Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 9/28/2021

AINE: Reclaim Joy: The Celtic sun goddess and Irish faerie queen, Aine is a powerful goddess of love, light and fertility whose name means “melody” and “bright”. Her following is still strong in and around Limerick, Ireland, where she is worshipped during the summer solstice. She is associated with fire and water healing rites and is said to be the one who gives and takes away the vital spark of life. As such, she is also associated with death and transitions.

Known for her glow and radiant beauty, she is a goddess of nature and magic and the protectress of the fertility of all flora and fauna. Aine has a connection with lakes and wells that have remarkable curative properties, and on the night of the full moon, All Heal Night, rituals of healing are performed in her honor.

Aine gave birth to the first faerie-human children via her numerous love affairs with men. She teaches us the meaning of love, about romantic love, and how to express lovemaking in a sacred yet playful manner.

Aine’s Message: Are you feeling tired or bored wit your life, job, or relationship? Are you settling into contentment but wish your life had more joy? Now is a good time to reclaim and restore your spirit of eagerness, adventure, and creativity. Only you can do this! Don’t wait for others to join you or invite you – be proactive in seeking out and creating opportunities you enjoy. Harness the excitement you had as a child by engaging in activities that bring you laughter and allow you to explore new ways of seeing and being. It’s easy to get too busy working, studying, taking care of family, and other responsibilities, but you need to make time to “play” in your own way.

There may be a new love interest in your life, or perhaps a current or previous romantic relationship will rejuvenate. Be playful and fully express how you feel. Celebrate your unique personality in everything you do, from how you choose to dress (be creative) to how you live, love, and beyond.

Call on Aine: For romantic spells and blessings for all your love relationships; for issues pertaining to non traditional romantic relationships and marriages; for heightened libido; when life gets tedious and tiring, and you forget to engage in things that make you happy and excited like when you were a child; to reveal faeries and for faerie magic; for abundance, fertilty and bearing children; for keeping magical vows; for environmentalism.

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EMBRACE THE SACRED FEMININE: The powerful energy of the divine feminine, the Sacred Mother and Goddess is calling to connect with you. Love yourself deeply and radically. Live compassionately and fully. Connect to your intuition and your spirit, grounding deep into the earth. Allow yourself to be fully present, alive, tuned in and living in love. Perhaps you have some resistance? Believe in and allow her energy to flow in your life. Deepen your practice by harnessing her power and walking in her path. It is time to move through the veil into other realms.

Qualities of the Divine Feminine include compassionate listening and understanding; unconditional love; forgiveness; connection to Source energy; Mother warrior protection; love of nature. Meditate on these qualities to bring them into your consciousness for connection with the Sacred Feminine within.

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VESNA: Awakening and Victory: Vesna is one of the most well-known Slavic goddesses, particularly in Serbia and Slovenia. Her name means “messenger”, but the word vesna originates from Sanskrit and means “illuminated” and “shiny”. Vesna is a fertility goddess who brought renewal – spring – to the Slavs, awakening the land to warmer weather and a bountiful life of fruits and flowers, after her counterpart, Morana, goddess of darkness and death, took her leave at the end of winter. Vesna was also known as a goddess of victory as she overcame death and darkness to awaken the land.

The Slavs used rituals to quicken Vesna’s return, most popularly the burning of Morana. As winter came to an end, they made wooden or rag and straw dolls the symbolized Morana. The dolls were set on fire, then drowned in a river to return Morana to the Underworld. To awaken and welcome Vesna back into the land, they made small clay larks which were placed on sticks and wrapped with herbs and flowers.

Vesna’s Message: Victory has come or is on its way. Stay on course and focus on your role. Allow things to blossom in their season. Even though you fall back into your old ways of thinking at times, you are awakening and starting to see things differently. Keep focusing on this new vision.

As you continue to grow from a tight bud into your fully- flowered awakening, help will be given so you see life, the universe, as it really is. Like the gradual opening of the third eye opening and blooming after winter, awaken to the knowledge that you are a scared being.

Call on Vesna: when you feel confused; if you are feeling stuck, lack direction, and need clarity and light on your path; to help you awaken to your true purpose and passion in life; when suffering has lingered for a long time in your life and you are ready for victory.

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