Dragon Oracle 12/17/2021

THOR’S RED, BLACK AND GOLD DRAGON: Protects you in times of change: A Time of rapid transition and transformation. Relax. You are safe.

During this incredible period of transition, everything on our planet is changing rapidly. Thor’s mighty red, black and gold dragons work directly for Archangel Gabriel, the mighty archangel in overall command of fire, who sends them to any area or situation that needs immediate clearance.

Thor is the god of thunder, the elemental master of fire, and his red, black and gold dragons carry powerful fire energy. For the optimum use of this blazing power, they connect with Mars and its ascended aspect, Nigellay, so that they can act as peaceful spiritual warriors throughout the universe.

Guidance: Drawing this card indicates that you are ready to change a situation, circumstances or relationship, or are already doing so. This is challenging for you and the universe is reminding you that you have earned the right to receive support and assistance. Your guidance is to ask an army of Thor’s dragons to clear the energies around you and protect you as you make this transformation. Then relax, knowing that you are safe, guided and supported. Thor’s red, black and gold dragons will ensure you make the changes in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned. These very hard-working warrior dragons consume dense energies very rapidly and thoroughly, and they come to you with dedication, love and wisdom, so accept graciously what they have to offer you.

This card is also a call to service. You are asked to send Thor’s dragons to place and situation that need their protection at this time.

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CRYSTAL-YELLOW DRAGON: Opens you to higher learning and wisdom: Expand your crown chakra for illumination. Walk the higher spiritual path.

Crystal-yellow dragons clear space around the crown chakra of animals and humans, and then illuminate the chakra and set it glowing. This enables the angels and Source to see us.

Each of the thousand petals of our crown chakra can be extended to connect with a particular star, planet or universal energy. However, in order for the petals to reach out, the light round them must be pure. So crystal-yellow dragons not only have huge open hearts, but they also carry fifth-dimensional wisdom codes for the universe and can download them into those of us who are ready They work with Archangel Jophiel to light up and expand the crown chakras of all of us at a fifth-dimensional frequency. They then co-operate with the unicorns to connect the petals into sources of universal wisdom and knowledge.

Guidance: Receiving this card suggests it is time for you to walk a higher spiritual path. Crystal-yellow dragons are swirling round your head, freeing the petals of your crown chakra from lower energies, allowing them to open and illuminating them.

These dragons remind you that you are a being of the universe. The ultimate is to become a cosmic master, so step onto a diamond path. The crystal-yellow dragons will ensure you connect with those who are ready for the light you carry. When you meet people, your light will automatically light up the keys and codes of mastery latent within them. The time for this higher service is now.

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DEEP BLUE DRAGON: Keeps you safe by clearing your pathway: Trust that you are protected. Walk on a path of light.

Deep blue dragons work with Archangel Michael, the angel of strength and protection. Dragons can delve into deep dense matter in a way that angels cannot. They can clear and transmute lower frequencies up to one kilometer around those they work with. These frequencies may be our emotions and thoughts or the emotions and thoughts of people in our vicinity.

Many of us are very sensitive and do not realize how much of the vibrations of others impact on us. Every time we walk in a crowd, we are in a sea of mixed energies, and these deep blue dragons are master clearance experts. They blow away the foggy vibrations and then Archangel Michael can more easily connect with us and place his deep blue cloak around us.

Guidance: This card is suggesting that you call on the deep blue dragons to protect you or your loved ones. Visualize a protecting army of deep blue dragons, gliding in front of you wherever you walk or drive. Let them precede you into your home or office. Ask them to dive into the ground below your house to consume all lower energies. Ask them to keep an area of a kilometer around you totally clear. Relax and trust this is happening.

Because the deep blue dragons are transmuting the lower emotions of those in your vicinity, you are no longer moving through the dense energies of other people. Notice how much lighter and happier you feel.

You can serve the planet by asking deep blue dragons to dive under your shopping mall, schools, big buildings or anywhere you feel they are needed to consume dense vibrations.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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