Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 9/13/2021

ISIS: Sacred Unions and Relationships: Isis is the Egyptian goddess of magick and life and is one of the most powerful goddesses of the ancient world. A caring goddess, she spent time amongst her people teaching the skills of reading and psychic abilities. Relationships are sacred to her, and she is revered as the great partner, lover and soulmate, who taught women and men how to relate to each other and live in harmony.

Isis held a central role in Egyptian magick and ritual, especially those of protection and healing. Able to heal the sick and revive the dead, she reigns over Heaven and the Underworld. Along with the god Thoth, she taught humankind the secrets of medicine.

She is the mother of all mothers and adopted all her children, including Horus, son of the goddess Hathor. When Horus was wounded, she healed him with the power of her milk, which became a standard feature of her healing spells. As the Great Mother, she is depicted with Horus on her lap. As a role model for mothers, she is known for her unconditional and nurturing love.

IsisMessage: Relationships and partnerships are important, so take time to nurture them, and those you care about. Make time in your life for friends and family. Practice active listening and sharing. It is important to give clear messages about how you feel to ensure your needs are met. Do so in ways that are constructive and effective. Sort out the issues in your heart to be clear about the message you want to share.

You also have the magickal power to heal yourself and others. Strengthening your relationships will help you expand into who you are meant to be. Learn the sacred dance of living deeply and loving fully. Learn to meet your own needs rather than relying on your loved ones to do so. This frees everyone for a healthier, more nurturing love.

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ATHENA: Wisdom and Knowledge: Athena, a Greek goddess of wisdom, is a powerful and wise warrior goddess who battles using her wits and diplomacy. She was born from Zeus’ head, fully grown and wearing armor, and she was his favorite child. She protects all those who call upon her.

Athena is a lover of the arts and literature. Her companion animal is the cunning and wise owl. She is also represented by the olive tree, which she created in a contest against Poseidon to win the favor of the Greeks. When the people and the gods saw the shade, oil and olives provided by the tree, Athena’s was judged the better gift, and she was awarded the city of Athens.

Athena’s Message: Rely on your power, knowledge, and wisdom to help with your current challenge. Be open to learning more about your situation from all angles Be humble and unlearn and relearn as needed. This will help you expand your wisdom.

Overcome difficulties through diplomatic wit and strategy. The battles faced in life are not to be fought with violence, gossip, or manipulation. Instead, face trials head-on with truth on your side, always seeking the highest good of all. Focus on your strengths and perseverance to overcome obstacles. Be strengthened from within and honor your own wisdom and knowledge. Do not be reactive to your circumstances. Trust that all you need will come to you, but be prepared and well-informed.

Your power in this situation is wisdom. You can gain wisdom through book learning, life experience, and your own divine intellect and inner resources. Engage all of these for success and clarity. Don’t second-guess your feelings, but stay grounded in truth and justice instead of aggression. Lean on your wisdom with grace, knowing you are well-equipped with wise intuition and innate power to deal with whatever comes your way.

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KALI: Endings and Beginnings: The powerful Hindu goddess Kali provides liberation from the ego. She wears a garland of skulls – trophies -that symbolize how liberated her children are from attachment to the body and limited ways of thinking. Kali is a warrior goddess, a power to be reckoned with, as well as a maternal goddess as she births through death and transformation. She is a mother goddess and fierce protectress all in one.

Kali is the most misunderstood of the Hindu goddesses because of her association with death. However, the death she brings is a necessary one. Kali’s energy is strong and she will shake you with the raw truth. She will see that you do not continue down the path that causes you to stumble and doubt yourself.

As the shining one and the goddess of darkness, Kali encourages evolution through the darkness into the light. When faced with letting go of different life stages, places, people, and ways of thinking, Kali is the goddess who leads us through the most challenging times into manifesting our true self. She helps to expand our mind further than our limited view of reality. Kali will tear off your rose-colored glasses.

She is said to inhabit cemeteries, and devotees often go to these places for sacred rituals. They do this to celebrate the eternal and ever-changing state of the soul as well as the natural passage of the physical body from this journey to the next.

Kali’s Message: You are an eternal sacred being whose attachments to people, things, and events are ephemeral and constantly shifting. Take responsibility and let go of bad habits that keep you from achieving balance and harmony.

There may be something or someone you need to release to make room for what will truly help you on your path. Ego sometimes holds on to people, behavior and things unbeknownst to us, obstructing our growth. Whether it is our role as perpetrator or victim, the guilty or innocent one, the falsely accused, the scoundrel or saint, we are all meant to flow in peace and love. Bring an end to those things that no longer serve you.

Do not fear the dark as it holds the secret for release into freedom and greater knowledge. There is no bigger force than a mother protecting her child. You will be given the strength to let go, to transcend, to open a new chapter.

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