Dragon Oracle 10/16/2021

EARTH AND WATER DRAGON: Creates the foundation for new growth. A fresh start is coming, with new opportunities. Nurture your ideas and harvest the abundance.

Fourth dimensional brown and green earth and water dragons bring the blessing of a new opportunity. They synchronize the energy and timing to ensure it blossoms. The element of earth enables us to ground our projects, while the element of water enables us to flow with them. When combined in the earth and water, these are very auspicious qualities. When mixed together in the physical world, earth and water create mud, which is excellent for the growth of seeds.

Guidance: If you are planting a tree, you place its roots into the soil and make sure it has a good foundation. Then you activate its growth with water. In due course, you harvest the fruit. The more effort you put into providing the perfect conditions for the tree, the better the crop. This card is showing you this is a good time to create. With the gracious assistance of the earth and water dragons, you can lay a strong foundation for your future.

This card suggests it is time to start a new phase of your life. Fresh opportunities may be presenting themselves to you, so be ready to nurture any ideas or visions that come to you. The earth and water dragons will enable you to know intuitively what is right for you and to harness your creativity. They will help you to generate the right conditions to succeed. They will motivate you to put in the necessary work, for this is an important step, and then you can harvest your abundance. Most importantly, they will help you to take things lightly. So listen to your inner wisdom. The time for action is now.

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BLACK DRAGON FROM SATURN: Brings you wisdom through spiritual discipline. Concentrate. Focus on your ultimate vision. Congratulate yourself – you have passed a test.

Fifth-dimensional black dragons work directly with the masters of Quishy, the ascended aspect of Saturn. They help us to organize and apply ourselves to tasks, however small or large they may be. Black indicates a feminine energy of rest, peace and calm, which enables the wisdom to come forward. It could not do so if there was too much masculine thrust.

These dragons work with Archangel Gabriel, who radiates pure white light. He is in overall charge of the base center, where we hold the fifth-dimensional spiritual discipline. This is what enables all fifth-dimensional chakras to anchor. Archangel Gabriel’s energy balances that of the black dragons of Saturn. These dragons also carry the pure Violet Flame of Transmutation, which is held in Saturn, and use it to dissolve thoughts that are not focused on the ultimate vision.

Guidance: A black dragon from Saturn has appeared to you now as it is time for you to address tasks with discipline and focus. Spiritual discipline is vital to ground the higher energies on your pathway. The black dragon will give you focus, concentration, determination, awareness and the ability to place and stick to a routine where necessary.

This card is a true blessing, as it indicates that your feet are firmly planted on your ascension path and you do everything for the highest good of all. This dragon also brings you congratulations from the angelic world, as you have passed a test you have been undergoing. It is time to celebrate your success and step forward with discipline, as well as with joy and bliss.

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ALPHA DRAGON: Harness the divine masculine power of creation. Destroy the old. Visualize your dream. Help to manifest a new world.

These incredible galactic dragons carry Archangel Metatron’s highest light. They helped to create the universe that we live in and continue to breathe the yang energy of manisfest- ation manifestation into our world. Because they have the power of physical manifestation, they work with our thoughts when we or the collective mind of humanity are ready to bring something into creation.

These are enormous and powerful dragons. They only work for the highest good. As they can build, they can also destroy. They are entering our world now at the end of the old era and the start of the new to facilitate the destruction of that which no longer serves our planet and the construction of a new world at a much higher frequency.

Guidance: Alpha dragons are bringing you a very special message: you are being called to demonstrate creative forces in your current project or experience. So ask these magnificent beings to assist you and know that their masculine energy will empower and strengthen you as you visualize what you want to build.

You can also ask these dragons to support you in constructing our new fifth-dimensional world. As you hold the vision of the new Golden Age, they can take your pictures and breathe life into them. This is a card of raw power and creation, so ensure your intentions are pure.

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