Crystal Angel Oracle 10/21/2021

AMBER: Give It to God; Take a deep breath and on the exhale release this situation to God for healing and answers.

There’s an issue weighing you down, and this burden could be lifted by you giving it to God. You don’t have to deal with this situation alone, as Divine help is readily available. Perhaps you forgot, or maybe you are unsure how, to let go and let God handle this situation.

As you read this paragraph, pause for a moment to pray from your heart, asking for help to let this go, with whatever words are sincere. Hanging on to a problem never resolves it, and actually can make it worse.

Amber reminds us that God has always been with us, since the beginning of time and material existence. This reminder is meant to boost our faith that God knows how to solve any problem. However, we first have to give it to God, because our freewill choices are respected.

About Amber: Amber is fossilized tree resin, not technically a mineral. However, it is a light-filled gift from nature, so it is frequently within the crystal realm. Amber can brighten your mood, and fill your senses with Divine light. It also helps you connect with and heal from your past.

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DOLOMITE: Stay Strong in Your Faith; A positive outcome is dependent on you keeping a positive mind-set.

This card symbolizes a different kind of strength, built on the foundation of trusting your inner guidance. Not aggressive toward yourself or anyone else, it recognizes the need to honor everyone’s feelings and right.

The message here is to stay internally focused upon your guidance. Keep your mind and heart filled with faith, even if your path seems illogical and you feel anxious, such as reading uplifting material, listening to gentle music, and attending spiritual or religious gatherings that boost your faith.

This card means that your outcome is dependent on keeping to a positive mind-set, which you do have control over. By choosing to pray for help, and making the choice to keep your surroundings as positive as possible, you embody Divine feminine strength (which is needed, even if you’re male). This is also a sign to stay strong with respect to your personal beliefs and faith.

About Dolomite: This beautiful cloud-like pearlescent stone is made of calcite and magnesium. It appears in white and gray colors, as well as the pink shown in the angel’s hands in the picture. Pink dolomite has a soft and calming vibration, which is particularly supportive for feminine energy and health, including menstrual cycles.

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SAPPHIRE: Easy Does It; You health, happiness, and abundance require a gentle approach to life and work.

The angels sent you this card because you’ve been pushing yourself past your limits with multitasking, rushing against deadlines, and worrying about other people. You may have also overdone it socializing or partying in your nightlife. Now is the time to rest, and a good detox (or permanent abstinence) can help you recover your energy levels and health.

This card is also a reminder to stay in the present moment and tackle projects one step at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps you’ve been overly focused upon the future, anticipating better times or worrying about what lies ahead. Or you may have been consumed with past events. You are now guided to concentrate upon the here-and-now so that you can enjoy your life, even if your current circumstances aren’t ideal.

In addition, this can be a sign to retire from a strenuous job or give up a hobby you’ve outgrown, if it puts your physical health or mental health at risk. Take it easy, and approach your life gently.

About Sapphire: This gemstone is in the same mineral family as ruby. While generally brilliant blue, sapphires can be other colors as well (except for red, which is reserved for rubies). Sapphires are wonderful stones to meditate with, as they help to quiet and calm your thoughts.

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