The Magic of Unicorns Oracle 12/28/2021

MAHATMA ENERGY: Build your light body. Accelerate your ascension.

In the Golden Era of Atlantis, many great beings contributed towards a special pool of light. It formed a high-frequency golden-white group consciousness known as the Mahatma energy. Unicorns added their light to it, as did Buddha, the Christ, the 12 Rays and many others. The Mahatma energy accelerates your ascension 1,000-fold.

When this card comes, your unicorn is inviting you to call the Mahatma energy in through your 12 chakras to activate them to their highest potential. Ask it to flow through your energy systems to break up and clear old patterns that no longer serve your growth and to keep the glands that govern your health and spiritual well-being strong and active. Also send it to others to help their health and their ascension.

When the Mahatma energy flows through you, it forms a pool of high-frequency light in the earth below your feet. Your unicorn is asking you to offer it to Lady Gaia to help the planet to ascension.

Your guidance is to invoke your unicorn and ask it to hold you in the highest possible light. Then invoke the Mahatma energy to build your crystalline light body and prepare yourself for the new Golden Age.

Call in the Mahatma energy:

Be aware of your unicorn holding the light for you. Invoke the Mahatma energy. Sense its golden-white light flowing down into your Stellar Gateway, your Soul Star and your causal chakras. Let it pour into your crown, your third eye, your throat and your heart chakras, then your solar plexus, navel, sacral and base chakras. Let it stream down through your Earth Star chakra, which is a silver ball beneath your feet, to form a great pool of light below you. Visualize it spreading out to all parts of the world. Now let the Mahatma energy spread over and through your entire energy fields, breaking up any old vibrations and building your crystalline light body. Know that it is accelerating your ascension.

Affirmation: ‘The Mahatma energy flows through me.”

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CREATIVE SOLUTIONSS: Think outside the box. View things from a higher perspective.

Your life lessons are presented to you as a series of challenges. It is how you deal with your circumstances that allows you to progress along your path and pass the tests.

Even when a difficulty seems insurmountable, your unicorn will remind you that there is a solution to every problem, so look at every aspect of the situation from a higher perspective. See with spiritual eyes, listen with compassionate ears and send love to every person involved, however troublesome they appear to be. Whatever the trial or setback, love is the universal solvent that transmutes everything. It allows magical solutions to emerge that your conscious mind could not imagine.

Receiving this card suggests that you are either going through a test right now or will do so shortly. It is a rite of passage on your path that will open a door to something better. You have the courage, tenacity and spiritual strength to handle any challenge, but this may be a time for meditation, negotiation or a complete rethink. Examine everything with wisdom and act with diplomacy, then the outcome will be better than you anticipate. When you raise your frequency above that of a difficulty, it can no longer have an impact on you.

Use your creative mind to think outside the box. Ask your unicorn for help and stay open to its responses.

Find solutions: Draw a box. Write your problem or challenge inside it. Write possible solutions, however fantastic and implausible, outside it. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Invoke your unicorn and sense it beside you. Ride on it to a higher dimension. Your unicorn pours diamond light into the box and it opens wide. This attracts magical solutions. Picture the situation totally resolved for the highest good.

Affirmation: ‘There is always a solution.’

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SPIRITUAL WARRIOR: Show you are a wise leader. Command the universe.

When you are a spiritual warrior, you are strong, courageous and wise. You use your power to protect the weak and vulnerable. You are honest and honorable, so that people trust you and are loyal to you. You are emotionally mature, because your masculine and your feminine qualities are in equilibrium, so gentleness is balanced with decisiveness, compassion with firmness and serenity with action. You are a natural leader with authority, charisma and grace, and you empower others to do their best.

When you receive this card, you are being called to look within and see that you have the qualities of a spiritual warrior. Stand in your power with wisdom. Your unicorn is alerting you that choosing this card means that the universe will bring forward an opportunity for you to show your mettle, so be prepared.

You are a force for good. Be one who enables humanity to make a jump shift into the new Golden Age.

Command the universe: Be clear about what you are bringing forth. Stand tall and firm. Raise your frequency by invoking the Christ Light. Call on your unicorn to light up your energy fields. Firmly tell the universe, aloud, what you want. Use your authority to command the forces of light to expedite this. Know that it is now coming forward. Prepare for it.

Affirmation: ‘I act with authority and strength.’

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