Mother Mary Oracle 10/1/2021

Our Lady of the Abundant Garden: I provide life without limit. You have no need to fear loss or lack. For every thing that dies, new life is created to supplant it. For every need that you have, there are ample channels through which that need can be fulfilled. I can provide all, with wisdom, grace and even joyful humor. You can find a way to delight in life and enjoy all the riches that are available to you, if only you open your heart and release your fear. It is habit, not reality, which keeps you uncertain. Trust in me, my child, and be nourished in my living garden of love.

If we are so concerned with our needs for survival, we can become blind to how much we already have. It may never seem to be enough for us to feel really safe, happy and secure. Or perhaps you have trust in your heart and yet you are also tired of feeling as though you have to work so very hard to get by financially, or that it takes so much for you to feel supported in your work. Or perhaps you feel you have to give so much love and support to get even the smallest amount of attention or affection in return.

The Mother comes to us with a message that we need not fear for our survival, that she has our back and is protecting and supporting us. We have so much already, and can open to receive so much more, as we let go of fear of loss and lack that shuts us off from the universal flow of abundance. In the Mother’s garden, there is always a blooming harvest. If part of the garden is in decline, it is because energy is thriving and flowing in another part of the garden. There is always abundance, it is always in flow. All we need to do is open to her in trust as we come to understand her way of constant flowing energy.

She is asking now that you recognize that your fears are habit rather than a reflection of a reality in which you must fear. Humanity is evolving together, but there are the forerunners in the evolution of the human race that help shift the memories of the body that have been programmed into survival mode. To shift these memories into a place of trust – of curious surrender to see what happens, what unfolds, and therefore become very responsive to divine guidance – allows the human race to heal, to become more creative than reactive. Then humanity can join the divine celebration unfolding upon the planet, rather than re-enacting old painful wars. Each one of us who is willing to take this shift from scarcity, fear of poverty and fear of lack, into a place of genuinely trusting in abundance, in the plentiful provisions of the Divine Mother, helps the rest of humanity learn that it can be done. You are one of the chosen children of the Mother, chosen to learn to play in her abundant garden and feel the safety of her eternally flowing nourishment. Then you can help others learn to do the same. There exists more than enough for all. As we come to realize this we can learn how to receive and share, rather than take and fear.

This oracle comes at a time when you are being asked to let go of fears of abandonment in your relationships, or fears of failure at work, fears of not being recognized or valued, fears that would prevent you from taking steps that you need to take now or in the future. This oracle comes at a time when your financial situation is healing and you need to trust in new ways of feeling open to abundance reaching you. It comes at a time when all those around you might be in fear and reaction because of a recent trauma or situation, and you are needed to be the one who stays in your heart, and trust in the divine plan. You might be the one through which the Mother wants to pour her assistance, because you are capable of remaining open to her and not closing down in distrust or shock.

Our Lady of the Abundant Garden comes to you with a gift of abundance, and you are asked to remain open and to know that she has endless provisions through which she blesses the unfolding spiritual destinies of her children. This oracle comes with a special message. If you have been wondering if something will ‘take off’ and flourish or thrive, the answer is ‘yes’.

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Our Lady of Starting Over: Soon it will be time to leave something behind you. I know that you may grieve this loss, even when you know deep within, that it is for the best to let it go. Allow me to nourish you with the courage you need, and the realization that this change is happening so that you can flourish and thrive. Your growth serves the growth of others too. You shall not cause loss or harm to that which you are releasing. All moves in my grace. Surrender your fear and doubt, and trust in my unconditional loving grace for all beings.

All situations have their purpose, but new purpose is calling you forward now. Even though it might be unfamiliar territory that you are feeling attracted towards, don’t try to hide from it or avoid it. The Mother is guiding you, telling you that this is indeed the right way forward. The timing may already be happening or will be happening soon. There is no need to force things, for you will know when it is time to move on. Yet this oracle tells you, if it doesn’t feel like time yet, it will soon be.

What will this moving on look like? It could be literal, as in the end of a relationship or business arrangement, or a change in where you live. It could be a letting go of an old identity or belief system. Or it may even be releasing a set of limitations that you placed on yourself because you thought that those limitations were appropriate for your age, your role in life, or some other reason, and now you are questioning that.

Out Lady of Starting Over comes with guidance to forgive, and live and let live. Guidance to feel all your emotions, and to make peace as honestly as you can with whatever has transpired; not to be ‘good’ but to be free. Remember that people act according to their consciousness and wounds, perhaps doing the best that they can in the circumstance, but still not being skillful or aware. They may cause harm, but you can move past this, even is pain was inflicted upon you personally. In time, with the Mother’s help, you’ll feel acceptance and peace through cultivating an awareness that they must have a reason for acting in that way, and their reason has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their own consciousness and wounding. How you respond to the pain of the past is what is relevant to your own growth now.

Our Lady of Starting Over arises when you need help to put the past, especially a painful past, to rest. You are entering into a time when the loving Mother’s support will be helpful as you step onto a new path.

She says that you are entitled to be free from all that has been. Free to treat each and every moment as a completely fresh start, so as to release guilt and shame, and to feel empowered to choose now, based on what is in your heart.

She says her heart is larger than all your past suffering or confusion, so trust in her to help love you through this transition and support you in starting over now. All is well, beloved. Do not worry or fear. You can trust in the flow of your life, and when you need to take a step, when the timing is right, deep within, with the Mother’s helpful assistance, you will know when to act and what to do. If you have been praying for a new start but are yet to feel that it is happening, this oracle come with this special message for you. Your new beginning is on its way to you now. Stay in the faith of you heart and trust in the Mother’s divine timing for you. There are some final connections, communications and resolutions that need to happen for the current life phase to be completed karmically. It won’t be long now, and soon you will be ready and free to move on with a fresh start and a refreshed heart.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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