Lightworker Oracle 12/30/2021

SOUL CHILD: Rebirth is upon you, beautiful child of the Universe. You have prepared for new life, and it is starting right now. The divine moment of rebirth – which occurs after a period of struggle, of intense inner work and physical transformation – has arrived. Enjoy getting to know this new self. It is a new day, a new beginning, a new you. Like an adventurer enjoying the discovery of a brand-new world, take your time to explore the increase of your light, power and love.

You have undergone the death of the old order. Nothing is as it was, nor will it be so again. You have had to learn detachment, to release and let go, over and over again. In so many ways, you have experienced inner death as you bravely surrendered that which no longer serves your growth this lifetime – even if you once loved it dearly or couldn’t imagine life without it.

Deep inside, through that process, your soul has been gathering energy. It has been drawing it away from the old forms of your life and relationships, from your old beliefs about health, finances, work and from what used to hold meaning for you. It has done so in order to feed the new soul child being carried within your body. The new you is filled with divine light, love and power. Your inner child, this newly integrated self, is preparing for birth, now. From that which is no longer, something new is now being born.

You are ready for the next cycle or phase of your life. Even if, like a newborn colt learning to stand steady on shaky legs, you are not sure of your strength, be reassured: The new self you are experiencing will grow strong and powerful soon enough. Let confidence in your new self emerge. Reflect upon how different you are now to a year or even a month ago. Be curious about who you are now. Do not expect the same reactions or experiences you encountered in your past. It is a time of celebration and acknowledgement that a new day, a new you has begun a journey in the physical world. You shall enjoy the divine harvest of all of your growth and effort.

This card can also indicate that a child around you, perhaps one about whom you have been thinking deeply, is particularly gifted or spiritually oriented. This child may have an important mission this lifetime and need your loving support and spiritual encouragement to thrive into that mission, according to his or her own divine timing.

This card may also be a sign that a new business idea, professional or personal relationship or lifestyle choice is going to support the growth of your spirit in a positive and encourag-ing way. If this is the case, that new idea or connection will lead to the birth of creative new programs, ideas and structures in your life. On the other hand, if something has been flagging in energy or success, but you are not inclined to give it up, this oracle come as confirmation and encouragement. Rebirth is going to happen. Do not give up – sometimes it is darkest just before the dawn.

invocation: I am a child of the Universe, divinely loved and empowered to grow into a shining, radiant soul of love. May all aspects of my life journey be blessed to grow into their most beautiful and loving form. May all people and ideas that are in need of protection so they may grow into their divine fullness, be blessed and supported by unconditional love. Through divine grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

EARTH HEALING: You are making a real contribution to the planet through your spiritual journey. Remember this and believe that your needs will be generously met by the earth and the Universe. What you are doing matters, and you will be supported.

The earth recognizes you. She sees you as a conduit through which she is fed higher frequencies of light, love and divine presence. This assists her on the journey of her own evolution. Earth is an exceptionally beautiful and powerful being in her own right. Yet she, like every other being, benefits from the assistance of higher frequencies, which offer a loving hand to help raise her vibration and continue her evolution.

You are here to have your spiritual life journey in a human body. Part of that process will involve sharing your light with the earth, itself. This may see you take on the role of a healer, guide, mentor or teacher to others on the path. It may see you doing work with the natural world, with various earth-centered causes such as conservation and animal welfare, organic and biodynamic farming and ethical food production. It may involve an active prayer life that is ongoing through your day, praying for assistance, compassion, clearing and blessing when you see an accident on the road, an animal or person who seems to be suffering, or an item on the news that you know needs light and healing.

From the most obvious gestures to the more subtle, the oracle tells you that you are powerful enough to make a meaningful contribution to the quality of consciousness upon Earth. Earth asks you to do your work with quiet confidence and dedication. She gives thanks for all you have done and acknowledges her love for you. She will support you in your work by providing material means for you, whilst you are here on this planet. These include financial support, housing, food and human and animal relationships. She will also provide guidance for your progress, opportunities to grow and expand your field of influence, education and training opportunities, the means to take advantage of them and the chance to apply what you have learned in a real-world context. The more you devote yourself to your task of earth healing, the more the earth will support you in fulfilling your inspired goals.

If you have been wondering if the spiritual work you are doing is making a contribution, take this oracle as validation that it is. What you are doing matters. Yes, you are going to expand and grow in the work you are doing and the impact that you have in the world, because you are capable of doing that. But you are already helping in ways that you may or may not realize, but that the earth and the spiritual worlds do. You have loved the earth enough to take human form and do your work here. She knows it and she will reward you richly for it. Keep working, shining and growing, dear one. Your presence here is so needed and honored.

Invocation: Through unconditional love, I am empowered to live my divine destiny. I trust in my gifts and talents. I know that all I need for divine success shall be provided for me. I now choose of my own free will to release any blocks, consciously or unconsciously held, around trusting the earth to provide me with all that is needed to fulfill my divine life purpose. I am so grateful to receive all that I need and more. I feel much joy within me about my life, what I am capable of, what I have attained so far, and how much I can offer to the earth. I live from my heart, with absolute trust. May all beings know their genuine worth and have confidence to express their grace. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

SEVENTH RAY OF RITUAL, ORDER & CEREMONY: When the gift of the Seventh Ray enters your life, something new is being formed, something that will benefit your world. There may be an increased interest in magic, ceremony and ritual for healing purposes. Resonating with high frequency violet light and the Archangel Zadkiel, the Seventh Ray also helps transmute energy from lower to higher frequency. It is a spiritual cleaning agent that allows the truth of spiritual freedom, empowerment and choice to be seen and felt, restoring hope and joy to the heart.

The Seventh Ray is very active upon the earth at this time. All of humanity is being affected by it. The Seventh Ray is the push-pull between the old and the new – the life that has been and can no longer continue in that form, and the new life that wants to evolve from the old. It honors traditions and ancestral wisdom that serve new life. When the Seventh Ray enters your life, you are asked to balance your attachment to what has been with an openness to the new. It is a time to fearlessly question what has been, honor what continues to hold value for you and dismiss what no longer serves you.

The Seventh Ray also creates form from invisible, intangible spiritual energy. These are the inspired solutions and synchronicities that seem to come out of nowhere. They are signs of the divine order happening. The Seventh Ray brings an alignment with that divine order, and the more you are willing to invoke and allow that energy to bless you, the more your life will align itself with the genius of creativity, solutions and loving opportunities the Universe wants to bring to your world.

The gifts of ritual, order and ceremony are ways to attract this energy. Conscious ceremony, done in service to unconditional divine love, feeds a need for sacred embodiment. It is the hunger within the soul that many seek to feed through religion – and others through the less conscious rituals of addiction. Ritual can be something that keeps you stuck, or opens you to the sacred.

Choosing a spiritual practice to engage on a regular basis – creating your own spiritual system – will help you call the genius of the Seventh Ray energy into your life. Your spiritual practice might be a daily prayer followed by a short, conscious dance or yoga session, a meditation, a walk in nature, or some combination of these. Find what works for you. Do that regularly. Make it a priority. You can invite Spirit into your life through a simple and ordered system that you do on a regular basis – even if only for five or ten minutes a day. Then the new life, the new you, the order that brings an expansive idea to life in the world, can happen.

The challenge with the Seventh Ray is to not become obsessed with the future, with the new, to the extent that you forget about the valuable aspect of what already is. It is about developing what has value, not rejecting outright anything from the past. The past can teach us wisdom and help us create a more loving future if we allow ourselves to balance our passion for the future with a respect for what has been.

The gift of the Seventh Ray is the ability to live as an embodied, divine presence. For humans who don’t trust or even recognize the love of the Divine in their hearts as yet, those who do are great supporters. The Seventh Ray empowers us to use loving ritual to invite divine presence to fill us and our lives. It also teaches us how to use our consciousness to clean up our own energy field and the energy field of the world around us, so the Divine can show its face more clearly. The comfort of this can help us free all beings from anguish and suffering.

Invocation: I now accept, of my own free will, the blessing and grace of the Seventh Ray of Ritual, Order and Ceremony and the assistance of the unconditionally loving masters on this ray, the Violet Flame of St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel. I open to the magic of creativity, divine genius and the ability to translate spiritual concepts into real world experiences for the greatest good. May I discover and use my innate power for conscious and loving ritual and ceremony to enrich and invite spiritual presence into the world. May all beings feel safe and consciously held in a loving divine order, according to the great plan of love. Through my own free will, so be it.

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ā€œI work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.ā€ Blessings to each of you!

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  1. All the invocations and messages were as if written just for me to read this minute. They give me such strength, hope and feel my heart with love and tears. Thank YOU for these words, this magic, this presence of the most gentle, sweet sacred Divine here and now. with love, gratitude and prayers šŸ’›šŸ™šŸŒ¹šŸ’›šŸ’›šŸŒ¹

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