Lightworker Oracle 10/29/2021

KARMIC CLEARING: You are fast outgrowing a level of consciousness to which are attached particular wounds, issues and struggles. As you outgrow that consciousness, these issues will release their grip on you. You are receiving divine notice that karmic clearing is taking place, through a combination of your own efforts and spiritual grace from the heart of the Divine. It is time for an old wound to be released, once and for all.

Karma is not punishment. Karma is essentially our soul’s lesson plan for this lifetime, carried over from past lifetimes. It is the way we grow and develop as a soul, sometimes through challenges and sometime through blessings.

Our ‘positive karma’ is seen as the skills and talents we have mastered over many lifetimes. Also, when opportunities flow easily and healing happens swiftly, there is a sense of positive karma, an easy grace that effortlessly takes place in your life. This is what happens when we are clear enough of own own past pain to have little resistance between us and the natural flow of life.

More challenging karma is revealed in the lessons we are still learning. These usually appear in the guise of painful circumstances or reactions that repeat themselves in our lives. The stronger the soul, the more challenging the lesson it is willing to master in this lifetime. As with any education, the higher the level of training, the more demanding the work. When you are working through big challenges, it is often a sign that you are on an advanced spiritual path. Must you always have struggle in your life as an advanced soul? Of course not! As you master your lessons, you will find you develop an ability to live your life more peacefully. However, it would be incorrect to interpret a struggle as a sign that you are not progressing spiritually.

Sometimes the more painful a struggle has been, the more difficult it can be to release that pain and associated memories or scars. The spiritual worlds know you are in need of divine intervention to help clear a pattern that was once painfully lodged in you body, mind and soul. Enough of the struggle. Divine love now offers healing and freedom.

We clear karma by learning how to trust and relax, by choosing not to punish ourselves with shame, guilt, fear or unworthiness, by continuing to balance our efforts with a surrender into divine grace. We take responsibility for our own healing – doing all that we can – and trusting that the Universe will lovingly and effectively handle everything else so that we can progress and succeed.

If you have been struggling with a long-term issue, this oracle card comes as a particular sign that the Universe wants to step in and assist you. Repeat the invocation below for at least six days and nights. Invite this healing blessing of karmic clearing through love into your life now.

INVOCATION: I call upon the karmic board of ascended beings, guides, and holy ones, who love me unconditionally, and ask for your divine blessing, healing and assistance, now. I open myself up to divine grace, divine love and karmic absolution. I choose to surrender my attachment t the suffering I have experienced. I have learned and been willing to go through this experience, and yet I am now willing to to go through a higher vibrational experience of love. Through divine authority and my own free will, this karmic clearing manifests now, according to the highest law of love. May this blessing reach into the hearts of all beings, according to divine compassion, mercy and grace. So be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

UNPLUG FROM MASS CONSCIOUSNESS: There is a belief system based on fear, doubt and distrust that is known as ‘mass consciousness’. It says it is safer to stay with the crowd, not to question what you have been taught. It says you cannot trust the Divine to take care of your financial well-being or your emotional needs. It says you should be afraid and not take risks. It says that if you dare to stand up and live your truth, you’ll be lost and alone, humiliated, rejected or even destroyed. You are being guided to unplug from that system of beliefs. You are capable of a more creative, loving and soul-satisfying way of living. To access this, let go of the way that is too small for your soul.

You are brave and aware enough to think outside the square, beyond what society or your peers may consider ‘normal’. You are supposed to be questioning things right now. You are in a transition from one way of thinking to another, opening up to a new world which you can trust enough to live in with peace and happiness because of the upgraded new beliefs you are cultivating. No matter how others may resist or criticize your choices (perhaps your new ideas take you away from the world they feel comfortable in), your higher guidance encourages you to keep opening your mind to a more loving, higher reality.

If you have been thinking along new lines and wonder if you are going crazy, your guidance tells you you are doing a great job. You are not crazy! Trust yourself. You are thinking in way that do not belong to mass consciousness. It can seen scary at first, but once you realize the benefits gained from unplugging, you will enjoy the process much more. It will free you and empower you to live a life of your own choosing. Opportunities and connections can open up to you in ways that defy your old beliefs.

Sometimes breaking from the accepted norm, doing things differently or being considered weird to family, colleagues and friends is a sign that you are breaking away from the consciousness of the masses, which is not compatible with your own higher frequency consciousness.

You were born to bring a new vibration of awareness to the planet. You will find those who can benefit and even love you for this difference, and those who are challenged or fearful of you for it. Either way, you can love and approve of yourself, nourish the relationships that support you and have compassionate detachment from those that do not, without compromising who you are in truth.

So keep unplugging yourself, one layer, thought, word and deed at a time, from that which the mass consciousness would have you buy into – more stuff, more fear, more competition, more doubt and more suffering. You can challenge any thought you don’t want to have. Free yourself. You have the power to change your world and the world we live in as a result, one liberating thought at a time.

INNVOCATION: Of my own free will, I now ask for spiritual intervention and divine protection through the guidance that loves me unconditionally. I now request the thorough and complete removal of any entity, thought-form, belief system, cord, attachment, or conditioning from my body, mind and soul that does not resonate with the pure frequency of unconditional love. I ask for this process to happen with divine mercy, wisdom and blessing. I call upon my own inner power and strength to listen for my truths and stand in the light of those truths at the perfect time and in the perfect way, with loving and empowering assistance of my spiritual team. Through divine grace and my own inner spiritual authority, so be it. May all beings be blessed by divine love. May all beings be happy and free.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

DARK ANGEL: The Dark Angel comes to you with a radical truth: Divine love is always there for you, without exception. Love will never forget you. It will never stop caring for you. Even when it seems most unlikely – in fact, especially then – the Divine is reaching for you and nurturing you. Even our wounds are ways that we can discover love and divine grace through the healing process. The Divine is always helping you remember who you are and find your true joy. When the Dark Angel appears, you are being given a gift of light, even if it may seem to be a hidden blessing.

A dark mystery is one that helps us learn that even if things don’t seem to be working out according to the timing or the methods that we believe necessary, the light and love of Spirit are unfailing. If a door is closed in your face, it is the wrong door for you! Divine love will ensure that the right door opens at the right time.

When you encounter darkness, how you respond can make either the dark or the light victorious. You can choose doubt and fear – or you can force the darkness to serve the light, by choosing trust and faith. You are spiritually advanced enough to trust unconditionally. That is the trust that burns bright not only when things appear good, but even when your mind thinks things seem to be heading in the wrong direction.

Does unconditional trust mean that you give up if things get tough, assuming it is ‘not meant to be’? Of course not! Relying on unconditional trust – and understanding the dark mystery – you are willing to go through periods of not knowing. You are willing to continue on your path, even when you are not seeing immediate results, because in your heart you know it’s right. This type of trust is powerful enough to release any separation between you and the Universe. You know that, even when the Universe guides you into challenging territory, you shall benefit, grow in divine power and become the amazing being you are destined to be.

Praying to the beautiful Dark Angel – and writing, drawing, dancing your feelings or dialoging with your dream images – you can work through the pain of a challenging time and grow in wisdom. What matters is that you honestly express the depth of your suffering. Then, when you are ready, acknowledge that the experience has helped you grow.

As we realize how we have grown through the experience, turning what was once a source of pain into spiritual light, we masterfully transform our deepest pain into our greatest growth and spiritual accomplishment. We become true spiritual alchemists, releasing light from darkness.

As you learn to put more faith in love than in fear, your trust becomes increasingly unconditional and you find the light even through the dark. In this way, you become initiated in the mystery of the Dark Angel. Then, you can show others that this is possible. You can help heal others from victim consciousness and show them that inner peace is possible, even when they are facing the unpredictable twists and turns of life.

If you have been going through a difficult time or struggling to heal an issue, the Dark Angel promises that even through the depths of despair your shall find the light. In your own time you will rise again into trust, restored faith and hope. All will be well.

INVOCATION: I call upon the wisdom of unconditional love, that I may be empowered to see the true light within everything and everyone, including that which holds the outward appearance of darkness. I honor the truth that darkness serves a purpose, and I treat it always as an opportunity to strengthen the light. I call upon the light of divine love to ignite the light of my own heart, strengthening it each day. Through divine grace, I am always held in the light. May divine grace shine through me and into hearts and minds of all beings upon the earth. So be it.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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