Crystal Angels Oracle 9/15/2021

LARIMAR: Sensitive Emotions: Times of heightened emotions and sensitivity call for extra self-care and gentleness. You received this card because you’ve been feeling extra sensitive. Perhaps empathetically absorbing negativity or other people’s fear energies has compounded the emotions you were already dealing with, connected to a situation you endured. You may have felt upset, without knowing why. Or perhaps your mind has grasped for reason to justify your sadness, and you’ve begun to worry.

Now that we’ve identified some of the foundations for your sensitive emotions, let’s go ahead and clear you of anything that is not from God and your higher self. Since the pulled card relates to the oceanic civilization of Atlantis, going to the ocean or soaking in a warm bath filled with sea salt would be an appropriate way to draw out physical and energetic toxins. Plus, the experience of self-care raises your confidence and helps relax you.

Be very compassionate with yourself, and use discernment about where and with whom you spend time. This is a time to avoid harsh energy as much as possible, as you honoe your need for gentleness, rest and healing.

About Larimar: This stone is typically seafoam green or pale turquoise in color, echoing its connection with the ocean and the ancient civilization of Atlantis. Larimar can soothe your emotions, help with stress management, and reconnect you with a past Atlantean lifetime.

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TOPAZ: Forgiveness Heals: Time to release repressed anger, as it’s blocking your health and happiness. This is a beautiful sign from your guardian angels, who love you so much and want to help you reach the next positive level in your health and happiness. They can see that you are being blocked and held back by repressed anger and resentment. Most likely you already know what needs to be released, but perhaps you’ve had difficulty letting it go.

Forgiveness isn’t condoning, accepting or excusing someone’s behavior. It means an unwillingness to harm yourself anymore. You don’t have to like the other person or hang out with them. You simply need to agree to release their energy from your psyche.

This card could refer to forgiving yourself for actions that you regret. Self-blame is as toxic as blaming others. The only thing valuable about reflecting on the past is learning from it, not holding on to guilt or shame.

Your guardian angels remind you that harboring anger hurts only you, not the other person. Repressed resentment is toxic to your physical, emotional and financial health. All it takes is a little willingness to forgive, and God, Jesus, and the angels will do all the rest of the work.

About Topaz: This stone is mentioned in the King James Bible five times, as it is ancient. Originally, any yellow gemstone was called a topaz. Now we realize that while yellow is the color most commonly associated with topaz, it can also be colored blue, green and pink. Topaz in all its hues offers a gentle, soothing energy, supportive of clearing your mind and heart of chaotic energy. In particular, this crystal can help you forgive and release anything that’s been distracting or dulling you.

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SUGILITE: Own Your Divine Power!: Replace codependent people-pleasing with assertiveness and empowerment. This is a card of empowerment, reminding you that you were made in the image and likeness of God. So you have the power of God always within you. In addition, all that you’ve experienced in life has made you stronger.

This card comes up whenever you’ve been giving away your power to others. Perhaps you feared that they’d take away something valuable if you didn’t comply with their wishes. Or maybe you’re codependent, worrying about people’s opinions.

This is the time for assertiveness on your part, including holding boundaries and saying no to unreasonable requests for you time, money, or other resources. Assertiveness helps you honor and follow your inner guidance, which is the path of harmony and health.

About Sugilite: This mineral is a beautiful lavender shade. It invokes spiritual empowerment and higher vibrations within those who wear or hold it. Sugilite helps clear your energy and invites calmness and protection from harshness.

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