Crystal Angel Oracle 10/30/2021

CLEAR QUARTZ: Let Yourself Feel All Your Emotions: Your entire rainbow spectrum of feelings is sending you important messages and guidance.

This card guides you to open your heart to the entire rainbow spectrum of emotions. This is your key to feeling great love. By allowing yourself to acknowledge the not-so-pleasant feelings, you drop defenses and open your heart.

When we deny the existence of anger, sadness, and such, we close off part of our hearts. And the denial means that these feelings become repressed, stuffed down, and hidden, where they can affect our mental, emotional and physical health.

This card can be a sign of receiving valuable creative inspiration based on some challenges you’ve experienced. Now you want to help others overcome or avoid the same challenges. By delving into the unpleasant feelings through creative expression, you allow others to know that they are not alone in their feelings. This could be a business idea, a form of healing, a book or workshop, or some other service or product that will help those who are experiencing similar difficulties.

About Clear Quartz: An amplifier of whatever energy it’s near, clear quartz refracts light into rainbow rays. It helps to clear away negativity and dissolve blocks.

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GOLD: Divine Intervention: God sends miracles to answer sincere prayers.

You can expect a miracle to help with a situation you’re concerned about. Prayers from multiple people have been heard and are being answered. This card indicates the need to hear and follow Divine guidance. Many prayers are answered by God giving you a set of instructions to take action steps, which will bring about the blessed outcome. So do keep your mind clear and sober so that you won’t miss noticing them. Create space as well so that you can hear your inner voice of God.

Keep giving this troubling situation to God through prayer, including praying for help in surrendering the concern if you are struggling with fear or control issues. Since gold is associated with Jesus, this card can also be a sign to reconnect with him.

About Gold: This precious elemental metal is considered valuable because of its relative rarity and its malleability, which makes it soft enough to easily transform into jewelry. Scientists believe that gold arrived on earth from asteroids. While technically an element rather than a crystal, gold is both symbolic of the Divine and am amplifier of prayers and intentions. Gold is also the energy aura color of Jesus Christ.

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TANZANITE: Ready to Love Again: You’ve healed from the past enough to open your heart to new love.

This card signifies that your heart has healed enough from grief or loss for you to allow another relationship into your life. You’ve been understandably guarded, wary of being hurt again, and you took the necessary time for healing. Now you feel ready once more to love.

You are guided to be gentle with yourself, and ease back into your love life. Begin with meeting and dating people through trustworthy sources, such as your religious or spiritual community or your close friends. Avoid scenes that feature alcohol or drug abuse. Notice red-flag warnings about someone’s character. Take your time and remember the old song “You Can’t Hurry Love” as you patiently and prayerfully wait for the right person.

This can also be a sign of your readiness to adopt a new pet, after grieving the loss of a beloved animal companion. Pets do return to us from Heaven in new forms, and they know how to find us for a reunion.

About Tanzanite: Named for Tanzania, Africa, where it’s found, this mineral appears in different colors and shades of royal blue, turquoise, purple, and violet, depending on the angle and lighting. Tanzanite can help you feel safe opening your heart to love again, following a previously painful relationship.

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