Crystal Angels Oracle, 9/1/2021

DOLOMITE: Stay Strong in Your Faith; A positive outcome is dependent on you keeping a positive mind-set.

This card symbolizes a different kind of strength, built on the foundation of trusting your inner guidance. Not aggressive toward yourself or anyone else, it recognizes the need to honor everyone’s feelings and rights.

The message here is to stay internally focused upon your guidance. Keep your mind and heart filled with faith, even if your path seems illogical and you feel anxious or afraid. Immerse yourself in positive activities, such as reading uplifting material, listening to gentle music, and attending spiritual or religious gatherings that boost your faith.

This card means that your outcome is dependent on keeping a positive mind-set, which you do have control over. By choosing to pray for help, and making the choice to keep your surroundings as positive as possible, you embody Divine feminine strength (which is needed even if you’re male). This is also a sign to stay strong with respect to your personal beliefs and faith.

About Dolomite: This beautiful cloud-like pearlescent stone is made of calcite and magnesium. It appears in white and gray colors, as well as the pink shown in the angel’s hands on this card. Pink dolomite has a soft and calming vibration, which is particularly supportive for feminine energy and health, including menstrual cycles.

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TOPAZ: Forgiveness Heals; Time to release repressed anger, as it’s blocking your health and happiness.

This is a beautiful sign from your guardian angels, who love you so much and want to help you reach the next positive level in your health and happiness. They can see that you are being blocked and held back by repressed anger and resentment. Most likely you already know what needs to be released, but perhaps you’ve had difficulty in letting it go.

Forgiveness isn’t condoning, accepting or excusing someone’s behavior. It means an unwillingness to harm yourself anymore. You don’t have to like the other person or hang out with them. You simply need to agree to release their energy from your psyche.

This card could refer to forgiving yourself for actions that you regret. Self-blame is as toxic as blaming others. The only thing valuable about reflecting on the past is learning from it, not holding on to shame or guilt.

Your guardian angels remind you that harboring anger hurts only you, not the other person. Repressed resentment is toxic to your physical, emotional, and financial health. All it takes is a little willingness to forgive, and God, Jesus and the angels will do all the rest of the work.

About Topaz: This stone is mentioned in the King James Bible five times, as it is ancient. Originally, any yellow gemstone was called topaz. Now we realize that while yellow is the color most commonly associated with topaz, it can also be colored blue, green, and pink. Topaz in all its hues offer a gentle, soothing energy, supportive of clearing your mind and heart of chaotic energy. In particular, this crystal can help you forgive and release anything that’s been distracting or dulling you.

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