Earth Warriors Oracle 12/6/2021

PACHAMAMA: She with the Andean Emerald Heart

Pachamama, the goddess of the earth honored by the indigenous peoples of the Andes, holds space for many different creatures to live within her field – including the crazy, beautiful, dangerous and divine humanity. She knows that life thrives through diversity. She is able to foster life with such genius and generosity because there is not fear preventing her from holding space for the new to emerge. Be open to the new and the different in yourself and your life. Trust, like the Earth Mother, as an act of devotion. She is watching over you as you evolve to manifest the fullness of your sacred and original life purpose.

Don’t hold back from what is happening. Things need to change, so let them change. It may seem chaotic or overwhelming, now. However, when you realize that you don’t need to figure it all out, you will relax, allowing the wisdom of what is happening at a deeper level to unfold. Trust that your inner resources are enough and will grow to meet your needs for soul expression in the world. You may sometimes feel like you are juggling to many projects with too few arms. The Divine Mother can help you if you trust her to keep an eye on things and guide the process for you. This oracle indicates that peace and harmony will eventually triumph over conflict and challenge, bringing about a new way of being.

As we grow into our role of sacred guardianship on this planet, the space we hold for ourselves and the world becomes more potent and important. That space can become a way for diversity to be either a beautiful orchestra or a cacophony of chaos. The outcome depends on our ability to hold a sacred feminine presence that allows for differences to be integrated into oneness, whilst understanding that oneness has nothing to do with sameness. You have the ability to bring great life to the souls of this world through honoring your own soul journey. Don’t underestimate the importance of your inner work, not the healing effect is initiates in the world.

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AIYANA VISION: Way of the Divine Feminine Revealed

The Divine Feminine yearns to reveal her way and her wisdom to you that you may live passionately and purposefully. As you trust her inner guiding voice, you recognize the authentic desires and visions that move you from within, that are the seeds of your sacred mission. You shall experience a knowing or purpose that awakens your ability to live deliberately and experience deep fulfilment.

Aiyana Vision is the blossoming of awareness to your life purpose and true inner passion. You are being lovingly pushed to admit to your authentic and most passionate soul yearnings, becoming bold with honesty. What means so much to you that you are willing to give up all that you have held on to out of fear so that is may be? What matters enough to you that you would symbolically die and be reborn – with all the endings and uncertainty such growth entails – so that your dream can become real? Don’t turn away from your yearning out of fear, practicality or any other excuse to replace faith with doubt. Your truth acknowledged will bring you peace, even if admitting it also means facing the personal transformation required to bring that truth to life in your world. When it is truth, it is healing. Embrace it.

There is a vision unfolding within your being, an urging of the Sacred Feminine, something which deep within your bones you recognize as the truth. It may still be blossoming into fullness, but if you tune in to yourself, you can feel the essence of its beauty and grace. It is not wishful thinking or fantasy. Do not give up on your beautiful visions.

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CHAKANA: Time to Cross the Threshold

A threshold appears, bringing an ending so complete that it is no longer possible to return to what has been. The light of the stars is your faithful guide into this new world. As you trust in your divine connection, deconstructed forms shall reshape themselves into relevant, helpful and beautiful new ways of living, thriving and expressing your true self. Trust in your strangest ideas, in that which is different, inspired or unconventional. This crossing is healing and furthers the activation of your divine potential.

Change is afoot. You won’t feel in control of the process. Trust in what is new, different or exciting to you. Don’t assume that unless all things happen easily, then you must be on the wrong path. You are on the correct path, even if the birthing pains to fulfil it are challenging. You are guided to reject social norms about how you are supposed to live or what sort of things you are supposed to value. Instead, trust your own values and believe in the truths that you feel within your own heart. In time the world will be ready to recognize and benefit from your spiritual growth. The Universe is helping you in all ways, including through correct timing. At the right moment, you will leave the past behind you and enter into the fullness of the present moment, opening up to the brightness of your future.

When your journey requires that you stand apart from the crowd, don’t be afraid to embrace your outsider status and the freedom it bestows upon you – to think differently and objectively analyze what isn’t working with the clarity that comes with a more remote point of observation. Your unconventional views may cause discomfort to some at first, but it is of the good sort. This sort of discomfort can stimulate a healing crisis, a divine disruption that cracks faulty belief systems, making way for inspired innovation and radical improvement. It is through the failure of that which cannot take us where we need to go that the new ideas which can are able to come to the fore. Things not working out as we had anticipated is nothing to fear. It is often mistaken as a ‘no’ from the Universe, but it is really just saying “There’s a better way’.

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