Crystal Angels 12/16/2021

CHAROITE: Spiritual Protection; You are being watched over and protected physically, emotionally, and energetically.

This card is reassurance that you are protected, and that your prayers have been heard and answered. Perhaps you have been feeling vulnerable lately or have been attacked verbally, psychically, or physically. It appears that someone is challenging you, and God and your guardian angels want you to know that they are watching over you and your loved ones.

This is a sign that some emotional or physical issues could be stemming from “psychic attack” in which someone is sending anger or jealous energy your way. Praying to God and Jesus, and calling upon Archangel Michael, can help clear and shield you.

Visualize yourself in a protective bubble of royal purple light, which is God’s Divine radiance that only allows love to enter and to exit your sphere. This purple light will bounce away negative energy and transmute it into healing love for both you and the “attacker”. So, instead of retaliating against or fearing whoever sent negativity your way, you help bring healing love to the world.

About Charoite: Named for the Siberian river where it’s found, charoite is a purple stone that helps with psychic and spiritual shielding and protection from religious persecution.

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TITANIUM RAINBOW QUARTZ: Multifaceted; There are many layers and dimensions to the situation or person you’re asking about.

The person or situation that you’re asking about is multifaceted, like a gemstone. That means that there are many different sides to consider. There isn’t one plain truth here, but several, which could create contradictions, inconsistencies, and confusion. You’ll need to be honest with yourself about whether these differences are acceptable or upsetting to you.

If you’re asking about a certain person, this card is a sign of a complicated and unpredictable relationship. Some may consider this exciting, while others find it to contain too much drama. Most people have layers to them, and as long as the other person is behaving ethically and with integrity, you may benefit from this relationship. Again, it’s a matter of being honest about your life and dislikes.

If your question is about a specific situation, this card is a sign that there’s no single right answer. Sometimes this is because freewill choices are currently shaping the outcome, and nothing has been predetermined. In some cases, this card means that it’s up for interpretation whether or not this is a positive situation, according to individual tastes and preferences.

All in all, being comfortable with ambiguity and an undetermined future is an opportunity for you to be the director of your own unfolding movie master-piece. You were made in the image and likeness of the Creator, so you can create a wonderful present and future!

About Titanium Rainbow Quartz: Similar to aqua aura, this stone is created by covering quartz with a mixture of titanium and gold to produce the rainbow effects. Titanium rainbow quartz is a wonderful focal point during meditation to inspire visions and creative ideas.

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MOONSTONE: Heightened Intuition: Be extra aware of your inner knowingness, as it’s trustworthy.

You’re already highly intuitive, and this card shows that your intuition is being taken to new levels. Be extra aware of your “Divine downloads”, which encompass strong feelings, clear realizations, a sense of knowing, visions, dreams, and signs. Keep your mind clear and sober so that you’ll notice your intuition.

In addition to noticing, trust the feelings and knowingness about the meaning of the message. The ego wants to second-guess your insights, but don’t ignore or override your first impressions. This isn’t a time for logic. It will all make sense soon.

This card can also signify that you’re extra sensitive to lunar phases, especially the full moon. You may wish to plan accordingly, such as easing your schedule during full moons. In addition, this may be a sign related to feminine “moon cycles”.

About Moonstone: This beautiful opalescent stone shimmers like moonbeams in white, pale blue, and rainbow colors. Moonstone, like the moon itself, carries and supports Divine feminine sacred energies. It can amplify the effects of the full and new moons, and help with receptivity, nurturing, spiritual visions, and other feminine aspects.

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