Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 9/23/2021

ARTEMIS: Independence and Empowerment: Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon. Like the moon, she is know for illuminating the darkness; she shines her light on our individual paths. Known for her courageous choice to remain a virgin and hold fast to her fierce independence, Artemis is one of the most self-sufficient goddesses. She lived life on her own terms, comfortable both in solitude and in community. Thought she refused to marry, she relied heavily on the love of family and friends, surrounding herself with a circle of female companions. Artemis enjoyed a fulfilling life in the mountains accompanied by her nymphs, deer and her adored pack of hounds. Artemis’ brother was born only a few days after she was born, yet she acted as her mother’s doula during his birth. Thus, she is a goddess of childbirth and infants.

She is associated with the protection of all animals, children and women, unmarried women especially. Artemis is not afraid to avenge injustice, and yet, she is one of the most compassionate goddesses. Artemis and her brother were both excellent hunters with the bow and arrow. They respected and honored the lives of the animals they hunted and often avenged the lives of those killed for the wrong reasons.

Artemis’ Message: Do not be afraid to assert yourself. Be aware of your power as a divine creature. You are sufficient and capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Be confident and find the courage to stand on your own two feet. This may be in reference to leaving your parent’s or partner’s home, being independent in business, or being emotionally independent. It is nice to have companionship and emotional support, but you don’t need others to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. Have gratitude for the people who surround and believe in you. Most of all, know that you do not need a partner unless you want one. “Alone” is not the same as lonely.

Call on Artemis: to regain your sense of determination, when you are feeling disempowered and need to assert yourself; for help trusting your strength and instincts; when you need illumination on your path; for support in speaking about your needs, and wants, and to advocate for your highest good; when you are scared and lonely; when you need protection, to help heal from broken friendships and open your heart to the possibilities of new relationships with women; if you are dealing with codependency and attachment issues.

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LAKSHMI: Abundance and Good Fortune: Hindu goddess Lakshmi was born from the foam of the ocean carrying a lotus flower in her hand. However, she is known as a daughter of the goddess Durga. Lakshmi married the god Vishnu and gives him the energy to continuously regenerate. She is celebrated in October each year, during Durga Puja when she is worshipped in all her forms for three days, and during the festival of light called Diwali.

Lakshmi is honored daily in Hindu homes and businesses. She is worshipped and prayed to for blessings of abundance and prosperity in both spiritual and material aspects of life. She is also associated with beauty, immortality, and the essence of life.

Laksmi’s Message: Be attentive to opportunities that present themselves. They hold nuggets of prosperity that will manifest in your life now or in the future. Act toward achieving prosperity, trusting that you are supported, and your objective will come to fruition. Good fortune is coming your way; expect to receive a positive turn of events in your life. Your path is clear to receive financial flow. Relax, enjoy your life, and share your abundance with others. There is enough for everyone.

Keep in mind that prosperity speaks of the richness and abundance that surrounds you in ways you may not be seeing. Become aware of the beauty and joy already present in your life. Allow yourself to experience all that surrounds you with gratitude. Gratitude is a great magnifier and attractor for abundance.

Call on Lakshmi: When you feel unfulfilled; to help heal scarcity-mindedness; to support the co-creation of material and spiritual abundance in your life; for blessings of prosperity in your home and business.

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SULIS MINERVA: Justice and Healing: Sulis Minerva is the Celtic and Roman sun goddess associated with the City of Bath, known in Roman times as Aquae Sulis, which means “Sulis’ Waters”. She is a powerful goddess of truth, fairness, and justice. Curse tablets with petitions for justice were placed in her temple, calling for punishment against wrongdoers until they corrected their ways.

Her dress is milky, greenish-gray of the water of the springs, and her hair is the bright orange of the deposits left behind by the mineral-rich healing waters of the hot springs. Sulis Minerva’s power manifests through water to help with healing, relaxing and calming the body and spirit.

Sulis Minerva’s Message: Justice and fairness are available to help you with the imbalance of energy brought about by old wounds. Be mindful of how you move around in the world as karma will work on your behalf. Seek the best outcomes and highest good for all involved. Do not remain silent; speak up with sincerity for yourself and for those who do not have a voice.

Focus on taking care of your wellbeing, both emotional and physical. You have the power and ability to heal yourself and others and it begins with the choices you make, starting now. Commit to the changes you need to make to live a life in which brings you ease and joy.

Call on Sulis Minerva: When you need healing; when you have been wronged; for fulfillment of wishes, especially for justice against wrongdoing; for courage to speak your truth; to help in the healing of others.

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