Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 12/27/2021

MEMORIES OF THE FORGOTTEN SELF: When did you forget all of who you are, dear one? When did you begin to believe what others say is true of you and turn away from the quiet certainty of the internal voice, the voice of your soul, calling you back to remember all of who you were? Did it become too difficult? Did it seem that others perhaps knew more than you, more than the ancient self who has traveled with you for millennia? Can you now see that it is impossible for another to know you better than the voice of your own immortal soul knows you? At whatever time it was that the voice of your soul was smothered, it never was quiet, and it found its way through the labyrinth of self-doubt and fear until it rose up within you.

It is with you now, the forgotten self, urging you to remember, showing you scenes of who you once were in this lifetime, the visions you had as a child, the times you stood firm in your own trust and belief in yourself. It will first whisper to you of the truths and dreams of other times and within this lifetime. Then that voice will grow stronger, showing you moment after moment, until you, bright soul, finally remember. And at that moment, which is coming for you, your own voice and the voice of your soul will entwine as one, and you will no longer be who others feel you should be. You will incarnate again, in this lifetime, as the once-forgotten self, now remembered and alive and present.

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SUNLIGHT AFTER DARKNESS: After a time of challenges and hurt, there comes a time when the sweet joys of life gently begin to return. They will steal into your life, so quietly that, for many, the signs of this beautiful change will go unnoticed. But with the turn of this card, you now know that the time of new light will be awakening in and around you now. If you tune in, you will begin to see the signs – that there is a sweetness returning, that a smile or two fleets across your lips, that you awaken more easefully and greet the day with a sense that today will be a kinder, better place than yesterday. You will notice others responding to you warmly, and slowly, oh so slowly, you will begin to believe that perhaps there is a way forward, and that you will once again find happiness.

It is too soon to speak of being exuberant or enthusiastic – but this tender, very fragile new time will grow when you tend to it, when you encourage it, and when you begin to notice that you are, at last, healing from the wounds life has dealt you. There will be no going back into the darkness. This is not temporary. You can trust this, and with your trust, it will gather strength and begin to take root. This sunlit time will grow brighter and become stronger, as you feed it with your belief and gratitude. So, do this, friend, and know that what was will never be again. For now, you are in the time of new light.

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THREEFOLD PROTECTION: When this card comes to you, there is no mistaking the energy around you right now. There is a strong force of protection with you, with three times the power of other forms, and this protection will take place over a threefold period of time – three days, three weeks, three months, three years. There are three situations in which you will be cared for, where unexpected angels will turn up and what could have been harmful will fall away, bringing no menace at all. The beings about you who are protective may seem gentle and even delicate in their form but have no doubt that they wield powerful energy. Just as this Kitsune mermaid with her trident guards the realms of the Kitsune and all who dwell within, your own boundaries and borders will be protected.

You will no longer let those in who seek only to make use of what it is you can do for them. There will be a cessation of the unkind talk that rises from within, and, emotionally, in time you will begin to feel more and more content, with a calm and centered self that no longer is tempted to fall into the pain of the past. You will have allies come to you, small kindnesses will be done that reassure you, and you will know exactly where you need to go, and where you need to avoid. Rising up before you now is this mermaid, her oceanic energy strong, her senses alive with vigilance, and her whole being focused on your safety. She stands as the guardian of the seas of the Kitsune realm – and likewise, you too will be protected. Feel the strength about you now, and step forward into your life, feeling this trifold safety all about you.

Published by divinewarrioress

“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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