Angels of Abundance Oracle 10/15/2021

GRATITUDE LIST: Counting your blessings and feeling gratitude for what you already have helps you to be centered in your heart instead of fixated on worries in your mind. What and who are you grateful for right now? Keep focusing upon gratitude, and you’ll discover the amazing generosity of this universe.

This card appeared because the angels want to point you in the direction of gratitude. Perhaps you’ve slipped into a habit of worrying or complaining about finances. Those negative energies only attract more problems.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to shift into a higher vibration is to focus upon what you do have instead of what you think you don’t have. Take a moment to make a gratitude list, naming everyone and everything for which you are grateful. You can write, speak, or think each entry. Ideally, make a gratitude list daily or more often. You’ll soon realize how fortunate you are, and your positive thoughts will attract more for you to be grateful about.

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VISUALIZE ABUNDANCE IN ALL FORMS: God gave you such great spiritual power that everything you visualize eventually becomes reality. Hold a steady vision of that which is beautiful, healthful, positive, and filled with blessings . . . and that is what you will experience.

This card reminds you that whatever you imagine is what you experience. The angels guide you to visualize your desires instead of your fears. It is here to help you adjust your visions (including those that arise from your thoughts and feelings). Have you been imagining worst-case-scenarios? The ego employs this technique as a way of trying to foresee and “control” the future. Yet when we visualize the worst, we call those experiences into being.

Everything that you’ve been visualizing is in a thought-form of energy around you. Angels, clairvoyants, and sensitive people can discern these thought-forms, because they are real energy masses that take the shape of what you’re visualizing. So, for example, if you’re envisioning a new home, there will be a thought-form energy mass of a home floating next to your head and shoulders. That’s how psychics can accurately say “You are manifesting a new home,” by sensing this thought-form.

Eventually, all thought-forms crystalize into solid matter. The good news is that you can un-crystalize anything in your life that doesn’t work by withdrawing the power you’ve given to it, or affirm its reality, unless it’s something positive.

When you are visualizing a desire, it helps to have a physical representation. This can be a picture that you cut out of a magazine, a model of a car you desire, or even a clay sculpture that you make yourself. Having an image or a placeholder object can make the visualization more real to you, and that will increase the effect.

A vision board is a place to keep these visual cues of your desires. This can be something as simple as a corkboard where you can pin pictures, or a large piece of construction paper where you glue inspiring magazine pictures and phrases.

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TAKE A DIVINELY GUIDED CHANCE: All positive change and successful ventures involve a degree of risk, and you are ready to follow your Divine guidance to new territories. As you leave behind that which is comfortable and familiar but no longer appropriate for you, you make room for new and more meaningful opportunities.

You are encouraged to move forward with your inner guidance, even if you presently can’t foresee how it will all work out. When you take a chance with the guidance that you are receiving, your actions are saying that you trust God and the angels.

Placing your trust in the Divine makes good sense, since Heaven can see our actions from a 360-degree perspective that we often lack. God and the angels can see the repercussions of our actions echoing out into infinity, whereas we are lucky to be able to accurately predict the ripple effect through the next day.

Very few monumental and important tasks have been achieved by people who did not take some sort of risk. We know that it can be intimidating, but trust that you are being led toward a positive and abundant future. God and the angels are with you every step of the way, ensuring that you will only receive that which is for your highest good.

The Angels of Abundance are not encouraging you to take needless risks or to behave recklessly, however. Ensure that you are following Divine guidance, not some ego-based desire. Greed, anger, and lust are not the emotions of the angels, and they will never guide you with those feelings. True, non-ego-based guidance comes in the form of love, inspiration, and giving. You can be assured that if you are receiving guidance that does not come from a place of deep and powerful love, it is not true guidance and you should not follow it. You can always ask God to help you to know if your guidance is true or not, and you will receive clear signs to answer you.

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