Earth Warriors Oracle 1/14/2022

PACHA KARMAQ: Nourishment of the Soul; You are granted the gifts of fertility, creativity and earthly abundance to support all needs – for nourishing body, mind and soul and to live your life fully and be capable of manifesting your divine purpose. Give yourself permission to be nourished. This includes your body and also providing your heart, your mind, your soul with what they are hungry for – meaning, sweetness, divine love and permission to be authentic. When you feed yourself that which truly nourishes you, wisely and generously, you shall become one who can also feed the world that for which it truly hungers.

Explore and experiment with nutritional wisdom which suits your body at this time. Understand that it may change over time. Remember that caring for the needs of your body is more important and spiritually mature than trying to force your body to meet the expectations of a belief system outside yourself. Don’t starve yourself of what you need on any level of your being, including, peace, solitude, love, time spent in spiritual communion, artistic expression and nutrition. Answers are coming for your questions about all forms of nourish-ment, including nutrition, so do not give up when you are so close to finding your way. If you have been struggling with your needs being met on some level, a blessing is given to help you into more nourishing and abundant situations in all areas of your life.

Finding what works for you can only happen as you begin to listen to the body, to your mind and your soul, listening as if your spirit were a caring and wise parent. Studies have shown that cows will naturally gravitate to the healthiest and most nutritionally rich grasses. Nature knows how to nourish and heal itself. Our bodies can guide us towards what they need for healing, as can our soul. As we recondition ourselves to listen rather than demand, we tap into the healing guidance of the Divine Feminine dwelling within us. What you derive pleasure from consuming at a physical, emotional and psychological level will shift as your relationship to yourself changes. Rather than it being an act of will to be healthy, as you move towards what bring your authentic fulfilment, it will begin to feel like an act of pleasure. Then you will be turning nourishment into a sacred act of honoring the gift of your body, mind and soul.

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CHAKANA: Time to cross the Threshold; A threshold appears, bringing an ending so complete that it is no longer possible to return to what has been. The light of the stars is your faithful guide into this new world. As you trust in your divine connect-ion, deconstructed forms shall reshape themselves into relevant, helpful and beautiful new ways of living, thriving and expressing your true self. Trust in your strangest ideas, in that which is different, inspired or unconventional. This crossing is healing and furthers the activation of your divine potential.

Change is afoot. You won’t feel in control of the process. Trust in what is new, different or exciting to you. Don’t assume that unless all things happen easily, then you must be on the wrong path. You are on the correct path, even if the birthing pains to fulfil it are challenging. You are guided to reject societal norms about how you are supposed to live or what sort of things you are supposed to value. Instead, trust your own values and believe in the truths that you feel within your own heart. In time the world will be ready to recognize and benefit from your spiritual growth. The Universe is helping you in all ways, including through correct timing. At the right moment, you will leave the past behind you and enter into the fullness of the present moment, opening up to the brightness of your future.

There will be those that lead humanity into the new world, and those that try to hold on to the old ways. You are part of the spiritual spearhead piercing through the established and unhealthy paradigms. Do not be disheartened by absence of support at first – not by risk, of the possibility that the birthing of your idea into the world may take a longer time than you wished. Do not be concerned if most do not yet understand where you are coming from, or if resources are scarce at this time, as other more recognized or conventional points of view are granted more support in the world. Have faith, because once the time has come for the alternative view to take root and grow, the success shall be swift and far reaching. Persevere and keep your faith in the right outworks of all matters according to a higher plan. Time is working in your favor, so don’t resist it. This oracle comes with a divine promise: Your time shall come.

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VIRACOCHA: Honor the Light: You are a light bearer. Your soul purpose is to redress the presence of darkness on this planet through shining the light. You are meant to do this in the ways that feel most uplifting to you. What brings brightness to your spirit? Do those things. How can you create a loving legacy to remind others of the light? Exploring and expressing the light in ways that remind others to seek the light, too, is a way to fulfil your divine destiny. Your light is powerful. Use it.

People around you, perhaps even you, can sometimes get caught up in the troubles of the world and forget to focus on the light and their own creative power. Gently, but persistently, remind yourself and others to ask for divine help. This can be done according to each individual’s belief system. Prayers will be answered. Focus on the light at specific moments during each day. Place sacred objects in your line of vision so you see them and remember the light, often. You are a light worker, light bearer, one who is divinely designed to receive and transmit light for the benefit of humankind and Mother Earth. You have more influence in situations to bring about divine conclusions than you may realize. Don’t be afraid to use your light in all ways possible.

You can choose to be in the light for whatever reason. It could be simply that if feels good or that it connects you to Great Spirit and you like that feeling. It may be that being happier makes you more attractive and magnetic to what you want to experience, or you want to brighten up someone’s day, and not darken their mood with your own. You may want to show gratitude to the Divine, not discontent . . . and so forth. The point is, that you figure out your best motivations to be in the light and you practice putting yourself there again and again.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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