Co-Creating with the Divine

Merging Spirituality with the Material Realm

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What would it be like if you had a partner in your life to help bring forth your best self?

What if you felt a love so pure, so powerful and so complete, that you never felt alone?

How might this change your life?

In the movie, Avatar, the Navi have a queue that allows them to make a connection (tsaheylu) with plants, trees, creatures of all kinds and each other. This connection is a direct line to Eywa, their Goddess, with much information available to them. Through their queue, Jake connects with his iclan, Neyteri connects to the Tree of Souls and the People all connect to Eywa through the ground to help transfer Grace from her human body to her avatar.

We have a connection to our Creator that I feel is similar to the Navi and Eywa. It is not physical but is a cord of energy from Creator to us and us to Creator. This connection is felt through our heart center with informational downloads coming through our intuition. Our intuitive wisdom guides us, protects us and if we follow the information given, our lives are vastly enriched.  

Merging spirituality with the material realm. (This statement gives me shivers of excitement.) Everything is holy, filled with sacred wisdom of its kind and we are all connected in the physical realm and the spiritual realms. To spiritually live in such a way that everything you do is done within the guidance of the Divine. This in no way cancels out our ‘free will’. It actually enhances it.

The material realm is our experiential park to play in as we co-create our lives with our Creator. Wouldn’t it be nice to be consciously creating, working with our divine plan under the direction of the original creator of our soul?

Co-creating with the Divine requires a commitment of service. Your gifts and talents were given to you, as well as chosen by you before you incarnated. They are to be used to the best of your ability in service to the collective. There is not sacrifice in this service. If you are a painter, you paint. If you are a writer, you write. If you are a teacher, you teach. Whatever your gifts and talents are, there is a way for you to discover your path of service, the one that makes your heart sing.

Co-creation opens up new, unlimited possibilities and opportunities for us. How does it feel to even consider this concept? Is it new to you or is it presenting a different way to see our connection? I get so excited when I think about co-creating with the Divine! But this doesn’t mean we don’t have to do anything. Our work is internal, raising our vibration, aligning our actions with our thoughts and heart, rediscovering our authentic self, and living a spirit-guided life.

Creator’s work is in the unseen, arranging meetings with the right people, nudging us this way or that way, making sure we are where we’re supposed to be when we need to be there, presenting information we need to learn and who we need to learn it from, and always having our back, all the things beyond our control.

Co-Creating with the Divine Definitions:

The Divine: God/Goddess, Source, Great Spirit, the Original Creator of Your Soul or however you deem your creator to be.

Separation from the Divine is illusion. When the Divine created your soul, life was gifted to you through the Divine Spark of energy that is always within your heart. You are never without your Creator as your partner in the life you are living.

What is co-creating?: Working with a higher power, in this case, the Divine. Through your intuition and after some internal inner work on yourself, with a willingness to play an active part in your life, you witness the possibilities of conscious co-creating.

Power-with, not power-over: Power-over something or someone is controlling, ego-based, arrogant and entitled. Power-with is working (co-creating) with Spirit, surrendering and being a channel for information from the Divine, without ego involvement. Power-with is divine empowerment.

On my journey, I have been shown five alignments needed for co-creating with the Divine. They are Intuition, Surrender, Trust, Faith, and Unconditional Love.

Intuition is your direct channel to the Divine for information needed.

Surrender is complete acceptance, no second-guessing Divine information and acting on the information as you are guided.

Trust is the inner knowing of the correctness of all Divine guidance.

Faith is the solid belief knowing that everything is working through you for the benefit of all beings, including yourself.

Unconditional love provides heart healing and opening. All beings are worthy and deserving of  love, forgiveness, and non-judgement. This is the Ultimate Super-power.

Your Work in the Material Realm

Your task in this undertaking is to do the inner work of releasing what no longer serves you, whether emotional, physical or mental. Raise your vibrational energy to carry ever-increasing spiritual growth and to follow the Divine guidance you receive. Shine your expanding spiritual light for all to see. BE who you want to create in this world, at this time for the benefit of all beings.

Intuition is your innate ability to connect and receive needed information from the Divine. If you are not used to listening to that inner voice, begin to pay attention to gut feelings, subtle inklings to go one way and not the other. The more you become aware of this inner voice, the more you will hear it and receive the guidance you need.

Surrender is your act of commitment. Surrender is not submitting, which is yielding to a superior force or the will or authority of another person. Obedience at the cost of giving up your personal power. Surrender is a choice to follow a deeper wisdom and understanding for our spiritual growth. There is no giving up of personal power. In  the Vedic texts, spiritual surrender is referred to as the “joy of surrender.” You simply let go of control of all outcomes with conscious acceptance of a higher power.

Trust forms through listening  to your intuition and discovering that the information is always for your highest good. When you follow the guidance you receive and experience the correctness of it, trust is established between you and the Divine. Through personal experience, you see the results of following the advice that comes from your inner voice.

Faith is knowing. With faith, you know that you will always be guided correctly; you know that even in the darkest of times, you will get through them; you know that the Divine always has your back; is aligning everything you need to come to you when you need it. Faith is security for the present and the future.

Unconditional Love comes as you learn universal truths. It comes when you understand that all beings (meaning all life, really) are worthy of love, just as you are with all your imperfections, mistakes, failures and inconsistencies. As you continue to grow spiritually, revelations coming through your intuition, show you that unconditional love allows you to see the Divine in everything. A rock is no less divine than a flower. A flower that has some irregularities in its petals is no less divine that the most perfect rose. A human with character flaws is no less divine than a saint or angel. As your heart heals over time and opens again to the possibility of feeling love in its highest form, you will feel the energy of your heart chakra expanding.

We don’t need to be ‘fixed, changed or otherwise rearranged’. We are perfect as we are in the eyes of the Divine. We just need guidance into becoming our best self, the ‘who’ we came here to be at this exact time. Each one of us came with a divine plan to assist us in growing spiritually for the benefit of our eternal soul. When we co-create with the original creator of our soul, our lives flow, almost effortlessly.

Now is the time to move into alignment with the Divine, to explore our soul purpose and move forward into co-creative energy. Now is our opportunity to create the life we envision, co-creating this personal vision with the Divine, to usher in the New Earth, that also desires your creative vision of a better way to live, work and love, with peace and happiness for the benefit of all beings.

(I will be writing more on this subject, going deeper into detail of this connection.)

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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