Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 11/9/2021

VESNA: Awakening and Victory; Vesna is one of the most well-known Slavic goddesses, particularly in Serbia and Slovenia. Her name means “messenger”, but the word vesna originates from Sanskrit and means “illuminated” and “shiny”. Vesna is a fertility goddess who brought renewal – spring – to the Slavs, awakening the land to warmer weather and a bountiful life of fruits and flowers, after her counterpart, Morana, goddess of darkness and death, took her leave at the end of winter. Vesna was also known as a goddess of victory as she overcame death an darkness to awaken the land.

The Slavs used rituals to quicken Vesna’s return, most popularly the burning of Morana. As winter came to an end, they made wooden or rag and straw dolls that symbolized Morana. The dolls were set on fire, then drowned in a river to return Morana to the underworld. To awaken and welcome Vesna back into the land, they made small clay larks which were placed on sticks and wrapped with herbs and flowers.

Vesna’s Message: Victory has come or is on its way. Stay on course and focus on your role. Allow things to blossom in their season. Even though you fall back into your old ways of thinking at times, you are awakening and starting to see things differently. Keep focusing on this new vision.

As you continue to grow from a tight bud into your fully flowered awakening, help will be given to you so you see life, the universe as it really is. Like the gradual opening of the third eye opening and blooming after winter, awaken to the knowledge that you are a sacred being.

Call on Vesna: when you feel confused; if you are feeling stuck, lack direction, and need clarity and light on your path; to help you awaken to your true purpose and passion in life; when suffering has lingered for a long time in your life and you are ready for victory.

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OONAGH: Creative Solutions; Goddess of nature, love and magick, and Queen of the Faeries, was the Celtic wife of the leader of the Irish, the Tuatha De Danann, the original inhabitants of Ireland. This ancient Irish queen is available to you for spells and creative guidance.

When their enemy, the Gaels, invaded their land, Oonagh relied on her creativity and ingenuity. She led her people underground, where they created a magickal and safe world from which they could always access the land they loved. They later came to be known as gnomes and faeries.

Oonagh’s Message: Sometimes problems need creative solutions rather than a “fight or flight” reaction. Consider it possible to resolve your current situation by inventing a different scenario, one you have never thought of before. It is sometimes better to rewrite your story and live the life you want.

You can survive and achieve victory by thinking outside the box. Do not rush to make things happen while in a state of apprehension. Instead, have the faith to use your wits to find ways to solve problems. Trust that everything is occurring in perfect timing and be open to the fact that the right answer may at first seem unconventional.

Call on Oonagh: to help you solve problems in imaginative and magickal ways; when you sense nervous energy and need to find ways to feel at ease; when you want to work with the Faerie realm.

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WHITE TARA: Life Force, Health and Longevity: Goddess, White Tara, the Indo-Tibetan deity whose name means “star”, is one of the twenty-one Taras. She was born from a tear of compassion shed by Avalokiteshvara, the male incarnation of the goddess Quan Yin.

White Tara is associated with healing, longevity, and life force (prana, qi, or kundalini in other cultures). She purifies body and spirit to help remove obstacles in life. She protects against stress, bad karma, and other negative influences on health.

White Tara’s Message: Life energy is the inner power that connects you to all that is magickal and spiritual. It is your own cosmic energy and divine spirit. It is your umbilical cord to Spirit and your higher self. When it is stagnant, your vitality, passion, and manifestations become stuck, affecting your happiness and your path to becoming all you are meant to be.

Your have the potential to be empowered in all aspects of your physical and mental well-being. If you focus on taking responsibility for your health, you will have the potential for increased life energy and longevity. If you currently have health challenges, White Tara’s presence says you will soon break through them. Nourish your body with rest and healthy food and have faith that they are purifying your body.

Call on White Tara: if you are stressed about a medical condition – yours or a loved one’s; to seek intuitive guidance on healing modalities; for help with anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other medical health challenges; to help you create a different story about your physical and mental health; to increase and strengthen your vitality; to help you stay in the flow and connected to your life purpose.

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