Crystal Angels Oracle 9/9/2021

YELLOW JASPER: Control Issues; Utilize your God-given strength and power, instead of fearing that others may try to control you.

This card can be a sign that you’re experiencing a power struggle with someone, or feeling not in control of your life. Power struggles can be like a tug-of-war, with both sides pulling on the energy in an attempt to “win”. This can be frustrating and draining, so this card is reminding you to find a healthier path.

Remember that you were made in God’s image and likeness, and therefore you are naturally filled with the strength of God. Many a tug-of-war is ended when one person drops the rope, which metaphorically means that you stop seeing the other person as powerful or controlling.

Don’t give your power away to others, and surrender any control issues to God, who can peacefully heal and balance this situation. Focus upon your own energy and actions, instead of fearfully monitoring others’.

About Yellow Jasper: This variety of chalcedony, an opaque quartz stone, is called jasper, meaning “speckled”, because of its spotty appearance. It comes in a range of colors, including yellow jasper’s deep golden shade. Yellow jasper is related to the solar plexus chakra, the energy center located in the stomach area, and it lends strength, courage, confidence and protection.

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GOLD: Divine Intervention; God sends miracles to answer sincere prayers.

You can expect a miracle to help with a situation you’re concerned about. Prayers from multiple people have been heard and are being answered.

This card indicates the need to hear and follow Divine guidance. Many prayers are answered by God giving you a set of instructions to take action steps, which will bring about the blessed outcome. So do keep your mind clear and sober so that you won’t miss noticing them. Create quiet space as well so that you can hear your inner voice of God.

Keep giving this troubling situation to God through prayer, including praying for help in surrendering the concern if you are struggling with fear or control issues. Since gold is associated with Jesus, this card can also be a sign to reconnect with him.

About Gold: This precious elemental metal is considered valuable because of its relative rarity and its malleability, which makes it soft enough to easily transform into jewelry. Scientists believe that gold arrived on earth from asteroids. While technically an element rather than a crystal, gold is both symbolic of the Divine and an amplifier of prayers and intentions. Gold is also the energy aura color of Jesus Christ.

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