The Fine Art of Risk-Taking

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Something had been nagging at me, in the back of my mind, for several weeks. I had been waiting for inspiration that was yet to materialize. My fear of taking a risk, of putting myself out there, was immobilizing my desire to create an online workshop for women on the subject of public speaking.

I’d spent 5 months of a six-month, intensive course on public speaking for women and I felt ready to share some of what I had learned with other women. Many women suffer from the fear of speaking in public in any way, shape or form. The workshop would cover why this fear seems to be an innate problem with most women. I want to help them understand this fear and move past it and be able to express their truth in school board meetings, city council meetings, and board of supervisor meetings.

During a break from my course work, while watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, the inspiration I had been seeking, dropped in. There it was, all prepared for me. I hurriedly set up my laptop and began to type before the information vanished. I felt amazed at the simplicity of the download. The words flowed like water running downhill and before I knew it, I was done and ready to post it on Facebook.

With this download of information, came the courage to put myself out there. I moved beyond the negative mind-talk and the fear of rejection (what if no one responded to the workshop post), as well as my own inner fear of not creating a good workshop and presenting it in a way that landed with the participants.

I began to go back in my mind, remembering all the successes I had when I used to teach belly dancing. Many of my students stayed with me, performing in local restaurants, fairs and festivals as well as competing in contests. Teaching is teaching, no matter what the subject matter. If you’ve taught classes or workshops on one thing and have been successful, that success carries you forward to new adventures in teaching and sharing what you know.

I also recalled workshops what I had shared information about crystals and gemstones, their metaphysical properties and healing qualities. The more I thought about my past successes in teaching and sharing what I knew, the better I felt about teaching this new endeavor I was embracing.

I focused on the result I desired, of how I would empower women with the knowledge I had learned and discovered through my own fear of speaking in public, of sharing my stories and truth. I want women to move past their fears and feel the empowerment and freedom that comes with sharing their truth. It can be life-changing for some, who have never felt that they could stand in public and share their stories.

Speaking up, sharing stories that maybe we have never shared before with anyone, is very freeing. The Dalai Lama has said, “it is the voices of Western women (I believe all women, doesn’t matter where you are) that will change the world. This is something that will help the world to heal, as women find their voices and speak up against all things that are harmful to our planet, all beings that live on her, as well as humans, who cause to much destruction.

It is time for women to embrace the divine feminine in each one of us, to bring forward the needed changes to save this world and humanity from itself. The major way we can do this, is to find our voice and speak our truth, with the hope that as it lands with people, they will share and pass on the knowledge.   

If you are interested in more information on this workshop, you can find it one Facebook. Public Speaking for Woman; Finding the courage and the right words for your concerns to land. If you can’t locate it, try under my name, Jean Sumrall.

May your day be blessed with joy!  

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