The Fifth Tarot 12/10/2021

EIGHT OF FIRE: Fusion: As water represents our emotions, what the fire fish symbolize here is detachment from our emotions. Just as fire can burn, so also water can drown. When we do not protect ourselves from emotional turmoil, it can douse the fires of our creativity and passion. Our emotions can become like a poison that infects our ideals and inhibit our expressions. Working our way through the suit of Fire, we experience transformation by fire, the clearing and cleansing of our emotions, so that we might experience this perfect fusion of fire and water. When we find the right combination of the elements, we can heal some of the strongest poisons of the world.

The fire fish in the Eight of Fire remind us to respect our sacred space and the sacred space of others. Allowing each other to have our personal space for healing on one level, we are then able to experience a soul connection on another level.

The key to fusion in the Eight of Fire teaches us that on a level of higher consciousness, we become one with the stream and choose to flow with it, instead of swimming against it. When we understand that there is no stream going in the opposite direction, that we are all headed toward the same universal consciousness, all obstacles fall away. We become part of the gentle flow asking us to join its jubilant song.

The Eight of Fire brings release to the powerful creative energies that have been building up. The Eight draws you nearer to the culmination of the suit of Fire, so you will begin to see the fulfillment of your dreams coming true. The seeds of inspiration and the fire that fuels your passion are coming together to achieve your highest aspirations. Be careful not to resist the creative flow that is working for you right now. Clear any emotional attach- ment to the final outcome of what you are working on and you will bring the optimal success to your endeavors. The universe responds favorably when you state your clear intent. Abundance befalls those who surrender to the flow. Work with the strengths of both the yin and yang aspects of your being as they are inseparable parts of yourself.

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THE STAR: The Star card is ruled by Aquarius and ushers in an age of peace and love. Shining brightly, radiating warmth and light, the Star inspires hope and trust in all. Working with the energy of the Star we realize that whatever we shine our light on is that which manifests. When we focus on love, we bring love forward. When we focus on truth, mysteries are revealed.

Our spiritual vision and light body allow us to surpass the ordinary and move into an expanded sense of a multi-dimensional reality. When all is lighted with the radiance of the Star, no veil of illusion or secrecy keeps its form. We pierce through any limitations by choosing to share the truth with no thought on anything which is not truth.

The Star asks us to be our truth at all times. When we do so, we become a guiding star on the horizon for others to follow. At the same time, it connects us with other light-minded individuals who assist in furthering the course of our journey as well.

The Star offers you hope and inspiration, and creates new beginnings for you that are unlimited in potential. Your dreams will be realized with the promise of the Star.

You hold a new key to cosmic consciousness in your hand. Illumined by truth, you are the divine spark. Use your light and radiance to shine the light of truth in all you do. Open to the higher vibrations of love and peace. Use your gifts and talents to be of service to the greater good. In so doing, a new star is born that lights the darkness for others to see.

Remember, you are a star child and all you touch will be blessed with stardust. Your creative endeavors will be rising stars that illuminate the world and offer hope for a brighter tomorrow. As a seeker of higher truth, your light body radiates the realms of illumined truth.

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TEN OF FIRE: Radiance: An expert in the field of sacred geometry, Dan Winters in his book The Alphabet of the Heart, describes the principle of embedding or nesting, which tells of repeating patterns that spiral naturally in unified fields of energy in the cosmos. What he is actually describing is how the wavelength of love feels and looks inside as we experience it flowing.

Such is the flow of love that radiates in the Ten of Fire. The continuous spiraling of energy created through the rising of our kundalini has now become fully manifest. Our inner fire, sparked by the light of the Divine, emanates from us like shooting stars traversing the expanse of the galaxy.

As we come to the end of this suit, we have learned how to work with the element of Fire without getting burned. This is only possible when the creative and sexual energy rises from the lower chakras to the higher chakras. The purple color of the figure’s cloak denotes that she has mastered this connection with the higher chakras. She is aware of the power of Fire to transform and transmute, to fuel our passion and inspire our creativity. Her whole being is aligned with higher Self. She wears the robe of love.

When the Ten of Fire appears, you are asked to be the brightest you can be. Let your brilliance dazzle those around you. As you shine your light, you warm the hearts and souls of anyone in your presence. Your joyful expression of the fire that dances in you is a channel for divine light. What you do at this point is not for selfish gain, but is an honoring and reverence for creation itself. You are a star in the firmament, an offshoot of Creator, igniting that divine spark within others swirling around you. Expand your light to encompass those still in darkness, sharing the radiance of divine light that comes with the Ten of Fire.

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