Personal Power

(Kali Ma reveals our power.)

Humans are born with an innate energy that assists them in overcoming any of life’s challenges. This energy propels a baby forward as it adjusts to life. The body has an inner knowing of bodily functions and the use of crying for attention. As the child grows it learns, and gains confidence in movement and exploration of the world around it. More confidence enhances self-esteem. Personal power is the energy of self-confidence and grows stronger as the child does.

Personal power assists us in following our desire to live an authentic life of our own creation.  We live a life that gives expression to our dreams of who we choose to be at any given moment.  Personal power combined with desire is the fully functioning creative force. The positive energy generated by living our authentic life is immense.  We feel and believe we are on track for our best life and can accomplish anything. We are heart happy and fulfilled.

We give up our personal power any time we decide to live another person’s idea of how our life should be, or we make a decision based solely on what another person says we should do. Often what they think we should do is something they want to do but don’t have the courage to do it. Their idea is a personal preference that they want you to believe also.

The loss or surrender of our personal power depresses our energy as well as our joy in living.  We know something is wrong, yet we have a hard time putting a finger on it.  The longer this continues, the more our psyche is damaged. Our joy in life disappears. We take less and less interest in our personal care. Each day is identical to the one before. We begin to hate our life and our self. It’s as if a dark cloud follows us around; we can’t see the sun and life feels cold and life-less (less life).

Healing this wound takes time and courage to explore the depths of our personal disfunction fully. Trying to heal in the place where the injury to our spirit happened is extremely difficult. Healing takes place in the middle of the night when sleep is as elusive as a snowball in hell. Our thoughts become our private torture chamber filled with dark judgements that cut like glass. All we crave is relief. When we take responsibility for our decisions and choices, recovery of our power can begin.

 Taking the time to clarify why we relinquished our power in the first place is a good place to begin. What made us surrender to the desires of another as to how we should live our life? Did we love them so much, that we were willing to set aside our dreams to share and live theirs? Were we feeling so badly about our life and how lonely we were that we gave up? Did we want someone to rescue us and take us away to their castle on the hill or other fairy tales we might have grown up with.

Answering these questions and more requires a commitment to feeling better again about yourself. Your commitment to your own self-healing and spiritual growth will facilitate the process. If you are sincere in regaining your personal power, you will receive guidance from Spirit as to what you need to do. Watch for signs, be aware of any new interests as they may lead you in a direction to receive needed information.

Everything you need is within you.  Your heart heals slowly from your abandonment of it, as well as your power loss. Meditation and spending time in nature or a park is helpful for finding balance within. Dancing is especially healing from the movement of internal vitality. Ask the unseen around you- archangels and guardian angels, spirit guides, the Original Creator of Your Soul, Source/God/Goddess or whomever you choose. No matter how much you feel alone on your recovery journey, there are many around you who keep watch over you and will assist you when you ask them.

My own story is one of 25 years of living someone else’s version of my life. I hated my life, but I couldn’t get out of it (or so I felt). I felt I was only valued by my husband for the money I could bring in from housecleaning. He never cared how tired I was or how my body was slowly breaking down from all the hard work. After 25 years of this, four little words spoken by my husband brought everything crashing and shattering all around me. He said, “I don’t like you.”.

The truth is – I didn’t like myself either. It took many dark nights of the soul, gallons of tears, getting in touch with how angry I was and learning how to use anger in a productive manner, before I began healing and started down the path returning to ME. But finally, I created the life I want to live. It’s not perfect but I AM so much happier than I have ever been. I love who I am and what I have to contribute to people suffering in silence, like I did.

My work involves Spiritual Cheerleading and aa a Pathfinder for Living a Fulfilling Life. I came into this life to assist people at this time of great chaos to discover their true life path into happiness and peace. If your inner self is at peace, there is little in the world that can disturb that. Love is internal before it comes into the external. Love who you are and all you can be. Blessings are bestowed on those whose hearts are filled with love.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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