantasy relationship that never quite manifests or does for a short time before revealing itself to be less than substantial. Or perhaps we yearn for a great job, with a great income, only to find that even if we achieve this, there is still a space in our hearts that is not satisfied by what we have attained.

To feel truly connected to our own divine destiny, we have to be willing to allow our hearts to burn for something greater than our own individual needs and wants. It is not comfortable to do this, but it is fulfilling in a way that cannot be attained by any other method.

It is not bad to have individual needs and wants of course. We cannot quench another’s thirst if our cup is so broken it cannot sustain nourishing liquid for us, let alone for anyone else. Yet the oracle or Our Lady of Holy Fire speak to us of a passion for the Divine coming into our heart, which will heal us and empower us to love the world, allowing the Divine Mother to flow through us and assist our world, which is in the midst of rebirth right now.

The Holy Fire in our hearts is what makes us want to grow spiritually – we cannot help but be intrigued by it, feel drawn to it, compelled to work at it, and keep going even when it gets tough or seems downright impossible. It is what makes us want to contribute something helpful to the world, to become empowered and truthful in how we want to live with goodwill and a genuine desire that all being become happy and free. The Holy Fire in the heart is what fuels us when we are in the dark, challenging times in our lives, when we force ourselves through the strength of our inner will, to reach towards the Divine for help, rather than collapsing in defeat, or drowning in feelings of rejection or abandonment.

You hold within you this mystical heart, beloved, and Our Lady comes to you with acknow-ledgement of this, and appreciation for your spiritual passion. If you have been feeling that your faith has been wavering or finding it difficult to trust that a situation will work out, or doubting yourself, fearing that you are not honoring your inner wisdom in a particular situation. Our Lady comes to you with comfort. She reinforces your spiritual strength now. She reminds you now of the unlimited divine resources you have access to, through her grace. She reminds you that to love is to burn in a spiritual fire for the Divine, and that this fire is in your heart, ignited. She reminds you that you are her child, yes, but you are a living divine flame, filled with her power and glory, and nothing shall subdue your light or spirit.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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