Dragon Oracle 10/23/2021

SOURCE DRAGON: Attunes you to the Infinite. Be Still. In the silence, magic can happen. Be in the moment.

In the center of all the dimensions, galaxies and universe is an infinite point of pure stillness and love. This is the heart of Source and from it flows the most incredible illumination. As the wishes of Source flow forth, the illumined angels known as the Seraphim sing, ‘Ohm’, the vibration of master creation, at a 12th-dimensional frequency. This allows the will of the Creator to spread as seed thoughts into the universe.

Ninth-dimensional transparent white Source dragons exist purely to attend to the divine will and turn wishes into reality. They step down the light to a ninth-dimensional level so that we can access it – they act as portals of light through which we can connect with the energies of the Infinite.

Guidance: A Source dragon has come to you now because it is time for you to enjoy a period of stillness with awareness. Breathe deeply and listen to the silence. Something very sacred is coming into your life. This could be anything from the fruition of a long-held dream to becoming a true master. It is being presented to you now. Be diligent, calm and focused and remember to breathe deeply. Breath is the key to being in the moment and this is where the greatest magic happens.

Ask the Source dragon to accompany you on every step of your exciting new journey and always remember that the present moment creates your future.

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ROSE PINK DRAGON: Prepares your heart to connect with the higher facets of the Cosmic Heart. Open your heart to warm-hearted love and diamond light. Connect with the love of the universe.

Rose is the vibration of pure and beautiful warm-hearted love and these seventh-dimensional dragons radiate this higher love. Our heart center has 33 facets, which range from the green of conditional love through pink to pure white. When we are ready to open the pure white transcendent petals in the center of our glowing heart, the rose pink dragons help us to connect our heart with Venus, the Cosmic Heart, where we tune in to cosmic love and Oneness.

These beautiful dragons are attracted to us a soon as our heart is ready. We may feel our heart center becomes warm when they are near us. People will then respond to the rose pink that is starting to shine in our energy fields.

Guidance: Receiving this card suggests that your higher heart is ready to connect to the Cosmic Heart. Ask the rose pink dragons to touch your heart center and sense it awakening and expanding. When the four central petals open, they sparkle with diamond light. They contain the higher facets of the love energy of the universe. Be aware of them lighting up so that all 33 facets of your heart center are active. You may see or sense a shaft of rose pink light flowing from your heart right up to the Cosmic Heart, which opens wide to you.

Breathe soft, warm pink light into your aura. Notice how you transcend your emotions as the rose pink dragons stay close to you and light you up.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

LILAC FIRE DRAGON: Transmutes through the power of divine love. Open up to transcendent love and enlightenment. Purity of heart brings peace, hope and joy.

These dragons are fifth-dimensional. However, they can reach up into the ninth dimension to access the awesome Lilac Fire of Source, which is the new energy recently graced to Earth. This carries transcendent love as well as enlightenment. When these dragons pour their Lilac Fire over and through us, we are bathed in divine feminine light, which has the power to dissolve all lower energies in pure love and bring us peace, hope and joy. It also bathes us in the higher divine feminine qualities of wisdom, agape, and oneness. Having this energy in our aura may even allow us to experience bliss and ecstasy.

Guidance: When this card chooses you, a Lilac Fire dragon will touch you with incredible ninth-dimensional light. So call it in and ask it to touch you. As it approaches you, breathe in divine love and sense the Lilac Fire enveloping you. This will enable you to let go of the old easily, calmly and graciously. Notice particularly how you feel when this dragon touches you and sense the purity of the love that it radiates.

Ask this dragon to remain with you to anchor the glorious light of the Lilac Fire and take you into a new and illuminated way of being. When you do this, the love radiating from your heart will become more purer and more beautiful. People will sense this and respond with trust, respect and gratitude.

Consciously work with this beautiful dragon and notice the difference it makes to your life and the quality of love around you.

Published by divinewarrioress

“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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