Angels of Abundance Oracle 1/7/2022

ATTRACTING, NOT CHASING: Dear One, this card indicates that perhaps you’ve been chasing money or some other object of desire. The Angels of Abundance remind you that whatever you run after runs the other way. The underlying fears that compel chasing behavior are the very same ones that result in lack and disappointment.

Instead of chasing, attracting can bring your desires to fruition. Attraction happens when you speak positively and hold positive thoughts and visions about your manifestations. You “love” them into reality!

Every day, send gratitude and love to whatever you’re dreaming about. Welcome it into your life. Thank it for being a part of your experience. And take love-based action steps as you’re guided . . . to rapidly bring about this manifestation.

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DO THE WORK: Please don’t think of this card as a chastisement. Nobody is doubting your work ethic or suggesting that you’re not carrying your weight when it comes to your life purpose. Instead, this card reminds you to avoid the “manifestation trap” of doing visualizations, saying affirmations, offering up prayers, and so one, while ignoring inner guidance that advises you to take action.

It is up to us to act upon the guidance we’ve asked for. The majority of mani-festations occur when we listen to our inner urge to:

Make positive changes.

Learn something hew.

Do research.

Make connections with others.

Life is a collaboration, from the moment we are born until the moment we transition. we are forever working with other people, our angels, and God. Without doing our part, we often don’t get the results we would expect.

What guidance have you been receiving that you’ve been ignoring? Perhaps you feel intimidated, confused, doubtful, or unprepared to act on it. Yet, God doesn’t give us guidance unless we have the ability to follow it.

Today, take one action step in the direction of your inner guidance. If you’re unsure what to do, take a moment right now to pray for clarity. Then take another action tomorrow, and another the next day, and you’ll soon manifest support in ways that exceed your dreams.

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ABUNDANCE MINDSET: This card comes to you because the angels have heard your prayers about abundance. They are helping you elevate your thought processes and beliefs to an abundance mindset, which is a powerful way to manifest.

This card signals that you may have harbored some worries, pessimism, or resentment about your finances. Usually this also involves complaining about money, an unconscious habit that can block your abundance flow.

An “abundance mindset” means that you choose words affirming what you desire, instead of affirming what you don’t wants. You speak, think and feel abundance as if it were already here for you. Once you affirm a current state of abundance with your words, then physical abundance rapidly appears: that is, first abundance occurs as thoughts, words, and feelings, and then this energy manifests into recognizable form for you. So this card is a strong reminder to use only positive words in your discussions about finances and other sources of support and supply.

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