Blessed Be Oracle 11/7/2021

A Blessing for Unity Where Once There Was Division: A blessing to help accept the differences between you, so that they inspire conversation and exploration, interest and discovery, rather than separation and rejection.

May the division between you be left behind as you both begin to build a bridge of light formed from the willingness within your hearts to find your way back to a common vision. May the differences be worked through with the highest good of all concerned the foremost goal. May the differences that remain be ones that bring spice and change and agility to your ways and thinking, and may the bridge that is built between you all be strong and sturdy, lasting through the ages. May the newfound unity recognize that there is not sameness, but a oneness of vision and weaving together of dissimilar threads to create a glorious picture of paradox and complementary opposites. Let the antagonism and focused-upon-rejection give way to humility – a willingness to listen, and may those who are unquiet and bellicose in their rumblings and threats be stilled by the knowing that all will gain when peace is found.

May the love that can be born between people find its way through the fear. May the sense that when together, more can be achieved that when stubbornly apart, melt away the fences and walls that hold us from each other. Let us live and let live, give and take, share and receive, and come to an understanding. And let none of us involved in the bringing together of separate parties set alight that bridge. Instead, let us quietly, surely and with intentions matching actions build the way to reach each other up, and as you do, each of you who brings your heart to this task of healing will stand firm upon the solid ground you are now building. Unity is yours, friend.

Blessed be

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A Blessing on Your Wisdom: A blessing to grow and develop wise ways within our lives – for us to respond from a place of experience and consideration married with instinct and intuition.

Wisdom is a word used so often, yet when we begin to examine it, we wonder if we ever truly knew what it meant at all. For wisdom is the way of the wise – and who is wise? Those who know. What do they know? They know how the world is, and how it works. Yet, they are not jaded, or lacking in openness to change. Wise ways are those that come from a wealth of experience and contemplation, of gathering information on the road of life, of having spoken to many humans, and drunk from many wells. It is a knowledge of our own nature, and of the natural world itself. Wisdom sees clearly and understands the potential consequences of actions.

We ask now for a blessing on your wisdom – that you may grow in your own wise ways, and that no experience in this life shall be wasted. That from every encounter and every interaction, with human and animal, tree and stone, you begin to observe keenly how the world works, and the natural way of things. You begin to understand deeply, through experience, the fall of leaves and the quiet of winter, the shuddering rebirth of spring and the fullness of light and warmth that is summer. Every season is your teacher. You come to know you can be of assistance, but cannot force. you come to acknowledge your influence, but your lack of control. Yet you strive always to be a positive influence and an example of kindness within the world. And you use your anger and your dissatisfaction to motivate you to create a better world within your own life, and through that, you influence all that is around you and about you. To be wise is to grow and to change and to be still hopeful, kind, and good. It is to no longer be gullible, or foolish, of naive. It is to know how to act, and to behave in ways that others can draw strength from. So, friend, a blessing on your wisdom – that the wise ways, the wise blood shall rise and sing their song of experience to you one again.

Blessed Be

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A Blessing to Heal a Relationship: A blessing to aid you when a relationship seems to be a struggle, and you cannot find a way to mend your torn heart.

This blessing is yours, a charge of energy with which you can reweave the threads that once gently held you in suspended relationship. Once there was understanding and intimacy, ease and comfort, but for a while now there may have been trouble and discord, a sense of displeasure that stains the days, making the time you spend together uncomfortable and self-conscious. So, take this blessing, and pour it upon the troubled waters between you.

Where there is an uneasiness, let the expression of what causes this be found, and if it be found within each other, let a gentle disentanglement begin, until the source is discovered and is cured, without strain and blame. Let your hands reach out one to the other, and feel the warmth of your humanity pulsing through the blood beneath the skin, until the comfort of each other heals the coldness that has come between you. Let you begin to speak from from the heart, flowing and strong, even if the voice that sends the words forth seems to choke within your throat at first. Let understanding begin to glimmer, and grow, and the willingness to give, and the openness to receive, be explored. Until the hearts that lie within you both open up and bloom with the new care and tenderness with which you agree to hold each other’s most cherished dreams and hope. Let words, soft and true, fall between you, until you begin to trust, and arise from the bed of nails that you have each slept in since this disharmony came between you.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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