Sacred Rebels Oracle 11/20/2021

RELEASE THE DARK WOUND, LET LOVE LIVE: If we detach something from its source too soon, trying to force it to become what it is not yet ready or willing to become, we can unintentionally sap it of its strength and kill it. There is a dark wound in the consciousness of humanity which demands perfection and denies process. If you are thinking of publishers before you have even written the book, if you are comparing your unfinished song idea to the latest best selling pop release, if you have decided you are not good enough or worthy enough to succeed before you’ve given it everything you’ve got and asked for divine help, then this dark wound has you in its grasp.

You have to let go of the death-grip of perfectionism and let yourself and your ideas live. Love is abundant, creative and inspiring. It moves us so much more joyously and creatively than fear. You are being asked to honor the path of your own love – what inspires you, what feels exciting, joyful and perhaps even rather different? Let that live! Release the dark wounding of false belief. There are countless stories of vastly successful artists who very nearly binned the project that was the making of their career, because of the despair fostered by their own dark nature. They doubted. They were uncertain. Was their work good? Was it useless? They struggled to believe in the right of a work to come to life, whether it was accepted, revered or rejected by others, or not. They nearly lost their work to fear. Undoubtedly their work was not saved, not allowed to live. Do not let this happen to you. Whether something is meant to be a commercially-oriented venture or a more personal creation for your own therapeutic healing, it must be allowed to be, without judgement, without criticism, even without premature evaluation. It must be allowed to be what it is, and only time, patience and attention will reveal it.

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HEAVEN SENT: Just as we receive gifts in the physical world, through the thoughtfulness of others, to acknowledge how much we mean to them, so too we receive gifts on other levels, including the spiritual level.

A spiritual gift is something that happens through grace. We can ask for help and it may be given in response to that request. All requests for help are answered. A spiritual gift can also be given without asking for anything at all – at least not consciously. Sometimes it is our hearts that cry out for help. While we are busy getting on with our to-do lists, we don’t often stop to think about what our hearts might need. If we do, and an immediate solution is not obvious, we just get on with life either letting the issue be or taking the more painful option of dwelling on it without seeing how it might be resolved.

However, there is a loving benevolence in life that knows exactly what we need and how it can best come to us, even when we are not quite so clear. This force actively seeks to assist us in walking our life path. That loving sweetness is being offered to you now, or soon will be, in the form of a spiritual gift.

Your spiritual gift may be symbolic. It may be something that seems ordinary but holds a lot of meaning to you. It might be an object that catches your eye and mesmerizes you. You might think you are appreciating how lovely it looks, but it is the underlying energy that captures you. Something in the appearance, color or shape that speaks to you and is, perhaps, answering an unspoken prayer. It is not the object that is the gift. That is just the wrapping. The actual gift is subtle, yet effective empowerment. It is like a spiritual booster shot that helps you move forward in life with additional zing, extra strength and greater peace.

You will be empowered to accomplish tasks that you may have nearly, but not quite, been able to manage on your own through the bestowal of a spiritual gift. The spiritual gift may or may not be recognizable to you. It may be very obvious – an offer, a windfall, a trip, a friendship, a new lover or a remarkable healing in a current relationship. It might be far more subtle and even more powerful such as a jolt of energy that allows you to perceive things differently all of a sudden and perhaps solve a problem that has been plaguing you. It will be bestowed as and when it is needed, in the form that will best serve the love in you.

This oracle also comes with the message that you are to trust in the things that you feel and say to others without knowing why. It moves them. You might not understand, but through trust you are allowing yourself not to over-think and censor yourself. As such you are able to become a vessel through which the spiritual gift can be passed on to others. Don’t block yourself. Let life happen through you. Only benefit can come from this.

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RESTORE AND REPLENISH: You are in need of something so much deeper than rest. You need restoration, replenishment and revival. This will not necessarily come from lying about somewhere taking a moment out of your day or evening activities. You are more likely to gain what you need by breaking with your routine completely and doing something different.

You need some variety, some spice, some change to bring fresh energy into your body, mind and heart. You need to restore and revive yourself by changing the usual flow of energy through your being. You could stimulate this process by going to a different place, meeting different people and taking different action to what you would usually do.

You can return to your regular routine in time – if it feels good for you. However, it is now time to move, without pushing yourself, beyond what it known, comfortable and familiar.

This oracle also comes as a message from the great loving guardian, which is life itself. You have been working so hard and have accomplished so much already. However, you often sell your accomplishments short and focus on how much more is yet to be done. Life is telling you that it is time to put down the paintbrush, the pen, the endless lists and the thinking mind, and get into your body. Take the time to experience yourself in and of nature, remember how to just be. In doing so, even for a relatively short amount of time, you will feel more of yourself and ready for the next phase. You might be surprised what just a day or two of this can do for you. Restoration does not have to be a long involved process. Especially if it is attended to when needed.

This oracle is also confirmation that you are in an important transition phase between one level of experience and the next. If you feel as though you are treading water or are in a sort of purgatory – somewhere between you ‘old life’ and your ‘new life’ – then this particularly applies to you. If you can’t quite break into the level you are reaching for, have faith. You are just taking a breather between races. Soon you will have the power and energy you need to reach for the next level – and succeed.

If you have been considering a new endeavor or have recently started one, then this oracle brings a message of encouragement. Yes, this is a good step forward for you. You might be worried that you are taking on too much. You are encouraged to take time out to rest and rebalance yourself, but you are supported in your need for new and different experiences to refresh your spirit. You may let some of these new endeavors go once you have gained what you need from them. However, they are useful now. You are encouraged to trust yourself and to know that you are working consciously to meet your own needs and this is healthy and good.

The oracle of Restore and Replenish also comes with guidance for your healing. If you have been under the weather, you will soon be well again. If you have been working on healing your body, mind or soul, this oracle comes with assurance that what you are doing is working and bringing you benefit. Even if you are yet to experience the full extent of that benefit, continue with your work and know that you are indeed healing.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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