Blessed Be Oracle 11/22/2021

(I was guided to use these cards today. May at least one of these blessings sit on your heart and be of comfort to you.)

A BLESSING OF THE AIR: A blessing to allow the free-flowing movement of inspiration, fresh ideas, purposeful memories, clear thoughts and true words this day.

Beautiful soul, may you be most blessed this day by the element of air. May your thoughts and words be in harmony with each other, and may they be inspired by trust in your ability to understand deeply, with the gifts of the mind, all that is within you, all that is without you.

May your gift of the mind be clear and open, and may worthy ideas blossom and be expressed with ease and grace in words and actions that are in an affinity with the highest of your ideals. May there be knowledge that is enriching, information that is trustworthy, words that are true in your world this day. Let memories that arise be ones which support you in your tasks, awaken forgotten dreams, and may the qualities of your thoughts match the boundlessness of the sky. May there be freedom and perspective as you move through this cycle of the sun, and may the winds of change blow from your life whatever it is best t liberate yourself from.

Let the weightlessness of the air free you from burdens that hold you from your dreams, and may the very air you breathe be pure and enlivening, awakening you to the limitlessness of your life’s possibilities. May you feel inspired and refreshed, loved and nurtured with every breath in, and with each breath out, release from your mind all that is no longer in alignment with who you are becoming. Let your wings grow, and strengthen, until you take flight. Let scent, and song and soaring freedom be yours, for these are the domains of the element of air, and these are the blessings that are all about you this day.

Most of all, may you fill yourself with what is good and true and pure, and may your every breath be blessed.

Blessed Be

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A BLESSING ON YOUR HEALTH: A blessing to inspire the blossoming of great good health within your life.

May you, friend, be blessed with a rising of your own personal vitality . . . may life force flow into every cell of your body, inhabiting each fully with the desire for life and the yearning for the full feeling of all that is here for you to experience. May the cells in the blood sing their song with joy at being here, and may your bones be strong, and whole, densely knitted in the joints to keep you upright, ever moving into the next step, a dance of love for the feeling of the world. May the muscles take shape and move with your form, and may there be flexibility and the great gift of movement for you. May your organs do their holy work, and may the health of the mind, curious yet peaceful, awakened yet rested, be yours.

May the energy that belongs to the hale be yours, and may your every footstep bring a little more vitality, a little more joy in movement, a little more of a blessing to simply be here, and in such good health. May you know peace within the temple of the body, and may a revival of energy be yours, like that of spring after winter, so you have a spirit shining with good health, the energy all about you radiant, an auric field filled with wellness, and a field of energy you can drink from, and renew yourself, each day and night of this lifetime. May the blessings of good health and joy in your body be yours, and should it be challenged, may you rise and meet that challenge with courage, and security in the wisdom of your blood and bones, flesh and energy field, and may all that brings you back to wellness come to you again and again.

Blessed Be

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A BLESSING FOR SOLACE AND HOPE: This is a blessing for solace, the comfort that comes in the form of good fortune, strange little moments that bring you back to the sense that the Universe is a place where you are cared for, considered and important, and that this solace brings you hope for the future, and anticipation for the fair things that life will continue to bring you.

Solace is the balm and the antidote to the wounds that life can deliver. It is not personal, for being here is a great gift, and we live in times where, in many ways, we are safer than we have ever been before. But we are fed a diet of hopelessness from our cultures and media sources, until we become overwhelmed with the troubles that seem to surround us. This blessing is for you, to find your way back to sweetness. For the flower in bud to release its sweetness, for you to notice the shimmer of light upon the water, the sheer pleasure of movement, the ease of a mind no longer racing over problems to be solved, but soft, intelligent, allowing the calm of life to steal back in to your soul.

This is the solace that keeps our hopes alive, the gift of good fortune that reawakens the candle of optimism that is within us, and the delight in the sheer whimsy of being here, and being alive. It is the understanding that there may be little control, but we are no mere pawns in this life – we have our place in the world, and simple with our breathing in and out, we matter, and we are doing enough. To find solace is to find peaceful moments, small connections, to notice the thousand gifts life has conferred upon us, and it is to again invoke the divinity of existence, without the fear of the future. Let hope give you lightness, draw away the pain, and open you up again to the possibilities, until you begin once again to relish the simple voluptuous truth of being alive.


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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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