Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 10/4/2021

RHIANNON: Self-Love; Rhiannon is the Welsh lunar goddess of birds and horses, faerie magick, and dreams. She was a faerie queen who fell in love with a king in the Upperworld. She had to leave her world forever when she was falsely accused and imprisoned for murdering and eating her infant son. She suffered greatly from the loss of her child and her seven-year imprisonment where she was forced to live as a horse as punishment. Rhiannon endured it all with patience and dignity until a farmer and his wife were able to break the spell that had hidden her baby. Exonerated, she again took her place in the palace as queen.

Rhiannon is a fertility and love goddess who provides powerful guidance through dreams. She also helps the dying to reach the Underworld without fear, guiding them with her song, accompanied by her healing songbirds. The story of Rhiannon teaches us that with truth, patience, and love, we can create change, no matter how bleak life seems.

Rhiannon’s Message: You may have begun to doubt yourself. Or, uncertainty may be a long-running theme in your life. Honor yourself and your needs by spending time to build your confidence. Respect yourself. Love yourself. Do not allow others to diminish your self-worth. The opinions and behaviors of others are not a reflection of who you are. You are good enough.

If you have been a victim of false witness and gossip, stay steadfast. You will be empowered to rise above your circumstances. Breathe in and trust that truth will prevail. Develop strong boundaries. This will help you heal and reclaim your personal power to live in the freedom of being your unique and true self. Discard the mask you wear daily to please others. Know that you are worthy of the good things in life. Trust your heart. It holds innate wisdom beyond the logic of your rational mind and acts as a compass to guide you. Trust this sacred guidance and know your worth, and that you are always connected to Spirit.

Call on Rhiannon: to help transition through endings, be it death, a relationship, a job or career, moving house, or other life changes; when you have been a victim of false witness or gossip; for strength to overcome the need to feel accepted by others; when your self-esteem has suffered; to overcome co-dependency; to help transcend the role of victim. It is important to remember that those who harm or speak ill against you are on their own path. Their story does not have to be part of yours.

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MAMA COCHA: Dive deep, Shadow work; Mama Cocha or Mama Qucha, is the Incan goddess of the oceans. Her name means “mother of the waters’ and she is especially venerated in Ecuador, Peru, and Chile, where the ocean is an essential part of life and trade. She is also known as Goddess of Lakes and Springs, and she is honored with ceremonies to invite her blessings for bountiful harvests from both land and sea. Her rituals consist of fresh water and coca flower offerings called kintu. She came forth to Earth to bring harmony and balance to humanity, so all could live in peace and love. Mama Cocha represents everything feminine and life-giving.

It is said that the Incans began to worship her when they recognized her as Divine Mother. In return, she gifted them water in the form of rain and the knowledge of where to plant crops. She is the wife of the supreme god Vira Cocha, also known as Wiraqucha, and mother to the goddess of the moon, Mama Quilla, and Inti, the god of the Sun. Mama Cocha is called on by farmers for bountiful harvests, fishermen for tranquil seas and full nets, and sailor to calm storms. She is sometimes depicted as a mermaid, and at other times, a whale goddess.

Mama Cocha’s Message: You are about to overcome or are beginning to deal with something you have been avoiding. It may be time to expand consciousness and spiritual growth to help deal with those parts you are ashamed of, that are painful, or make you angry. Let go of those things others have projected onto you. They do not serve or belong to you.

Remember who you are at your core. Get to know yourself truthfully and be empowered. Do not be ashamed or afraid to face your errors, shortcomings, or your deepest hurts and fears. Go down into the dark and unknown. Commune with those parts of your subconscious. Allow the forgotten and hidden parts of yourself to float to the light to be cleansed and cleared. Surrender to the sound of the ocean’s waves and dive deep into your sacred essence.

Call on Mama Cocha: when you are ready to work on painful and deeply buried issues and traumas; if you wish to do shadow work; for support as you respond to difficulty (confronting difficult people and situations, in therapy sessions); for help allowing and trusting for things to flow.

HECATE: Magick and Crossroads: The Greek goddess Hecate is a protectress against evil spirits and a bringer of the light to guide you through the darkness. She is also a bringer of the dark when needed, as a goddess who will exact vengeance upon those who harm people she protects. As a friend to Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, Hecate is allowed to go to and from the Underworld while Persephone spends her months there with Hades. Thus, Hecate acts as a guide to and an intermediary with the Underworld. She rules over the dark passages in life, especially those that leave us at transformative crossroads.

Hecate is the keeper of wisdom, teacher of the wise, and guardian of those rejected or abandoned by society. She presides over magick, ritual, prophetic vision, childbirth, death, and the secrets of regeneration. She is a triple goddess who is generous with her powerful gifts of maiden energy, motherly guidance, and crone wisdom. She holds the powerful energy of the new moon for transition as well as the energy of the full moon for release. She is an independent goddess who, like her cousin Artemis, was unwilling to marry.

Hecate is recognized and honored as the goddess of contemporary Wiccans, priestesses, and pagans. She is known as the Queen of the Night for her connections to the spirit world. She is often invoked for communing with the dead and helping those who need a bridge for loved ones on the other side. Her companions are a black cat and a three-headed dog.

Hecate’s Message: Have the courage to step into the new and unknown. Know that you have the power to co-create with me and that all is happening at the perfect time for your journey. Light and clarity will be provided to enable you to take the next step. Let go of the idea that there are “wrong” or “right” choices or that everything is “black and white”. Trust your choices. You are enough. Do not fear change. Remember that crossroads are a source of constant growth. Develop and use your skills of divination and intuition.

Call on Hecate: if you have been neglected, oppressed, or bullied; to work on magick spells; when you must make difficult decisions; for help communicating with loved ones who have crossed over.

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