Lightworker Oracle 12/21/2021

ALCHEMICAL MUTATION: Your spiritual growth is changing your mind, body and soul. It is very real. It is helping you fulfil all aspects of your divine destiny. It is awakening spiritual talents and attracting in new energies. This process will bring tremendous joy and satisfaction.

The body changes as light enters. Alchemy is catalyzed and transformation happens. Sometimes, the appearance of the body changes. There will be change in how the body feels, responds, acts and creates. Radiance increases. Lightness of being increases. If you have clairvoyant vision, you will see the increase in light, as though the person is actually lit up from within (they are!). Spiritual abilities become grounded in the body, and the person can channel healing energy just as naturally as they would set the dinner table. The spirit become a living reality in the body, and the material world is experienced as an extension of the divine light.

This alchemy is an empowering gift of love. Symptoms of this process can at times be challenging. They may include headaches and other aches and pains, flu-like symptoms and inexplicable and nearly overwhelming fatigue that last for days – and then suddenly vanishes along with a surge of new energy. We may also experience pinging in the ears, increased sensitivity to light or sound, hormonal imbalance and hot flushes, excessive sexual energy, mental obsessions or mood swings, aggression and unintentionally harsh reactions to people.

If you have been experiencing any of the above and wondered if these, or other unusual symptoms, could be a direct result of increased spiritual energy affecting the body, then the answer is that this is very likely. You are encouraged to source whatever professional health support you need to take care of your body. Also, consider using the following simple practices to ease away the side effects of divine alchemy taking place in you.

These simple practices include getting regular rest. Additional sleep is a powerful way for the body and mind to heal and repair, integrate and re-organize. Allow time for physical exercise, which can help release excess energy, especially if you tend to feel mentally congested. Take some time away from meditation, spiritual studies or discussions and energy work. Instead, simply be in nature or rest. If you work with colors, then take a break for a short time, only working with very soft, subdued white or colorless light. If you have a tendency to push yourself with spiritual work, learning to take time off on regular occasions will help you recover more quickly and suffer less.

Finally, working with cooling energy, not cold, but refreshing, as a way to discharge excess heat, can be extremely beneficial to body and mind. You can do this by sitting in the shade or in a room that feels cool and relaxing, or even by cooling your hands before an air conditioner or fan, and then using your fingertips to transfer cool and healing energy by lightly touching your chest, back of neck and back of your head, ear and forehead.

Invocation: I call upon the beings that love me unconditionally and ask for divine grace, protection, information, assistance, intervention and healing in all ways now, as I change alchemically. May my body and mind be supported and recover with divine assistance. I celebrate the alchemy that the light creates, and with kindness I allow for it to unfold in my body, mind and soul according to the guiding hand of divine love. May all those on the path of love and light be assisted to walk their path with as much joy and as little suffering as possible. Through my own free will and divine grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

MASTER HEALING: As you meditate, remain true to what inspires your heart and commit to your spiritual path, you become an increasingly powerful healer. You are here to live your own life, to be true to what genuinely moves you. The unconditionally loving guide and Ascended Master Serapis Bey comes to you now with a blessing of master healing to further your success on your path.

The master Serapis Bey is a beloved guide for those who feel a strong soul connection to ancient Egypt, for healers who are developing their own modalities, and those who love to work with high frequency concepts. He also assists with the translation of spiritual inspiration into practical worldly plans. He comes to confirm that the ascended masters are aware of you. You are an integral part of a powerful spiritual team that has taken physical incarnation to help awaken consciousness into love.

You are asked to tune into your heart. What do you love enough to overcome any obstacle to attain it? What motivates and inspires you? Not what seem possible or practical, but what is authentic? We are most powerful when we serve authentically from the heart. A bird might learn how to dive under water from time to time, but it is never going to be at its most powerful if it has to live underwater. It would struggle to thrive if it were to force itself into such unnatural expression of its life energy. The bird yearns to fly because that is its divine nature and purpose. You too have divine nature and purpose, and your heart holds the clue. What feels most like you?

It is difficult to access the truth of our own nature when we believe we should live up to the expectations of others. If we are attached to an outcome or afraid of an answer, we can unintentionally block our perceptive faculties – a spiritual version of sticking our fingers in our ears and shouting, ‘blah, blah, blah!’ The blessing of Serapis Bey includes his clear flame of divine cleansing light. This can assist us in letting go of whatever blocks us from knowing the truth of our nature.

When we are willing to be who we are, the Universe can more easily guide us to fulfil our destinies. Serapis Bey will help you see yourself truthfully. You may gain feedback from others that helps you understand the value of what you share. Or you may simply find it easier to view yourself objectively, with a compassionate, appreciative and discerning inner eye. As you learn and accept who you are, you become a more powerful vibration for masters to put to use in the plan of love.

If you have a dream in your heart, know that it has been placed there for divine purpose. What you dream and desire contains the seed of divinity. It is meant to help attract your life mission and fulfil it with love, joy, creativity and pleasure.

If we are willing to go through what is necessary for an outcome, it will happen for us. The details may appear different from what we imagined they would, but the truth remains: If you ask for something and are willing to go through the process required to have that come to life, it will happen for you. The Universe is that generous, unconditionally supportive and loving of you. It is your creative partner. It will provide you with all that you need to manifest your dreams, desires and destiny.

Invocation: I call upon loving master Serapis Bey and his master healing through the clear flame of truth and grace. I ask to know, in the perfect time and the perfect way, according to divine wisdom, the truth of all matters of importance to me and my divine life journey, now including (here you may ask any particular questions). I ask to be lovingly shown my true nature, my deepest desires and most inspired dreams. Please help me to know myself so that I know how best to live my divine destiny. May all beings on the path of self-knowledge be assisted and supported with unconditional love. Through my own free will and divine grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

THE PINK ROSE OF LADY NADA: You are in the midst of a heart healing – a healing of the fears and anxieties that have held you back from enjoying your full magnificence. Lady Nada is here with all her gentle power, washing you in soft pink light. All anger, fear, sadness, bitterness, disappointment and hurt are soothed and loved into peace. She brings you a sign of your future blossoming into deeper love.

The Pink Rose of Lady Nada is a spiritual gift from higher guidance. It brings love, healing, strength and compassion to your heart. You may be burnt out, or feeling anger, fear depression, chronic fatigue or compromised wellness. Perhaps your heart is so tired that you struggle with ‘compassion fatigue’, finding it difficult to care, even though your nature is one of deep compassion and kindness. Or perhaps you have put your heart and soul into something or someone and feel your efforts have been cast aside or taken for granted. Perhaps you are processing a great loss. Whatever the reason, Lady Nada has come to comfort your soul. Your pain will pass and your suffering will be alleviated, sooner and more gently than you might expect.

The Pink Rose of Lady Nada unfolds as an energetic gift, gently pulsing with love and beauty, within your heart chakra. It brings you comfort, gentle emanations of divine love and reassurance that you are so wonderful just as you are. Lady Nada is saying, “How much I like you, dearest child of light. How deeply I love you. I send love and acceptance to you now so that you may come to love and like yourself with all the compassion, kindness and unconditionality I feel for you.’

If there is anything or anyone you need to forgive, this gift from Lady Nada will empower you to do so. Your ability to forgive won’t make you a doormat for others. It will free you to leave the past behind. So let other people’s choices be about their learning (rather than your value) and choose to love yourself now.

If you are at a troublesome point in your life, remember that, despite the thorns, the rose has an exquisite perfume. It is a powerful and wise soul that chooses a path that has truly challenging moments. But out of those challenges, great empowerment can be developed. Do not despair if you seem far from the light. You are simply travelling through darkness for a time. Your inner light is strong enough to see by, even in the darkest times. Still, that time will end soon, and you shall realize exactly how much you have grown through the experience. You will find your way into peace and happiness. Trust in your own light within, and the loving kindness of Lady Nada’s blessing now. It is enough to lift you into the light of love and peace.

Come back to that love, to the pink rose unfolding in your heart, whenever you feel lost. Some challenges are meant to help you to grow in your ability to love without condition, to surrender to the Divine even when things don’t seem to make sense. You undergo such challenges because you are capable, powerful and wise. The Universe loves you so much. It is guiding you into your most powerful destiny every day. Release guilt and fear. Know that you are love – always have been, always will be.

Guidance is sharing with you now that, whatever your struggles may be, they will soon reveal themselves to be nothing more that steps along your path to the sweetest blossoming of your soul. Be patient. Rest with this rose light in your heart, dear soul, for healing energy is flowing into you now. Trust your heart to overcome any pain. It will indeed heal, open up and love even more powerfully than before. Such is the courage of your heart.

Invocation: I gratefully receive the rose light, the blessing of Lady Nada in unconditional love. My heart softens and opens. The pink light of her rose blessing fills me with sweet perfume. I let go. I feel safe and held. I know that I am loved always. I am grateful now and always for love’s protection, intervention, guiding hand and tender grace in my life, in all ways. May I know myself to be worthy of love and love myself truly so that I can truly and freely give love to others, to the world. May all beings truly know love. Through my own free will, so be it.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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