Lightworker, Sacred Rebels, Blessed Be 12/5/2021

DIVINE TALENTS: You are a talented soul. Over many lifetimes, you have developed your spiritual abilities to channel higher awareness, attract healing energy and radiate light to uplift the consciousness of those around you. Your divine talents are many, and uniquely expressed through you. Your talents do not have to resemble those of another to have their own inestimable value. Do not be afraid to use them!

Divine talents are a way in which the universe reminds us of what we are here to do. Divine talents are unlimited. They include the ability to channel spiritual guidance and healing energy, to perceive clairvoyantly, and be psychic and empathic. Other spiritual talents are the ability to release earthbound spirits, earth-healing techniques such as working with energy grids, as well as healing ability with crystals and the many and varied technologies of light.

There are other spiritual talents, too. These include writing, performing, sound healing, dancing to awaken awareness, creating art, photography or divinely inspired tools and jewelry. Cooking food that heals the body and spirit is a spiritual talent, as are the abilities to bring people together, to offer comforting and inspiring words at the right time, to help others overcome fear and feel more at peace in moments of importance and more.

You could use your divine talents in your career as a healer, in your work in the corporate world or in your stay-at-home role as a parent, helping to raise more conscious, secure and empowered children – in a world that is in desperate need of strong, spiritually-grounded leaders for the future. You can use your talents to create a vocation that truly inspires you and brings your light to the world. You can use them in the line at the grocery store. The point is that you use them.

This oracle comes to you with a message. You have spiritual talents, some of which have been developed in other lifetimes and will simply and suddenly ‘spring back to life’ as if from out of the blue this lifetime. Others need a little more attention, patience and effort to be brought to life in the world.

Sometimes, there is fear in sharing talents. You may have a subconscious or a very conscious past life recollection that involved shame, isolation, ridicule, fear or even torture or death as a response to your sharing your talents for healing and helping others. Maybe you fear your spiritual talent will not allow you to meet your material needs, or that others will reject or deny your talent – even if you know it to be authentic and helpful.

Or perhaps you need to acknowledge your talents, yourself. Believe in yourself, in your abilities and in your capacity to use those talents in a constructive, healing way. Keep developing your talents until your own unique expression comes to life. Don’t give up in the early and possible awkward stages, dismissing your abilities as less than those of another. Trust that there is something very real and worthwhile in you. Do not dismiss or diminish your potential. Treat yourself as an investment worthy of development! Give yourself a chance – enough time, attention and practice to discover what you are really capable of. The Universe knows! Soon, you shall, too.

This oracle also reminds you to do what makes you happy, to chase your sacred bliss and express yourself in the world via the unique and special abilities that the Divine bestowed upon you. When you follow what you love, you are on your life path, and you shall succeed, beloved.

Invocation: All loving Universe, teach me to realize and trust in my divinely given talents. I ask for your unconditionally loving assistance in releasing any block of obstacle to the full development and joyful expression of my spiritual gifts in the world. Help me find the courage and boldness within that I need to believe in myself and be completely empowered to make my loving contribution to the world. Through my own free will, and divine merciful grace, so be it.

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SEEING THE TRUE YOU: Sometimes we believe what others tell us we are, as though the self we see reflected back to us through their eyes is truth. Yet the accuracy of a reflection depends on the clarity of that which is doing the reflecting! If the receiver forms any opinion about what is perceived then what is reflected back to us will, at best, be distorted. It is not necessarily through ill will; it is just the mechanics of the situation. Even the moon reflects the sun in varying degrees of fullness and clarity. We can learn something of the nature of the sun from the moon, but not as much as through direct perception.

This oracle has come to you because you have been putting rather too much faith in the reflection others have of you – to the point that you might not be honoring all that you are and all that you are becoming, because you believe too little of yourself.

There may be those around you that are able to reflect you more faithfully, and even help you see more of your own greatness and beauty. These are the souls blessed with inner stillness. In the clear waters of their ocean of consciousness, you can come to recognize yourself with clearer perception. However, there are those who have not tended to their own ocean and are unable to be still enough to genuinely receive and reflect your light back to you. There is no judgement here. Each takes the path of self-healing that is available and appropriate at any given time. However, to attempt to see the magnificence of a sun in a very partial moon doesn’t make too much sense.

If you are blessed with those in your life who can show you the beauty within you, wonderful. Even so this oracle comes to you with a task you are now ready for. You are to begin to develop the art of direct perception. This is the ability to recognize yourself not only in the eyes of others, but from how you feel about yourself, how you experience yourself and how you observe yourself (with compassion and kindness) from within. This is a step towards a radical empowerment that does not require perfection in order for you to recognize you are lovable and have much to offer. It is empowerment based on the acceptance of all that you are, working with your strengths, tending to your weaknesses and being loving, encouraging and nurturing of all that you perceive.

As you continue on this journey, you will not only see your human self, but the eternal within you. This is a breath-taking experience that opens you up to the creative energy that flows abundantly through all of life. It is an experience that takes great preparation, for when you have the experience of truly beholding yourself, all judgement, fear and doubt will fall away and you will just know yourself to be sacred. Then you will be asked to embrace the deeper journey of sacred rebellion against judgement and fear, and into passionate creativity and unconditional trust in life.

This oracle comes with a special message for you. If you are getting confused about who you are and your motives or actions based on what others are saying or how they are responding to you, step back. In your quest to be a responsible person, you may be unintentionally taking on the feelings of others, making their reflections of you more than they are in truth. More often than not reflections are more about the state of the reflector than what is being reflected. Let those external perceptions go. Can you just acknowledge yourself? Do so and be free!

Healing Process: Say with feeling, “I now break any contract I have ever made with another, consciously or unconsciously, that has given them power over me, power over my sense of self, the authority to approve or reject me or anything about me, including my voice, body, creativity, spirituality and way of living. Of my own free will, I now choose to directly perceive my own inner beauty and turn within with kindness and compassion to see myself through the eyes of unconditional love. So be it.”

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

A BLESSING TO EASE LONELINESS AND BRING COMPANIONSHIP: This is a blessing for when we find ourselves without those touchstones of our humanity – our friends and companions.

A period of loneliness – quite different to solitude – can take place for many reasons. We can move away, or lives can change and be reshaped, and suddenly the space we found for each other has been closed off or absorbed by others. Sometimes we isolate ourselves, unwilling to be a burden to any others. And some are born into shyness and paralyzing social anxieties, that make the seeking of friendship a terrifying thing.

This blessing is for you, when you feel alone. Let there be that call, that note, that memory that comes forth to remind you of your innate worthiness. Let there be that smile from a stranger, or touch from a kind hand, that lets you know your humanity is the same as theirs, and you have about you connections that can be rewoven. Let other gentle hands pick up and do the reweaving when you find yourself unable to perform the task, and let serendipity come to you, guiding you to chance meetings, or places where music plays, and people move, and the gathering is undemanding of you, yet surrounds you with the quality of inclusion. Let the loneliness begin to break, like clouds slowly moving apart, and the great heaviness of isolation begin to be lightened by loving companions, humans and otherwise, until you return to a place where you know you have within your life those who care for you, and without your presence, their life seems less bright.

Blessed Be

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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