Earth Warriors Oracle, 8/18/2021

CHAKANA: Time to Cross the Threshold; A threshold appears, bringing an ending so complete that it is no longer possible to return to what has been. The light of the stars is your faithful guide into this new world. As you trust in your divine connection, deconstructed forms shall reshape themselves into relevant, helpful and beautiful new ways of living, thriving and expressing your true self. Trust in your strangest ideas, in that which is different, inspired or unconventional. This crossing is healing and furthers the activation of your divine potential.

Change is afoot. You won’t feel in control of the process. Trust in what is new, different or exciting to you. Don’t assume that unless all things happen easily, then you must be on the wrong path. You are on the correct path, even if the birthing pains to fulfil it are challenging. You are guided to reject societal norms about how you are supposed to live or what sort of things you are supposed to value. Instead, trust your own values and believe the truths that you feel within your own heart. In time the world will be ready to recognize and benefit from your spiritual growth. The Universe is helping you in all ways, including through correct timing. At the right moment, you will leave the past behind you and enter into the fullness of the present moment, opening up to the brightness of your future.

The oracle of Chakana comes as a portent of crossing a spiritual bridge between one world and another. The purpose of this is the increase spiritual light within you, promoting evolutionary revolution, a kind of healing alchemy, which cannot be undone. Chakana is an oracle of destiny, or events unfolding according to the greater movements of the heavens. This is a sign of blessing, but it also requires conscious human participation so the the loving will of the heavens can manifest fully in the world for the benefit of all. Through how you choose to live, think and act, this sacred shift can benefit many lives, including your own. This oracle is a sign that destiny will meet with your personal efforts, and the result of this sacred convergence shall be the fulfilment of an inner potential, brought to life in the world.

Systems and belief structures based on disempowerment and inequality will ultimately fail. Perhaps not by one grand strike of love’s army, but rather through the continual expression of new ideas that challenge the status quo, call attention to truth and invite an inspired vision of a new way that honors all from a place of spiritual equality. This is love in action, chipping away at that which would otherwise enslave the human soul in fear. It starts within us. It is the movement of consciousness destabilizing of the old ways of domination and darkness, paving the way for the emergence of a new consciousness of wisdom, discernment and love.

When your journey requires that you stand apart from the crowd, don’t be afraid to embrace your outsider status and the freedom it bestows upon you — to think differently and objectively analyse what isn’t working with the clarity that comes with a more remote point of observation. Your unconventional views may cause discomfort to some at first, but it is of the good sort. This sort of discomfort can stimulate a healing crisis, a divine disruption that cracks faulty belief systems, making way for inspired innovation and radical improvement. It is through the failure of that which cannot take us where we need to go that the new ideas which can are able to come to the fore. Things not working out as we had anticipated is nothing to fear. It is often mistaken as a “no” from the Universe, but it is really just saying, “There’s a better way.”

There will be those who lead humanity into the new world, and those that try to hold on to the old ways. You are part of the spiritual spearhead piercing through established and unhealthy paradigms. Do not be disheartened by absence of support at first — nor by risk, or the possibility that the birthing of your idea into the world may take a longer time than you had wished. Do not be concerned if most do not yet understand where you are coming from, or if resources are scarce at this time, as other more recognized or conventional points of view are granted more support in the world. Have faith, because once the time has come for the alternate view to take root and grow, the success shall be swift and far reaching. Persevere and keep your faith in the right outworks of all matters according to a higher plan. Time is working in your favor, so don’t resist it. This oracle comes with divine promise: Your time shall come.

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ULUKA VAHINI: She Who Rides the Owl Brings Justice; I am the goddess of karma, wealth and balance. I come to correct adharma, that which is dark, unnatural and against nature, life, love and goodness. I redress the misuse of wealth and power. I enact divine justice and restore divine order. Trust in the innocence of your own soul and fear not, for I am ever watchful, and my power brings truth. Divine justice is always brought to bear.

Don’t waste your valuable time and energy worrying about people getting away with things. It’s not possible. Everything is balanced out by karma in the long run. If you feel down or depressed, take action immediately to reconnect to joy, healing energy and vitality of spirit. All things are measured and metered by clear divine vision, and your job is to put your faith in the work of the Divine, whilst you tend to your own journey with trust and commitment.

From the perspective of those with awakened hearts, the world can sometimes appear to be a disturbing and frightening place where negative activity leads to prosperity, whilst good and worthy people struggle and suffer. It may appear that those who have wisdom are barely heard, whilst angry people with fear in their heart are afforded attention and power. It may seem that what matters is tended to the least, while destructive purposes gain mass support, and constructive causes struggle to maintain existence. It is very easy, with such a view of things, for the pure heart to become angry, bitter and despairing.

However, you are meant to be a light in this world, and it is important that you allow Great Spirit assist to you in this task. Safeguarding your state of mind is essential for you to accomplish your life purpose. If you get caught up in negative thinking — as may happen from time to time — allow Great Spirit to guide you back to the truth of your inner light. Remember that the Divine is more powerful that any nightmare created by human darkness. You don’t have to deny the dark side of human nature or its manifest consequences for the health of the planet, but you do need to keep yourself secure within the light so that you can effectively fulfil your destiny as an Earth Warrior. Joy, happiness and peace will not diminish your motivation to serve love. Rather, they will ensure you have enough energy to do so effectively.

Whether you are facing a sense of injustice in your personal life, or feel despair at the choices humanity is making in a broader sense, know that the Divine has a grander plan than we can possibly understand. We are here to fight for love and do all that we can to honor what is true for us. We are meant to call upon the Universe for assistance in all ways possible. We are meant to use our strength of love, compassion, wisdom, light and kindness to be kick-ass Earth Warriors who will never give up, who are smart enough to use every resource they can, including their living connection to Great Spirit, to affirm correct priorities that honor life. In this way, we uplift ourselves and inspire others through our life journey.

There are dark forces that want you to lose hope, because they know that when your heart is hopeful, you are unstoppable . Trust that the Divine will take care of the darkness. Trust that karmic forces will balance the scales of higher justice with unerring accuracy, whilst you do everything in your power to remain connected to the light, as you bring your loving energy, purpose and passion to the world.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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