Crystal Angels Oracle 11/17/2021

CLEAR QUARTZ: Let Yourself Feel All Your Emotions; Your entire rainbow spectrum of feeling is sending you important messages and guidance.

This card guides you to open your heart to the entire rainbow spectrum of emotions. This is a key to feeling great love. By allowing yourself to acknowledge the not-so-pleasant feelings, you drop defenses and open your heart.

When we deny the existence of anger, sadness, and such, we close off part of our hearts. And the denial means that these feelings become repressed, stuffed down, and hidden, where they can affect our mental, emotional, and physical health.

This card can be a sign of receiving valuable creative inspiration, based on some challenges you’ve experienced. Now you want to help others overcome or avoid the same challenges. By delving into the unpleasant feelings through creative expression, you allow others to know that they are not alone in their feelings. This could be a business idea, a form of healing, a book or workshop, or some other service or product that will help those who are experiencing similar difficulties.

About Clear Quartz: An amplifier of whatever energy it is near, clear quartz refracts light into rainbow rays. It helps clear away negativity and dissolve blocks.

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AMBER: Give it to God; Take a deep breath, and on the exhale release this situation to God for healing and answers.

You’ve received this card because there’s an issue weighing you down, and this burden could be lifted by you giving it to God. You don’t have to deal with this situation alone, as Divine help is readily available. Perhaps you forgot, or maybe you are unsure how, to let go and let God handle this situation.

As you read this paragraph, pause for a moment to pray from your heart, asking for help to let this go, with whatever words are sincere. Hanging on to a problem never resolves it – and actually can make it worse.

Amber reminds us that God has always been with us, since the beginning of time and material existence. This reminder is meant to boost our faith that God knows how to solve any problem. However, we first have to give it to God, because our freewill choices are respected.

About Amber: Amber is fossilized tree resin, not technically a mineral. However, it is a light-filled gift from nature, so it is frequently included within the crystal realm. Amber can brighten your mood and fill your senses with Divine light. It also helps you connect with and heal from your past.

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AQUA AURA: Healthy Communication in Relationships: Heart-to-heart discussions and clear, assertive communication help you to understand and be understood.

This card brings hope for you and your relationships, especially if you’ve struggled to be understood by others. A gentler and clearer form of communication is on the horizon, initiated by you in answer to your own prayers.

New strength gives you the courage to talk about your honest feelings, in a loving way that keeps communication open. You aren’t trying to change or convince others – you’re being your true self.

This card can be a sign of improvement in existing relationships or of new healthy friends or a romantic partner on their way. When you speak from the heart in your relationships, others have the opportunity to know and appreciate the real you – which relieves loneliness because you know that you (not a false version of you) are loved.

About Aqua Aura: This gorgeous translucent turquoise crystal attains its lovely coloring when clear quartz is treated with the vapors of gold. Aqua aura makes a wonderful pendant worn over the throat to enhance speaking or singing skills.

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