Crystal Angel Oracle 9/24/2021

MOLDAVITE: Unconventionality; Your unique qualities are an important part of your life purpose. It’s okay to feel and be different from others.

This card reassures you that your unique qualities are a part of your life purpose. It’s possible that you have been teased or felt excluded for being different. Perhaps you’ve tried to change yourself to fit in and be “normal”. Yet, doing so is betraying who you are, and ignoring the blessings and gifts of your authentic self.

If is seems that your opinions and thinking style are not the same as those of other people, this is a sign of your creative ability. You have inventive, fresh ideas and talents that the world needs. You see things in a new way, which will inspire others out of their stagnation.

Seek out other unconventional people so that you won’t feel so alone. You may encounter like-minded people at clubs, conventions, and other gatherings focusing upon areas aligned with your interests. Like moldavite, you are otherworldly – yet, fortunately, there are many others who share your origins and points of view . . . it’s just a matter of going out and finding them.

About Moldavite: This clear green crystal is from meteorites, and the genuine stone is found only in the Czech Republic. Because of its extra-terrestrial origins, moldavite has such a high energy that some people feel spacey and ungrounded in its presence. Moldavite is a catalyst for lucid dreaming, astral projection and meditations for world peace.

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TIGER’S EYE: Self-Confidence through God-Confidence; Believe in yourself by believing in God working through you.

Have you been doubting yourself, dear one? Because this card is reassurance that God is working through you. Have confidence in Heaven’s unlimited ability to solve and heal anything and everything (as long as other people’s freewill choices are aligned with God’s will).

Pray that your will be aligned with God’s, and you’ll be an unstoppable force of Divine nature. Shift from worrying about whether “you” can do it, to trusting that God working through you can do anything.

This card is a sign that you’re safe and protected, as you follow your inner guidance to make positive changes. Keep checking in with God every step of the way, and you’ll experience the fast track to deep fulfillment.

About Tiger’s Eye: Named for its coloring and stripes resembling a tiger, this gold-and-brown quartz stone can bring you a feeling of safety and protection. Tiger’s eye help you to feel like a tiger yourself, filled with courage, confidence and ferocity.

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UNAKITE: Answered Prayers; All your great work has opened the door for Divine solutions and support.

You’ve been doing great work recently to forgive, release, and focus upon positivity and oneness. Because God respects your freewill choices, by choosing the healing path of love, you have opened the doorway for your prayers to be answered.

God hears and answers all prayers, and does not discriminate. However, if we have shut down our hearts to God’s connection, we may not hear the whispered answers. A negative focus also casts doubt upon the likelihood of Divinely guided plans working, lessening our faith.

This card is a sign that you have shifted to a conscious connection with God’s pure healing love. You are praying with sincerity and a willingness to be guided and helped. This positive shift within you is an answer to your own prayers for peace and happiness. The external circumstances will now shift accordingly, as they are uplifted to the highest and best outcome.

About Unakite: This is actually a naturally bonded compilation of three different gemstones (feldspar, epidote, and quartz), which results in a lovely peach and green coloring. Unakite, with its soft, gently energy, is supportive of physical and emotional healing, offering a reminder that we are all one with God’s Divine love.

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