Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle 9/2/2021

HECATE: Magick and Crossroads: The Greek goddess Hecate is a protectress against evil spirits and a bringer of the light to guide you through the darkness. She is also a bringer of the dark when needed, as a goddess who will exact vengeance upon those who harm the people she protects. As a friend to Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, Hecate is allowed to go to and from the Underworld while Persephone spends her months there with Hades. Thus, Hecate acts as a guide to and an intermediary with the Underworld. She rules over the dark passages in life, especially those that leave us at transformative crossroads.

Hecate is the keeper of wisdom, teacher of the wise, and guardian of those rejected or abandoned by society. She presides over magick, ritual, prophetic vision, childbirth, death, and the secrets of regeneration. She is a triple goddess who is generous with her powerful gifts of maiden energy, motherly guidance, and crone wisdom. She holds the powerful energy of the new moon for transition as well as the energy of the full moon for release. She is an independent goddess who, like her cousin Artemis, was unwilling to marry.

Hecate is recognized and honored as the goddess of many contemporary Wiccans, priestesses, and pagans. She is known as the Queen of the Night for her connection to the spirit world. She is often invoked for communing with the dead and helping those who need a bridge t o loved ones on the other side. Her companions are a black cat and a three-headed dog.

Hecate’s Message: Have the courage to step into the new and unknown. Know you have the power to co-create with me and that all is happening at the perfect time for your journey. Light and clarity will be provided to enable you to take the next step. Let go of the idea that there are “wrong” or “right” choices. You are enough. Do not fear the change. Remember that crossroads are a source of constant growth. Develop and use your skills of divination and intuition.

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OONAGH: Creative Solutions: Oonagh, goddess of nature, love, and magick, and Queen of the Faeries, was the Celtic wife of the leader of the Irish, the Tuatha De’ Danann, the original inhabitants of Ireland. This ancient Irish queen is available to you for spells and creative guidance.

When their enemy, the Gaels, invaded their land, Oonagh relied on her creativity and ingenuity. She led her people underground, where they created a magickal and safe world from which they could always access the land they loved. They later became known as gnomes and faeries.

Oonagh’s Message: Sometimes problems need creative solutions rather than a “fight or flight” reaction. Consider it possible to resolve your current situation by inventing a different scenario, one you have never thought of before. It is sometimes better to rewrite your story and live the life you want.

You can survive and achieve victory by thinking outside the box. Do not rush to make things happen while in a state of apprehension. Instead, have the faith to use your wits to find ways to solve problems. Trust that everything is occurring in perfect timing and be open to the fact that the right answer may at first seem unconventional.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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