Dragon Oracle 10/3/2021

BLUE DRAGON FROM THE PLEIADES: Prepares you to accept Source healing. Accept a heart activation. Give and receive heart healing.

The Pleiades is the star cluster of healing. Between Source and the Pleiades there is a blue etheric rose. It has 33 petals, for 33 is the vibration of the Christ Light. This rose is a transformer through which pure Source healing is downloaded to the Masters of the Pleiades. They pass it, at an appropriate frequency, to the angels and dragons, who in turn shower it onto those humans who are ready.

The incredible seventh-dimensional blue dragons from the Pleiades hold the rose in their hearts and radiate Source healing. They whirl around us, pouring this blue heart healing into us as soon as they see we are ready. They activate and light up a high-frequency blue rose in each of our 12 chakras, preparing our energy fields for the angels of the Pleiades to connect with us. Even then they will remain with us so we can easily hold the healing vibration of the blue rose and pass it on to others.

Guidance: A blue dragon from the Pleiades has come to you today to offer you healing by lighting up a blue rose in each of your chakras. Relax, invite it to touch you and accept any energy it brings you.

Alternately, it may have sought you to suggest you give beautiful blue Pleiadean healing under the Law of Grace to others. If you wish to do this, tell it that you are ready and it will activate a huge energetic blue rose in your heart so you can direct Source healing to a person or situation.

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THOR’S RED, BLACK AND GOLD DRAGON: Protects in times of change. A time of rapid transition and transformation. Relax. You are safe.

During this incredible period of transition, everything on our planet is changing rapidly. Thor’s mighty red, black and gold dragons work directly for Archangel Gabriel, the mighty angel in overall command of fire, who sends them to any area or situation that needs immediate clearance.

Thor is the god of thunder, the elemental master of fire, and his red, black and gold dragons carry powerful fire energy. For the optimum use of his blazing power, they connect with Mars and its ascended aspect, Nigellay, so that they can act as peaceful spiritual warriors throughout the universe.

Guidance: Drawing this card indicates that you are ready to change a situation, circumstances or relationship, or are already doing so. This is challenging for you and the universe is reminding you that you have earned the right to receive support and assistance.

Your guidance is to ask an army of Thor’s dragons to clear the energies around you and protect you as you make this transformation. Then, relax, knowing that you are safe, guided and supported. Thor’s red, black and gold dragons will ensure you make the changes in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned. These very hard-working warrior dragons consume dense energies very rapidly and thoroughly, and they come to you with dedication, love and wisdom, so accept graciously what they have to offer you.

This card is also a call to service. You are asked to send Thor’s dragons to places and situations that need their protection at this time.

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GOLDEN SOLAR DRAGON: Helps you stand in your masculine power with wisdom. Let your DNA be reprogrammed and light codes activated. Become an inspired leader.

Golden solar dragons are seventh-dimensional beings who come from Helios, the Great Central Sun. This is the sun beyond our sun, where Archangel Metatron creates the light matter that is the foundation of our existence and the Source of All That Is.

The golden solar dragons from Helios touch us with divine masculine energy. They infuse us with courage, strength, logic, leadership and the qualities of the peaceful warrior. They then balance this with golden wisdom, all at a much higher frequency than we are used to. Working in harmony with the silver lunar dragons, they are activating us all now, illuminating the DNA within us that has been dormant since the fall of Atlantis. We are being intensely reprogrammed in preparation for the new Golden Age.

Guidance: The golden solar dragon who has come to you now is asking you to balance your life, listen to your inner wisdom and become a leader. Dare to speak your spiritual truth. Hold the vision of a fifth-dimensional world. Protect those who are less capable than you are. With the support and guidance of this dragon, you can be a living example to many people.

When you aspire to be a wise spiritual leader, remember that true masculine power, used with wisdom, helps you and those around you to feel safe.

Spend a little time each day focusing on, or imagining, the sun shining onto your third eye and sense the light codes that the golden solar dragons are directing towards you.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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