Mother Mary Oracle, 8/24/2021

OUR LADY OF PROMISE: I promise you new life. Whatever you release shall become sacred fertilizer for your new life. I promise that as you trust in me, I will guide you to the fulfilment of your heart’s destiny. Do not shy away from what I ask of you. As you trust in me, I will lead you through fear and doubt; from fatigue and struggle to boundless energy of compassion and passionate purpose. I promise you new life. Let me ignite the passionate fire of your sacred heart so that you can burn with love, and bring light to the world.

The path of the devotee to the divine Mother Mary is not an easy one. We are asked, step by step, to surrender that which lies between us and the fulfilment of our heart. That might sound wonderful, as the fulfilment of the heart is a beautiful goal. Yet we can be surprised at how much fear and doubt lie within us, at how many inner obstacles we have created through beliefs that we are not worthy or good enough, through our fear of failure or ridicule, through a gnawing fear that if we allow ourselves to be so different to others we will end up rejected, abandoned and alone. We might struggle to let go of what no longer serves us, even if in our hearts we know it is time to let go. We may not be certain if we can bear the grief of letting go, or perhaps we are fearful of the uncertainty of life, without what we have known by our side.

Mother Mary knows us and knows how to help us. She invites us to receive her wisdom. She knows another way, knows that the fulfilment of the heart brings us into untold abundance, into rapture and divine connection, but also into great sadness and even righteous anger at times. She knows that these feelings, even if they appear on the surface to be negative or dark, can be essential fuel to keep us going when we need extra energy. There will be times when we need that energy, so as to not give up in despair about the state of the world, and instead choose to stay true and committed to our personal growth. In this way we can bring more of our light to the world and help others find their way to do the same.

She does not assure us a life of imbalanced light, where there is no feeling other than happiness. She ensures us a life of honesty, nakedness, authenticity and the energy, power and passion which living in this way offers to us. She leads us into a life of making a positive contribution to the world in our own unique way. Of being able to bear the passion and the pain of living as a divine human being, and feeling empowered by it, inspired by it, and awestruck by life and its twists and turns. She promises us divine fulfilment. She promises us a life that leaves behind lies, big and small, and opens us up to a reality, which will at first scramble the mind, and then ignite the heart with unquenchable divine fire. She promises us not what we think we want, but what she knows we truly want and need.

She promises us that our trust in her will never be misplaced. At times when your life is pushing you beyond your limits, when you feel that you are breaking, your trust in her must become stronger. It will help you find her soothing presence, like the light from a lighthouse, cast across a dark thrashing ocean, caught up in a violent storm during the darkest night.

Her promise to you is what makes the suffering of growth bearable, whilst you let go of that which no longer supports you, though you may love it dearly still. As you await the peaceful resolution of the heart and become ready, willing and capable of stepping into the freedom of the new life cycle that awaits you, her light is there, her promise. This oracle reminds you that no matter what is happening in your life right now, her promise of new life is what is really happening, and everything else is just a symptom of that. Have faith. Trust her. And believe.

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OUR LADY OF QUIET BLOSSOMING: I hear the inaudible, see the invisible, and feel the intangible. I sense the signs of growth before you can do so , beloved. So believe me now as I say to you, you are growing, and you must trust, for the seed needs all its strength to push up into the weighty soil that provides nourishment. It must find its way with absolute intent. Even with the most loving gardener tending to it, great focus is required for the seed to burst open so that the plant may grow.

Signs of spiritual growth are subtle at first and yet, eventually, evidence of our inner work becomes so obvious that our world is transformed. Before the transformation bears fruit, however, we must labor with great trust when we have no sense of our growth happening. We may indeed worry that we are deluding ourselves about any progress being made at all. We might fear that our spiritual practices, prayers, meditations or study might be little more than a passing fancy or a foolish hobby. Do not let such sabotage enter your heart, beloved. The Mother brings you a message that you are, indeed, growing and you must guard your faith vigilantly. It is one of your most powerful assets on the spiritual path.

It is during those times when we are yet to see evidence of our growth in the physical world, that we can feel most uncertain, most tested – yet we must, we simply must, choose trust and faith, no matter what. It may be weeks, months, or years before we feel we have enough proof in the physical world to justify our spiritual beliefs, but this matters not. What matters is trust. The Divine Mother comes to you in this oracle telling you that she can see, hear and feel your growth. She knows you are going to succeed spiritually, and you can trust her, when you cannot trust your own senses.

In time, your growth will have demonstrated itself in the world through your manifestations, and this will inspire you with even more trust to continue on the path. for now, have faith. Even the greatest creations started as a single seed of thought.

This oracle also brings this message to you; you are asked to trust in your inner senses or feelings about a person, opportunity or situation. Sometimes what doesn’t seem that promising on the surface of things, can hold tremendous promise and will be the foundation for your divine success. Likewise, sometimes what appears to be wonderful is actually not much more than a glossy surface, which will do little to support or nourish you, in actual fact. You are being asked to have the courage of your inner convictions, and to trust your own sense of intuition about what is happening in your life, or soon will be.

It takes a brave soul to rely on the feelings of the heart to guide the way, rather than relying on logic, the opinions of others, or the expectations of how things “should” be done. Do not be afraid to trust the quiet voice within, that may tell you wait where others say jump, or may tell you to dive in, where others say “that cannot be done”. Trust your heart and pray. Through your faith, the way will be shown and your blossoming will be protected and nurtured, through the Divine Mother’s grace.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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