The Magic of Unicorns Oracle 1/13/2022

COSMIC PEARL: Expand your psychic gifts. Open the gate to the angelic realm.

Luminous, iridescent cosmic pearls glow with the Divine Feminine energies of caring, nurturing, beauty, creativity, peace, enlightenment and inner serenity. Archangel Joules, who is in charge of all the waters of the planet, is instrumental in the creation of these pearls. Water is the psychic element and it enables them to maintain a very high spiritual energy. They help you attune to the currents of the universe and also enhance your psychic abilities.

Archangel Christiel, who oversees the causal chakra and the Moon, co-creates the cosmic pearls with Archangel Joules. He is the pure white Archangel of Peace, who guards the Stargate of Lyra, the unicorns’ entry point for the universe. When unicorns illuminate a cosmic pearl, they increase its effect ten-fold.

Your guidance today is to ask your unicorn to light up a cosmic pearl and place it in your third eye. Know that it is waking up your latent psychic gifts.

Then ask that it expands to include your causal chakra, above and slightly behind your crown, for this contains your gateway to the angelic realms. Receiving this card suggests that these gates are opening wider for you now.

Tune into your wisdom. Then send a cosmic pearl to people and situations that need its gentle influence. Take a moment to see this blessed pearl light up and purify the waters of our planet.

Work with a cosmic pearl: If possible, drink a glass of water before making this connection. Imagine yourself sitting by a serene sea on a moonlit night. Archangel Joules places a mag-nificent cosmic pearl in your third eye. Sense it enhancing your psychic abilities. It expands until it surrounds your causal chakra. Archangel Christiel touches it with unicorn energy. Your causal chakra opens and becomes a portal to the angelic realms. Enter the seventh heaven and experience the love of the angels.

Affirmation: ‘I am illuminated by a cosmic pearl.’

COSMIC RUBY: Be a peace ambassador. Practice cosmic mastery.

This is the card of peace and wisdom, so your unicorn is inviting you to be a peace ambassador.

Archangel Uriel is in charge of the development of the solar plexus chakra. His powerful rubies radiate red for action, gold for wisdom and the beautiful blue of peace and higher communication. When these gems are lit up by unicorn energy, they bring forward your self-worth and confidence, so that you can take action with love and common sense.

Your guidance today is to ask for a cosmic ruby to be placed in your solar plexus. As you sense its light being absorbed by your systems, know that a new, improved version of yourself is stepping forward.

Your guidance then is to practice being wise and calm. Your unicorn will be with you as you communicate serenely and diplomatically with everyone. Look for peaceful solutions to all the challenges that are presented to you and trust that you will be guided to find a good way forward.

Ask your unicorn to place a cosmic ruby illuminated with its energy over parts of the world where there is conflict. Send it to learning establishments where students need confidence. Visualize it over individuals and groups who need enlightened thinking to bring about peace.

Your unicorn is reminding you that a cosmic ruby accelerates your spiritual journey to inter- galactic mastery. If this path resonates with you, visualize the gem around your energy fields. Know that your unicorn is lighting the way for you.

Work with a cosmic ruby: Sense Archangel Uriel holding a glowing deep red ruby. Your unicorn is filling it with pure white unicorn love. Archangel Uriel places it in your solar plexus. Sense your confidence, self-worth and inner peace growing. The cosmic ruby is expanding until it surrounds you. Send peace and wisdom to people and places everywhere.

Affirmation: ‘I seek peaceful solutions.’

THE FREEDOM OF TRUTH: Communicate honestly. Be who you truly are.

When you speak your truth and live in honesty and integrity, you are totally free to be yourself. There is nothing to hide, there are no secrets in your life and everyone can see or sense this, and they respond to your openness. The whole world trusts you, for everything is above board.

Receiving this card suggests that it is important for you to be totally yourself. Speak about what you really want to do. Reveal your thoughts and feelings. Be honest with yourself and others. Tell the truth. This sets your communication center free.

Honesty has a resonance that people respond to, for when you are totally genuine, others feel safe with you. They accept you and feel comfortable and relaxed with you. Authenticity is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and those around you.

If you need support for this, ask Archangel Michael to create a dep blue ball of truth and place it in your throat chakra. Then ask your unicorn to illuminate it. This will allow your throat chakra to open to higher communication, which in turn will enable the angels on the Golden Ray to speak through you. You will become an ambassador for them and touch many people.

Receiving this card reminds you that when you are totally real, your life transforms.

Speak your truth: Breathe for a few moments in and out of your throat chakra. Archangel Michael is creating a royal blue and gold ball for you. He places this shimmering orb into your throat. See it spinning quickly and throwing out any lower energies. Your unicorn touches your throat with its horn of light. Your communication center blazes brightly. Visualize yourself sharing who you truly are.

Affirmation: ‘I am my authentic self.’

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