Mermaid Oracle 10/19/2021

RELAXATION: It’s time for some rest and recuperation! Have you been overdoing things or working too hard? If so, relaxation is required now. Recharge and relax.

Mermaids know how to relax, and this one is floating into your day to say, “chill out!” Have you been overdoing things recently, perhaps you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed? When you set aside relaxation time, you’ll find that you’re better equipped to handle the challenges of life.

If you’ve been feeling stressed, this card appearing in your reading is an urgent call to stop what you’re doing right now and relax, because relaxation is very healing and can alleviate many symptoms, mental and physical.

Do you find it difficult to stop and relax? It’s not uncommon to feel like this. Some of us feel the need to keep ourselves continually busy so as not to have to face our inner self. If this resonates with you, then you might find a meditation class helpful. Or you can go online and find a guided relaxation or listen to therapeutic sounds of nature, especially of the sea. The sound of waves has a soothing and hypnotic effect, helping you to feel calmer and in a more relaxed state. There are plenty of videos on the internet you can watch for free also.

If you have people around you who are a little hyperactive, firstly look at their diet, as food can have a huge effect on energy levels. Too much sugar for instance, can send your system into overdrive – have you heard the term ‘sugar rush’? So, start by looking at foods that calm the system and start by eliminating processed sugar from your meals and snacks.

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LIGHT: Shine your light for all to see. You’re like a lighthouse and your light can illuminate any dark areas of your life.

This mermaid reminds you to shine your light wherever you go, and not to be shy. She reminds you to be aware that light is attractive to others and acts rather like a magnet, drawing others to it like moths to a flame.

Sometimes we feel as if our light is missing, but in truth it’s always there. Even when we stand in the shadows, the light is there to guide us. Perhaps your inner shadows are being revealed so they can be exposed to the divine light of your soul. It could be the right time to explore ‘shadow work’, a shamanic practice.

When light is present, darkness can’t exist. This isn’t to say that darkness is bad – far from it, in fact. For in the darkness gestation occurs, and in the womb-like sanctuary of darkness ideas are formed and protected. It’s important to remember that both light and dark are necessary for growth. A seed grows in the darkness before it reaches for and is nurtured by the light.

Are you being called to shine your light for others, to show them the way physically, mentally or spiritually? For when your light shines fully, you have the ability not only to illuminate your own path, but also the paths of others.

If you feel your light is dimming, it’s time for self-care. Nurture yourself with relaxation, meditation, and the healthy nutrition of fresh foods, until you feel your energy and light restored.

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FEELINGS: Express your feelings as honestly as you can. E-motion means ‘energy in motion’. Emotions can come in powerful waves of intense feelings.

This mermaid is swimming into your reading to let you know that it’s safe to express your feelings. You don’t have to pretend everything is fine when it’s not. Equally, if you’re feeling joyful, share your joy and allow it to spread to those around you.

Feelings can run very deep and often affect our actions in various ways. This is why it’s positive to release your feelings in a healthy constructive way. If you’re feeling sad, then crying can be helpful, as can sharing your thoughts with a trusted friend. By contrast, singing at the top of your voice to express feelings of happiness is a beautiful thing to do, and this can also help to release any inhibitions. The Sirens of the sea are known for their singing, which acts as a musical magnet to anyone who hears.

Don’t attempt to stifle or hide your feelings, even if they’re uncomfortable. If someone has hurt you, let them know – you can do this in a gentle, kind and compassionate way. This way they will be more receptive to hearing you are you express how you feel. You’ll certainly feel better for sharing, too.

This card indicates that someone around you might be finding it hard to share their feelings. If this is the case, have a chat with them over a cup of tea or coffee and encourage them to open up about how they feel, or go out for a walk together, ideally on the beach, so their feelings can flow.

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